Chapter 24 - Chapter 3: Rescue #7

Chapter 24 - Chapter 3: Rescue #7

[Protagonist Correction Lv 2]

In-gong reflexively raised his hands and activated the skills window. Underneath Protagonist Correction, here was a passive skill that he hadn’t seen yet .

[Battlefield Protection Lv1]

[The hit rate of weapons launched towards the protagonist is slightly lowered.]

'Heok, isn’t this the stormtrooper effect?’

The effect of Protagonist Correction was like the famous stormtroopers.

Stormtroopers were elite soldiers in the classic sci-fi movie, Star Wars. Among the numerous Imperial soldiers, they were especially famous for their accurate marksmanship. However, their hit rate tended to deteriorate when encountering the party of the protagonist.

It was like how protagonists don’t get shot in action movies.

‘Isn’t this the real Protagonist Correction?’

Perhaps his ability to learn skills wasn’t an effect of Conquest but was due to Protagonist Correction.

Anyway, it was a decent skill. He was nervous because it said ‘slightly’, but it was currently only level one.

‘Is there anything else? What effect will Protagonist Correction have when it levels up?’

“Hey! Shutra! What are you doing?”

Felicia’s sharp voice broke through In-gong’s thoughts. In-gong recovered his spirit and stood up. Right now, he was in the middle of a battle. It wasn’t the time for skills research.

‘Will I see the effect of levelling up?’

Or was it suppressed due to the effect of Below the King’s Flag?


“Eh, eh!”

In-gong replied to Carack and looked around while picking up the dwarf dagger. After taking care of the blood ogre, the surprised Red Lightning tribe had changed to passive movements.

‘Okay, I should hurry.’

The mini-map was still full of enemies. After a short time, the enemies started flocking in this direction again.

"Let's go! Retreat!”

In-gong gave an order to Carack who was swinging his axe.

He also shouted towards Felicia.

“These pigs! Return them to flames!”

"Return them to flames?”

Felicia heard In-gong’s words, laughed and raised both arms.

"The wind! Stir!”

Her command soon became a reality. Strong winds burst from Felicia’s arms and caused the flames to surround the Red Lightning tribe.


It wasn’t magic. In-gong was sure because he awakened magic power.

‘A spirit! It must be a spirit!’

The dark elves were elves who had been corrupted! On the Assenba Continent, there were few species born with a higher spirit affinity than elves and Felicia was a princess of the dark elves. She was a gifted spirit master before being an excellent magician.

'But how does it happen? Just like the wind... Heok!’

In-gong shook his head. It was a long shot.

'Spirit techniques are likely to be similar to an aura or psychic powers. I might not be able to awaken it like magic power.’

In fact, the area of magic still wasn’t clear. Several more clinical experiments (?) were needed to determine the exact mechanisms.

‘But I need to be hit by a spirit technique to find out.’

He would investigate spirit techniques later.

"Prince! A flare!”

This time it was Carack who interrupted In-gong’s thoughts. In-gong, who was running beside Carack, stared up at the sky and checked the signal. It was a yellow flash.

"A command to retreat!”

Chris was ordering a total retreat.

‘What is going on? Is Chris in danger?’

He suddenly thought of Caitlin. In-gong headed to the Jishuka Mountains with the orcs while navigating with the mini-map.

‘I have to widen the scope around the area!’

In-gong could look at the terrain in an enclosed space, but he could only grasp the movements of the troops moving in it by expanding the scope.

Thanks to the flames being controlled by Felicia, In-gong was able to rush up the mountain. In-gong didn’t forget to grasp the movements of the orcs on his side using the mini-map.

'There are approximately 60.’

It wasn’t easy to figure out the exact number, but there seemed to be 60 or so orcs following him up. Once In-gong reached a certain height, he turned and looked down at the Red Lightning tribe.

Flames and smoke blocked his view but he was able to grasp the movements through the mini-map.

‘There are troops in the centre and on the right.’

Chris and Caitlin were in those places. Even the troops who pursued In-gong were reluctant to continue and turned towards those positions.

