Chapter 23 - Chapter 3: Rescue #6

Chapter 23 - Chapter 3: Rescue #6

The fire arrow broke through the darkness. Of course, everything in its path didn’t turn into ashes. He had just learnt Fire Arrow, so it was only Lv1.

However, this was the first time In-gong was using magic. He felt bliss despite the pain.

‘Ohh, it is real! Real magic!’

"Prince! Are you okay?”

Carack shouted without looking his way. In-gong opened his mouth to answer but only a strange sound emerged from his mouth.


In-gong moved his body reflexively. This time it was toward Felicia and the reason was simple.

'I-I have to do this!’

Magic was heading towards them again. It wasn’t a fire arrow like earlier but an ice arrow.


Unlike the fire arrow that exploded against In-gong’s back, the ice arrow pierced through him. The clear voice rang in his head, but this time the pain was so great he couldn’t feel any joy.

[Ice Arrow Lv1 has been learnt.]

[Stamina has decreased. You are in a very dangerous state.]

He couldn’t see the stamina gauge but there would be a red light coming from it if he could.


As In-gong groaned and collapsed, Felicia quickly reached out and grabbed him.


"Prince! Are you okay?”

He couldn’t respond to the two people. He had been too irrational when it came to magic.

He was too greedy. It was crazy to learn magic in this situation. It would be no use learning magic if he died.

In-gong had various regrets but he couldn’t think due to the pain.

Felicia rolled In-gong over and pulled out the ice arrow.


“Stay still!”

Felicia half-screamed as she touched In-gong’s wound with trembling hands. No further attacks reached In-gong due to the fierce defense of his orcs.

"Crazy, crazy! Why did someone so weak do something like this? And when did you learn magic?”

In-gong was suffering but Felicia was very surprised. Felicia’s eyes darted over In-gong’s body with an incredulous expression.

‘Shutra protected me?’

He took the blow with his body?

Felicia was forced to concentrate in order to cast magic. It was recovery magic for In-gong.


A warm light emerged from Felicia’s hands and In-gong’s wounds healed quickly. It didn’t stop until his stamina recovered to a certain degree.

[Heal Lv1 has been learnt.]


He had been about to die, so now he was just happy to be alive. Felicia didn’t realize In-gong’s joy and laid her hands on him again.

“Hey! Shutra! Steady yourself! Don’t die!”

She sounded angry but he was surprised to see tears in the corner of her eyes. In-gong, who was lying down, stared at her face with shock.


She could act like this? Wasn’t she indifferent to Shutra?

“Hey, are you okay? Huh? Answer me!”

“I’m fine.”

In-gong tried to answer as energetically as possible but only a small voice emerged. Felicia started pouring out abusive language.

"This bastard! Why did you bother? Do you think that I can’t stop magic of that degree? Now, I have to protect you!”

“No, I didn’t intend to protect you.”

Of course, that was his intention with the first attack. However, he wanted to be hit the second time.

"Anyway, can you stand up? Should I use another recovery spell?”

In-gong nodded at Felicia’s question and used his strength to get up. Although In-gong was confused by her overly friendly attitude, it seemed to be quite favourable to him.

"Prince! Are you okay?”

He heard Carack’s voice from nearby. Instead of answering, In-gong leaned against Felicia and said,

"Noona, we need to move quickly.

Thanks to the recovery magic, his voice was better than before. Felicia nodded with relief and replied,

"Hmm, yes! Hurry!”

Somehow In-gong felt like Carack was saying ‘Are you joking right now?’ with his eyes, but he ignored it. He headed to the Jishuka Mountains with Felicia while Carack escorted them.

However, escaping wasn’t as easy as he thought. The Red Lightning orcs were flocking like dogs.

‘Damn! What is Chris doing?’

Of course, it wasn’t Chris’ fault. Perhaps Chris was facing double the number of orcs that In-gong was.

‘Why are there so many orcs remaining at the base? Is Caitlin okay?’

In-gong was concerned about Caitlin who headed in the direction opposite to him. However, they were Chris and Caitlin. Even the powerful Zephyr was reluctant to confront them alone.

‘Yes! I should just worry about myself!’


A menacing sound was heard from the front like it was in response to In-gong’s thoughts. The answer came from the orcs around him.

“Blood ogre!”

The orcs simultaneously cried out the name. An entirely red ogre blocked the path of In-gong’s party.

‘A mutant species of ogre!’

They had more power and were bigger than ordinary ogre.

He roared and wielded a double-edged axe that seemed to be bigger than In-gong. It was an equipment that only Zhang Fei seemed capable of using.

'We have to pierce through.’

They had to get rid of him in order to open the path to retreat. If the delay was too long, the number of Red Lightning orcs behind them would increase.

In-gong turned away from Felicia with a determined expression. Now wasn’t the time to be hiding his power.

“Carack! It will be the same as last time!”

Carack nodded at In-gong’s call and grabbed his axe firmly. No further explanation was required as the hearts of the two people were already connected.

“Below the King’s Flag!”

In-gong stabbed a dagger into the ground and shouted. As before, a white light sprang from In-gong’s body.


His stamina seemed to drain out of him. Even though he was already half-seated due to stabbing the dagger into the ground, his legs lost strength and he almost collapsed.

However, the skill itself was a success. The light from In-gong gathered together to form a line with Carack.

Carack, who was surrounded by white light, unleashed a wild battle shout. The nearby orcs roared like wolves but the magician Felicia was different. Her red eyes shook as she stared at In-gong.

“Shutra? Did you just do this right now?”

She demanded an explanation but now wasn’t the time.

"I did!”

“What are you doing! Let’s go!”

As Carack shouted, Felicia frowned but turned toward the blood ogre.



Cararck and the blood ogre roared as they rushed towards each other. Felicia laughed like they were pathetic and waved her hands lightly.



The spell turned the ground in front of the blood ogre slippery. The blood ogre was unaware of this and fell like he had stepped on a bar of soap in the bathroom. The clever Carack didn’t miss this opportunity.


The axe struck the blood ogre’s neck.


The blood ogre tried to raise his body was a terrible scream, but it was useless. Carack pulled the axe out and struck down on the blood ogre’s forehead.

Blood and brains splattered. Carack laughed up towards the sky and Felicia frowned at him.

‘As expected from Felicia.’

Although Carack was the one who dealt the direct blow, the MVP of the battle was Felicia. She had used magic appropriate to the situation.

'Did that mean I didn’t have to use Below the King’s Flag?’

It could be seen like that but the effect of Below the King’s Flag wasn’t simply giving strength.

[Your level has risen.]

It allowed the king to gain the merits!

‘Level 10!’

A white light shone around In-gong as he levelled up. In-gong’s stamina recovered in an instant and he jumped up. Just like last time, he had a headache after using Below the King’s Flag but he didn’t care.

Level 10 - a level with a special meaning in Knight Saga!

‘I mean, maybe!’

[The level of Protagonist Correction has increased.]

A clear voice rang out as In-gong formed a fist.

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