Chapter 29 - Chapter 4: Awakening #4

Chapter 29 - Chapter 4: Awakening #4

Chapter 29 - Chapter 4: Awakening #4

"Don’t train today and go to bed early.”

Carack said as they returned to the tent after finishing the meeting with Vandal and having dinner. In the last three days, he had been training hard in the tent through the night.

Tomorrow, he would be going out to the battlefield, so he wouldn’t worry about growing today.

In-gong understood his meaning and nodded.

"I understand, I understand. What are you, my nanny?”

"Isn’t it similar?”

Carack responded naturally and In-gong couldn’t refute it. When he thought about it, It did seem similar.

‘As expected of Carack - he is a logical orc.’

This was all because he was worried about In-gong.

In-gong raised a finger and said.

"Today, I will only do one basic set.”

A basic set consisted of doing the Beast Authority’s basic movements three times, Aura training 30 times, moving objects with Telekinesis 50 times and casting magic spells 10 times. Of course, Carack only knew that he was training basic skills and aura circulation.

Carack’s expression was serious but he nodded.

“I understand - as long as it is only one set.”

“Yes, yes.”

Carack left the tent and In-gong started circulating his aura.

'Rather than stopping, I want to do it even more diligently. If I studied like this, would I have made it into Seoul National University?’

In fact, he was forced to work hard. Things might seem like they have gone well so far, but he had already experienced an almost fatal crisis twice. There was a chance that there would be many more crises in the future.

Furthermore, he found the training interesting.

Thanks to Protagonist Body, he was able to see the skill levels going up with constant training. Every time the skill level went up, Beast Authority became more elaborate while Aura and Telekinesis became stronger. The visible achievements increased his motivation.

'Be strong. I want to be strong.’

It wasn’t just to win against Zephyr. In-gong simply wanted to become stronger.

It was a world where he could become strong enough to oppose a country’s army. There was no law that dictated In-gong couldn’t become like that. No, he would become like that.

He was able to imagine Zephyr’s strength after awakening Aura and as a result, he felt fear. In fact, In-gong couldn’t imagine going against Zephyr’s strength.

However, it was different now. It felt like he was climbing a mountain, but he was convinced he could do it.

Someday he would see the summit and he would stand on top of it!

'Uhh, I got distracted. Let’s practice.

In-gong settled his thoughts and started to perform the basic movements of Beast Authority with a calm mind.

The important thing right now wasn’t Zephyr, but tomorrow’s battle against the Red Lightning tribe.


A white-haired woman wearing a golden crown was facing a woman with red, flame-like hair.

They seemed to be staring at each other, chatting lightly.

In-gong looked at the two people and the two hazy people became a bit clearer. In-gong could see the clothes they were wearing.

The white woman wore clothes reminiscent of a priest’s garments. It was similar to the pope’s outfit he saw on the Internet.

The red woman was wearing armour. The light red armour was worn over dark red tights.

Conquest and War.

As soon as those two words entered his mind, the white woman and the red woman turned toward In-gong.

"Prince! Wake up! I told you to go to bed early, but did you stay up late again?”

Carack’s rough voice shook his eardrums. In-gong was pulled from his sleep and he opened his eyes.

“Uh, no. I just had a little... What, it isn’t even that late!”

He glanced at the clock next to the mini-map and saw that it was 5 o’clock in the morning. However, Carack pulled down In-gong’s blanket.

"Anyway, hurry up. We have to be ready to go after eating breakfast.”

It seemed like he was really looking forward to this. Moreover, he was only an orc but he was being overly rude to a prince.

‘Well, this is Carack.’

In-gong got up and washed with the water Carack prepared. The cold morning air, like the cold water, cleared away all his sleepiness. However, the images were still clear in his head.

‘What was that? That red woman?’

She was the same as the white woman but different. She was as beautiful as the white woman, however, she didn’t feel like a person.

