Chapter 22 - Chapter 3: Rescue #5

Chapter 22 - Chapter 3: Rescue #5

The base of the Red Lightning tribe was a crucible of turmoil.

Flames were everywhere and the screaming, crying, roaring and shouting mixed together to create a terrible sound.

Just standing still caused his head to become dizzy, but there was no time to stop. In-gong gazed at the minimized mini-map and commanded.

"Go to the left! Run straight to the food warehouses!”

Since General Vandal had hit the front, there were few troops left in the base. Moreover, Chris had rushed forward and made a lot of fuss, so the remaining forces had flocked to Chris.

Even though it wasn’t deserted, it was close to it!



The orcs were fighting while rushing forward and the sight of blood filled his eyes.

Carack was showing an incredible display once again. He held an axe in one hand and a big shield in the other. As the lead orc, he crushed everything in his path.

In-gong didn’t stay still. He wasn’t fighting side-by-side with Carack, but he played a big role from behind Carack.

[Dagger Throwing Lv1.]

It was a skill he learnt yesterday specifically for today.

It was just throwing a knife, but he managed to kill some orcs with it. Carack dealt most of the damage but he still received a decent amount of experience.

‘Should I learn proper archery?’

A bow or other long-ranged weapons were useful in a situation like this.

“Carack! Pull to the left! Just a little bit more and we’ll arrive at a food warehouse!”


Adrenaline was being secreted as Carack responded with a strange sound. In-gong fingered his dagger and glanced around. It wasn’t because In-gong was worried about Caitlin.

'Okay, the operation... Ah, right! Felicia!’

In-gong searched around but didn’t see any signs of Felicia.

‘If she is locked up, won’t she die because of this?’

Flames were sweeping all over the place. If she was trapped in a confined space, she might suffocate and die.

‘Does he really have no idea?’

It was Chris who rushed forward and caused the fire first. Instead of setting the fire, In-gong commanded Carack.

"Find Felicia!”

“Huh? What are you saying?”

Carack retorted with agitation. In-gong could see tents and timber buildings, but it was too crowded.

"No, just rush it!”

If the enemies knew Felicia’s value, they would try to get her out.

‘Yes, let’s not think about it!’

In-gong felt a little sorry for Felicia but he couldn’t make a difference. Instead, he focused on the mini-map while rushing forward with Carack. In-gong perceived Felicia as a neutral NPC, so she should appear as a blue or purple dot on the map.

Even Chris and Caitlin, who he killed as Zephyr, were now solid allies. Perhaps, Felicia and Silvan could become like them.

‘Yes, there are no unconditional enemies!’

Of course, Zephyr was an exception!

"Prince! The food warehouses!"

Carack shouted. A few orcs around him threw flasks of explosive magic, causing a huge explosion and flames to ensue.

"Kuahaha! Good ride!”

Carack shouted like a villain with a menacing face. Instead of responding, In-gong looked around again. His first objective of the food warehouse had been taken care of, so now he could find Felicia.

‘Although it is possible to find her...’

"This way! Somebody help!"

A sharp scream was heard before he finished his thought. The voice of a woman could clearly be distinguished from the sounds of the orcs.

In-gong and Carack ran towards the direction where he heard the sound. Inside a semi-collapsed wooden building, a few orcs from the Red Lightning tribe were knocked out while a female dark elf with both hands tied stood in the middle of burning wreckage.


Felicia had a sharp face, silver hair, red eyes and was wearing clothes that could be called a bathing suit.

Felicia blinked with amazement at In-gong’s call.

“What, are you Shutra?”

In-gong replied with a question instead of answering.

“How? Who knocked out all the orcs?”

"Of course, I did it! I used this uproar to try and escape but the fires are everywhere... That doesn’t matter! Cut this rope as quickly as possible! There is a trick involved with it that is interfering with my magic!”

Despite that, she had already halfway escaped by herself.

‘As expected from a Demon King’s child.’

In-gong looked at Carak while cutting Felicia’s rope and Carack sent a signal into the sky. A green flash crossed with a red flame in the night sky.

"That is a signal that I found Noona! Now, let’s go!”

In-gong gestured for her to come out quickly. However, Felicia was standing still with a confused face.

“Are you sending a signal to Chris and Caitlin?”

“Yes! Both of them are also looking for Noona!”

Chris said he didn’t care if she died.

'I will use this opportunity to make some points. If Felicia joins our faction, Silva will also come to our side!’

Furthermore, Caitlin was sincerely worried about her.

In-gong gestured to Felicia but she kept on blinking with shock.

“Chris and Caitlin? They are trying to save me?”

'What, is it that shocking? Is their relationship worse than I thought?’

However, it was subtle. There seemed to be a lot that In-gong still didn’t know.

‘Ah, I don’t know. Let’s get out of here first!’

Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about this. They needed to move.

"Prince! Those guys are coming!"

Carack cried out loudly. In-gong glanced at the mini-map and saw many red dots flocking.

‘It is natural after the food warehouses are burnt.’

Perhaps the enemy had already noticed the main purpose of In-gong’s troops. Of course, the food warehouse was burning, so things were going smoothly.

“Noona! Come on! Hurry!”

“U-understood! But calling me Noona...”

Felicia started moving while replying to him.

"Kill them!"

"Turn those fellows into soup!”

The Red Lightning tribe orcs were rushing towards them. Arrows flew from every direction and the sound of axes could be heard.

"Kuk! Hide behind me!”

Carack placed a shield over his head and covered In-gong. In-gong reached out quickly, grabbed Felicia’s wrist and pulled her along.





The yells of the orcs swallowed up Felicia’s scream. Carack raised his shield and shouted.

"Prince! Stick closely behind me!”

It was a situation where he couldn’t afford to look at the mini-map. In-gong looked away from Carack and toward Felicia.

“Felicia noona! Do you have any helpful magic?”

Silvan and Felicia were capable magicians. At In-gong’s request, Felicia recovered her spirit and nodded.

“Uh, wait a minute. Then... Shutra! Behind you!”


In-gong looked back. While the orcs of the Red Lightning tribe were rushing forward, a flame arrow was flying towards him.


There was no room to think, so In-gong acted according to instinct. He hugged Felicia to protect her and received the flame arrow.

‘Ah, damn! This isn’t Caitlin!’

It was already too late to regret it. There was terrible pain that couldn’t even be imagined.


Felicia was the one who screamed with aghast instead of In-gong. He found a single strand of pleasure in the midst of this suffering - that’s right.

[Magic Power Control Lv1 has been learnt.]

[Fire Arrow Lv1 has been learnt.]


In-gong groaned and released Felicia. He turned around and shouted,

“Fire Arrow!”

A fire arrow made of magic!

A spark emerged from In-gong’s fingertips and flew towards the orcs.

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