Chapter 27 - Chapter 4: Awakening #2

Chapter 27 - Chapter 4: Awakening #2

"Kairam is moving.”

The next morning, Chris spoke to everyone who had gathered in one place.

“I think his main priority will be to join Yakuzan. Before the day becomes bright, we need to be prepared to launch maneuvers.”

He clicked his tongue at the end of his words.

‘If I’d woken up late and missed it, would he have allowed me to sleep?’

Getting up late was always a welcome thing, but it would certainly be a shame to let Kairam go.

Felicia made a ‘hah’ sound and asked with a little bit of provocation.

"Can’t you take care of them on your own?”

Chris laughed wildly. His face was obviously a human but his eyes were like a wild beast.

Felicia didn’t avoid his gaze while Caitlin looked between the both of them with uneasy eyes. Fortunately, Chris shifted his gaze first. Chris sighed and shrugged slightly before explaining.

"These guys are acting faster than I expected. Even their withdrawal is orderly. I’ve been keeping an eye on him and would have struck if there was a chance but... I judged it was better not to. Kairam is more competent than I thought.”

The battle last night was definitely a big hit. Even so, the troops in this area hadn’t received any damage. Additionally, while the lycanthropes were full of health, the orcs had no regenerative power. Striking blindly with cornered troops could increase the damage.

‘They can also escape through the cave.’

Thanks to the cave, they could move directly using the shortest distance. However, that short distance was also a problem.

Felicia pouted after hearing Chris’ explanation and nodded.

“Well, if that is the situation.”

In the first place, Felicia wasn’t in a rush. There was no need to argue.

“Then what will you do now?”

Caitlin asked Chris. Chris replied by moving the models on the battlefield map.

"General Vandal contacted me. Yakuzan seems to be attempting a last hurrah here. This is Kairam’s path.”

The orc models of the Red Lightning tribe were moved to the southeast. It was the edge of the Jishuka Mountains.

"For now, we will join General Vandal and shatter the Red Lightning tribe.”

The three models of In-gong, Caitlin and Chris, that seemed more realistic than others, were moved to Vandal’s model.

The dwarf portal and cave weren’t connected to this section of the Jishuka Mountains and the enemies were gathered in one place. Therefore, there was no need to divide the troops.

Chris added like it was an afterthought,

"Ah, the dark elves are with Vandal, so they will meet you when we join up.”

Right now, she had no attendants but Felicia had originally led over 100 dark elves.

Felicia hesitated before asking Chris.

"May I know the number of casualties?”

It was completely different from her normal expression. Due to that, Chris replied more softly than his previous cold tone.

"I haven’t been sent the details but... honestly, there seems to be a lot of damage. They fought pretty hard for Noonim.”

That was for certain. The sight of the dark elves struggling recklessly against a large number of enemies was still in In-gong’s head.

Felicia’s expression darkened but it was only for a moment. She soon returned to her usual expression like she didn’t want to show any weaknesses.

Chris’ face became strangely relieved and he said to In-gong, Caitlin and Felicia.

"I’m going to do some miscellaneous things that are required. In the meantime, Caitlin should start teaching Shutra Aura and Beast Authority.”

"Yes, I understand.”

Caitlin responded positively. In-gong had been looking forward to this, so his expression brightened.

It was at that moment...

“Wait, you are teaching him Aura? Shutra, do you know Aura?”

Felicia asked, blinking with shock.

A child of the Demon King could use magic, but Aura was different. Now, In-gong- Shutra knew how to use Aura?

“Uh... yes.”

In-gong smiled awkwardly. ‘Isn’t it great?’ - Caitlin was happy despite being interrupted but Felicia’s eyes were different from usual.

‘Is that greed in her eyes?’

It was similar to how Chris looked at In-gong.

‘If I look into the abyss, will I see it looking back?

It was slightly different from Nietzsche’s saying, but In-gong thought of similar words. Just as In-gong coveted Felicia, Felicia also coveted In-gong.

'The problem is that we are in different factions.’

Who would win?

In-gong left the room with Caitlin while Felicia followed them.


Among the lycanthropes, the proportion of warriors was overwhelmingly high.

The reason was due to the hand techniques of the lycanthropes.

The lycanthropes’ hand techniques alone were powerful weapons. If they had a natural weapon in the form of their hands, there was no need for weapons.

In addition to that, there was another decisive reason.

‘Apart from hand techniques, their sizes can change.’

It was the same for Caitlin’s aide, Seira.

Her height was quite tall at 170cm, but it was nothing compared to when she was transformed. In that state, her height was close to two metres and her hands and feet were almost twice as big as when she was human.

There weren’t many changes to Seira aside from becoming oversized. However, there were some who could grow to at least three metres tall.

Therefore, in order to use a weapon, the lycanthropes would have to carry both human and lycanthrope form weapons at the same time. This was inconvenient and inefficient. Moreover, the weapons for the lycanthrope form were too large and heavy for their human forms to carry.

Anyway, this was the reason why there were so many warriors among the lycanthropes and most of them learnt the same thing.

Beast Authority.

A martial art that was the symbol of the lycanthropes.

"It should be obvious but there are quite a few factions among the Beast Authority technique. Shutra should pick the one most suited to you.”

As usual, Caitlin was wearing leather armour and she explained it step by step.

There were two reasons why Caitlin chose to teach him Beast Authority first.

One, Caitlin and Chris had originally learn Beast Authority first.

The 4th Queen Elaine Moonlight was a werewolf, so those with her blood naturally learned the werewolf faction of Beast Authority.

Two, Beast Authority was used as a base for Divine Beast Authority.

The royal family of the lycanthropes were primarily composed of werewolves. If he wanted to learn Divine Beast Authority, it was natural to learn Beast Authority first.

In-gong knew the situation and nodded. Caitlin continued,

"Beast Authority uses both External Force Aura and Internal Strength Aura. Today, I will teach you basic aura management using Internal Strength Aura.”

Beast Authority wasn’t simply something that used the toughness of the body. Through the unique aura management method, the performance of the physical body and the destructive power of the technique would be enhanced.

'Is this like a martial art in a novel?’

Thinking about it, he felt It was pretty similar. It was possible to think of aura management as a type of technique.

“Does Felicia unni want to learn? Unni can learn it as well.”

Caitlin suddenly asked Felicia who was sitting in a corner. Both In-gong and Felicia were confused by her question.

“Huh? Ah... No, I’m fine. I’ll just watch.”

Felicia laughed awkwardly and waved her hands. It was definitely softer than the way she treated Chris.

‘It is ironic.’

Basically, the children of the Demon King weren’t nice to each other unless they were from the same family or in the same faction. He also didn’t know the reason why Chris and Felicia were growling at each other.

However, Caitlin wanted to get along with her half-siblings. That sentiment was especially true in regards to In-gong.

'By the way, Caitlin isn’t a child of the Demon King.’

Did Caitlin truly not know that she wasn’t the child of the Demon King?

“Now, Shutra, follow the way I induce my aura.”

Caitlin approached while he was thinking. In-gong locked hands with Caitlin and nodded. Caitlin said again,

"Close your eyes and find your aura. I’ll start.”

Caitlin’s blue aura started to guide In-gong’ white aura.


Life force - it was close to the power of the soul and it became the power of the soul once it reached the limit.

[Passive Skill - Protagonist Body Lv1 has been learnt.]


In-gong naturally flinched while moving his aura.


Protagonist Body.

In-gong opened his eyes and hurriedly activated the skills window.

Author's Note:

Comment 1) I received a question... Shutra’s name comes from Dhrutharashṭa (One of the four Guardian Kings in Buddhism. Leader of the gandharva).

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