Chapter 26 - Chapter 4: Awakening

Chapter 26 - Chapter 4: Awakening

Having a bath after a battle was fantastic, like taking a sip of water in a desert.

'Huah, I can rest a little bit now.’

He just washed in hot water and could feel all the exhaustion draining away.

‘Well, it might be due to the effect of levelling up.’

He reached level 10 and all this stamina had recovered.

‘Although I still have some mental fatigue... It is good.’

In-gong dried his head with the towel and threw his body onto the cot.

‘I should do some skill research instead of going to sleep.’

He activated the skills window and moved his hands through the air as he saw that the number of skills had increased significantly.

In-gong examined the magic-based skills.

[Magic Power Control Lv1]

[Fire Arrow Lv1]

[Ice Arrow Lv1]

[Heal Lv1]

'It looks good.’

He felt a bit of resentment due to the pain he felt when learning it.

‘Don’t I have aura, magic and psychic power?’

If he obtained divine power and spirit power techniques, a truly universal character would be born.

'However, my magic and psychic powers are still weak... The only one worth using right away is Aura.’

In-gong touched his newly acquired skill points with his fingertips. Should he choose Aura again or distribute a few points to the other side?

'The hidden card is the psychic power.’

Among the three powers, In-gong had already revealed magic and aura power. Caitlin and Chris knew about In-gong’s aura, while Felicia found out about magic.

‘I would like to conceal the psychic power.’

It would be a trump card that opponents wouldn’t be able to predict.

‘Having a secret is a strong force in itself.’

In-gong nodded as he muttered and started to practice Telekinesis. Rather than pushing it all at once, he pushed it forward little by little. He had many skills, so he needed to practice them when there was a chance.

'Sooner or later, Chris and Caitlin will be teaching me Aura and Divine Beast Right, so I should save my skill points. It would benefit me to invest them in Divine Beast Right.

In-gong organized his thoughts and looked at the other side. There were skills that caught his eyes - he’d been unable to raise the level for these.

[Protagonist Correction Lv 2]

What was the effect of levelling up? Surely, it didn’t just end with the skill Battlefield Protection?

‘No, there must be something more.’

For example, if he increased the skill level of Aura, the attack power would increase. It would also be followed by a variety of effects. It was clear that something else must have changed with Protagonist Correction.

'Maybe my stats will be a little higher every time I level up?’

Or, perhaps, something else relating to a protagonist?

'Then, this is also an event.’

In-gong laughed at the thought - an event within an event. It was at that moment...



The voice of a female was heard from beyond the door. In-gong was certain that it was Felicia’s voice.

“Shutra, can I enter?”

‘What is happening that she comes to speak to me in the middle of the night?’

Don’t tell me there is a real event?

The confused In-gong jumped out of bed.

“Uh, yes. Come in."

The door opened as soon as In-gong replied. As he’d expected, it was Felicia who opened the door.

"Manage your subordinate. His fighting skills are good, but his mental state is too young.”

As soon as she came in, he could see Carack sleeping beyond the open door.

"Carak is also tired. There are separate guards in the passage.”

"Well, I did approach quietly.”

Felicia shrugged and stepped in. He didn’t hear any footsteps, so it was either because she was a dark elf or it was due to magic.

"Uh... Then... What is the matter?”

In-gong asked through the towel covering his head. Felicia had obviously just taken a bath as her hair was slightly wet and her cheeks and neck were red.

‘Where is the dark elf outfit?’

Unfortunately, she wasn’t wearing the dark elf outfit that was reminiscent of a swimsuit. Instead, she was wearing the white tunic that Caitlin’s lycanthropes normally wore.

Felicia closed the door, glanced at In-gong and ordered,

“Take off your top.”


In-gong was bewildered. Take it off - she had suddenly ordered him to take something off!

As In-gong’s gaze filled with surprise and anticipation, Felicia sat down next to In-gong.

"Take off your top. I’ll look at your wound. I was in a hurry and didn’t treat it properly.”

‘Ah, it was that.’

In-gong sighed with relief and disappointment and took off his top without saying anything. However, he could feel a strange gaze.


"Uh... That... Did Shutra always have such a good body?”

After Felicia’s words, In-gong looked down at himself. Certainly, he was still bony but his muscles were quite good.

"I have been exercising.”

In fact, this was the effect of levelling up. His muscles would develop as his stats became higher.

Felicia laughed and slapped In-gong’s shoulder.

"Now, get down. Let me see your back.”

In-gong flinched involuntarily at the words but laid down, revealing his back to Felicia.