In-gong gritted his teeth. Chris and Caitlin popped into his head.

Blood-crazed beasts - the lycanthrope monsters.

However, that was a story that occurred in Year 516, four years from now. Chris was still 17 and Caitlin was only 15 years old.


He had to save her. No, he had to help. Perhaps the reason why In-gong could escape so easily from the enemy was because the enemy troops were all heading to Chris and Caitlin.

“Carack! Take your troops! Go and help Caitlin noona!”

If he had to help either Chris or Caitlin, it was right to choose Caitlin. Chris was much stronger than Caitlin and the lycanthropes with him were elites. He would be able to pull himself out.

“I understand!”

Carack immediately responded to In-gong’s command, but Felicia was different. Her eyes widened.

"What, are you going back?”

In-gong just nodded in response and ran after Carack.

"Let's go!"



The adrenaline had risen in the orcs after the battle, so they roared as they followed In-gong. Felicia stared after them with a bewildered expression before cursing.

“Hey! This bastard! Go together! Let’s go together!”

Instead of looking back, In-gong only checked the mini-map and ran. In no time at all, Felicia caught up to In-gong and called the spirit again.

"The wind! Open the path!”

She opened a path in the raging flames for In-gong to go through. In-gong thanked Felicia in his mind and pulled out a dagger. Red Lightning orcs could be seen in front of him.

“Carack! Pierce through!”

“Leave me alone!”

Carack laughed like a villain as he wielded the battle axe. Felicia sneered but she used magic and her spirit to block the enemy’s path while securing her allies’ path.

'Really skilled.'

In-gong was worried for Caitlin but his eyes were forced to go to the person next to him.

Felicia didn’t use any attack magic. She used fire and wind in an appropriate manner to control the battlefield.

This was magic and this was a magician.

As she moved among the flames, she seemed like a goddess of the battlefield.

'How the hell was she caught?’

Was she captured due to a moment of carelessness? Or was there a very strong orc among the Red Lightning tribe?

"Prince! Where should we go?”

Carack asked while bathing in the enemy’s blood. In-gong checked the mini-map and pointed.

"This way!"

Due to the flames, it was impossible to determine where his allies were. Therefore, he could only guess based on the movements of the enemies.

'I’m glad it is a melee.’

The enemies were running around in a confused state. If it wasn’t a melee but a proper frontal battle, he would have suffered serious damage from bows and magic.

“Noona! Move those flames there!”

In-gong said while pointing to a giant blaze that was burning something unknown. Considering the circumstances, it was highly likely that Caitlin and her lycanthropes were beyond there. Piercing through was the shortest route.

"This is my command!”

Felicia shouted nervously as her hands moved.


A massive amount of mana was launched. The small winds that emerged from Felicia’s fingertips became huge. It got rid of everything in its path, including the flames.

“Thank you! Noona is the best!”

In-gong cheered while Felicia huffed with frustration. However, she seemed fairly happy as he could see a small smile on her face.

"Let's go! Carack!”


In-gong ran with Carack towards the vortex and Felicia hastily got rid of it. In-gong shouted as he jumped over the scattering winds.

“Caitlin! I came to rescue...!”


A sudden burst swallowed all the noise, including In-gong’s cries.

The bones and flesh of the orcs shattered, exploding all over the place. The source of the sound was the fist that destroyed the orcs and the owner of the fist was a young girl. She was surrounded by corpses that could barely be distinguished as orcs.

“You wanted to go and save someone?”

Felicia scoffed and Carack laughed.

In-gong looked at the girl instead of replying. Confusion flashed in the eyes of the girl covered in orc blood but that only lasted for a moment.

“Shutra! You’re safe!”

Caitlin Moonlight.

Even though she was young, she still laughed like a blooming flower.

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1. Half of the stories I’ve written so far have one heroine. The other half were n x female (usually 2 people).

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2. There was a request to unify In-gong and Shutra... There is a reason for distinguishing between the two.

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