He felt some type of familiarity with the white woman but he felt hostile toward the red woman.

Why? What was In-gong’s relationship with them?

"Prince, let’s go. We can’t be later than the other prince and princesses. Prince is the youngest.”

The orc warrior Carack once again interrupted In-gong’s thoughts. In-gong took a deep breath, calmed his mind and left the tent. First of all, the battle with the Red Lightning tribe took priority.

After a simple breakfast in Vandal’s tent, the last strategy meeting was held.

The formation and arrangement of each unit was somewhat complicated, but the basic operation itself was simple.

A rotation formation in a direct confrontation between two sides.

Vandal’s troops would be in the centre, while Chris and Caitlin would lead lycanthropes on the right side. Felicia and the dark elves would be in the rear to take advantage of their mobility.

In-gong and the orc unit would be located to the left side.

There was an instant reaction once the expedition started marching. They were ready for battle because they had already guessed it would occur here.

It felt like hours had passed. Once he recovered his spirit, he was standing in the middle of a battlefield where thousand of people were gathered.

“Are you nervous?”

Carack asked from beside In-gong as he watched the green wave of the Red Lightning tribe. In-gong was riding a giant wolf instead of a horse, but Carack was so tall that they were a similar height.


"Of course, I am nervous.”

Carack laughed, but In-gong didn’t laugh along. Thanks to the familiar voice, his nerves eased a little bit.

It was different from when he struck the main base of the Red Lightning tribe. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, hundreds of thousands of soldiers would come out only to have several thousand survive. He felt stifled by the thought of everyone fighting at the same time.

"Stick with me.”


In-gong finally smiled at Carack and looked towards the front. A large horn sounded from Vandal’s main troops.



Every unit started to move forward uniformly. There was a great shout from the Red Lightning tribe’s side as well.

Up to this point, everything was going as expected. Now, the two forces could just collide with each other.

Then something happened.



Fierce roars were heard from the rear of the Red Lightning tribe and the entire battlefield was shaken. At the same time, a haze formed over the Red Lightning tribe and a massive amount of magic power shot into the sky.

Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!

A mass of magic power poured down like a meteor shower over hundreds of metres. Every time a mass of magic power hit the ground, it would explode and flames went on to cover the ground.

Dozens of giant monsters suddenly appeared between the Red Lightning tribe. There were screams from the expeditionary troops as the magic burst around them.

"Swamp mammoth?”

A huge monster living in a swamp. As the name suggested, it looked like a mammoth. However, the size wasn’t comparable to a mammoth as the length of the monster was over 20 metres. It was a troublesome monster.

The awful thing about the swamp mammoth wasn’t its size. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the magic fired from a swamp mammoth was like a deadly siege weapon.


A swamp mammoth was a monster that was nearly impossible to domesticate.

"Stick together. Don’t let them shoot the magic!”

Someone shouted loudly. It was a reasonable opinion when looking at it from an objective point of view. In the case of a melee, they wouldn’t be able to avoid friendly fire.

However, would the swamp mammoth and orcs care about friendly fire?

Moreover, the swamp mammoth wasn’t simply a monster that shot magic. The swamp mammoth’s roar had the power to break the will of the opponent.

There was no time to think. Magic continued to hit and the damage to his allies was growing. The wolf carrying In-gong started to go crazy and the orcs around him also gave shouts of fear.

"Prince! Get off the wolf!”

Carack yelled and In-gong jumped off the wolf. The wolf ran away and was swept up in a magic explosion.



The cry came from among the Red Lightning tribe. The swamp mammoths advanced while monsters with the head of a lizard came running out from among the orcs.


Swamp monsters.

In-gong now realized. The Red Lightning tribe hadn’t come here for no reason. It was because they believed they could direct the monsters in the swamp. Moreover, they had hid the power until just before the battle.

"Prince! Stay behind me!”

Carack shouted toward In-gong.

A terrible battle had begun.

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