"Well, okay. There are no wounds. I think that the recovery magic was good.”

There was no more pain. It was due to the recovery magic that Felicia had previously used on him. It might have been her best recovery magic.

‘Anyway, this is an opportunity.’

It was a perfect opportunity to gain some recovery magic and he absolutely couldn’t miss it.

"Noona, can’t you give me another recovery spell just in case?”

"I already used Massive Heal on you. Aren’t there no wounds?”

"Uh... It seems like there is an abnormal state.”

Felicia’s eyes widened.

"Perhaps you have frostbite in your body? Let me look.”

Her hands glowed green as she cast a recovery spell.

[Cure Lv1 has been learnt.]


A recovery magic that restored normal states. Although it was lower than Recovery, which was a universal magic, it was able to restore all wounds.

“How is it? Are you okay?”

"Hmm, then Noona, do you have any poison healing magic?”

“What? I don’t think the ice arrow had poison in it.”

It was irrational but he couldn’t give up. In-gong frowned and said,

"No, when I was fighting the orcs...”

"Were you hit somewhere?”

"I was hit in the back but it doesn’t hurt due to Noona’s recovery magic.”

After lying, In-gong groaned slightly and buried his face in the sheet.

“Umm, I understand. Let me look.”

This time, the light around Felicia’s hands was purple and In-gong smiled at the sight.

[Cure Poison Lv1 has been learnt.]

'Good, good.’

However, that wasn’t the end.

"A cure for diseases...”


Felicia’s voice was somewhat cold. However, In-gong decided to push once more.


"Hah, wait.”

This time there was a yellow light.

[Cure Disease Lv1 has been learnt.]

He had learnt three new recovery magics quickly. All three of them were invincible and useful spells.

‘Is it impossible for anything else?’

He wanted to learn more, such as magic that removed curses, but it would seem strange to demand anything else.

‘Anyway, she will just grumble if I ask for anything more.’

Maybe he could ask Caitlin, who was easier than Felicia.

‘It had been impossible to understand her when I played as Zephyr.’

It hadn’t been a situation where Zephyr could ask Felicia for something.

“Okay, are you fine now?”

"Yes, thank you.”

In-gong sat up and put on his top again. Felicia glanced at him and laughed quietly.

"You have become quite muscular and manly. You even learnt magic. Do you like it now?”

Fortunately, Felicia didn’t ask In-gong about the magic he used today. When thinking about it, it was the inevitable result. It wasn’t strange for a child of the Demon King to know how to use magic.

‘What is the relationship between Shutra and Felicia? Looking at Felicia, isn’t the relationship similar to the one between a chicken and a cow?’

It didn’t seem to be a close friendship. If not, this conversation would’ve been different.

‘It isn’t bad.’

It seemed like she felt quite favourable towards In-gong. It seemed possible to drag her into his faction.

'Don’t rush it.’

There was no hurry. The announcement of factions would take place in a year or two and that was when the confrontation between the children of the Demon King would start.

“By the way, Shutra.”


“Chris... Caitlin, when did you get so friendly with them? Ah, were you this close originally?”

'Felicia will come naturally.’

She was awkward around Chris but the other parts were as usual.

'Is Chris also uncomfortable? And... What is with this talk?’

Just as In-gong saw Felicia as an alliance candidate, Felicia seemed to see In-gong as an alliance candidate and wanted to attract him.

‘Isn't that it? Or is she just curious?’

There were various ways to interpret the situation. Instead of thinking deeply, In-gong answered lightly,

"No, I befriended them after coming here.”

That was true. It was much better to tell the truth instead of lying.

"Hmm, is that so?”

Felicia smiled and stood up.

"I will go now. You should go to sleep."

Felicia had a strange and brusque way of speaking.

“Yes. Noona, have a good night’s sleep.”

He wanted to ask about her relationship with Chris and Caitlin, as well as the spirits, but In-gong wasn’t too greedy. He waited until Felicia closed the door and lay down on the bed again.


He muttered and a small green light appeared at his fingertips. Although the magic power consumption was considerable, he couldn’t help smiling.

‘I’ve figured something out.’

Felicia stated that she’d used Massive Heal, yet In-gong only learned Heal Lv1.

‘Massive Heal is a skill that is automatically learnt when Heal reaches Lv5. It is natural to learn the skill from Lv1.’

Despite this, In-gong was still smiling because it was understandable.

It didn’t matter about the level. To be honest, it was still a fraudulent ability. He just learnt three new spells.

‘Okay, then shall I continue practicing?’

In-gong settled his mind and used Telekinesis again.

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