Chapter 21 - Chapter 4: Rescue #4

Chapter 21 - Chapter 4: Rescue #4

The Demon King had five queens and nine children from them.

The 3rd Queen, Sylvia Doomblade.

She was the eldest daughter of the Doomblade family, which could be called the leader of the seven dark elf clans, and was a princess of the dark elves.

Felicia Doomblade was one of two children that Sylvia Doomblade gave birth to.

'What about her brother?’

The 5th Prince, Silvan Doomblade, and the 6th Princess, Felicia Doomblade.

In-gong examined his memories of both of them. In the game, they belonged to the faction of the 4th Princess, Anastasia Nekrion - a long time rival of Zephyr. So, he always considered them as ‘enemies’.

'Still, it is better than Chris and Caitlin.’

He had a lot more chances to meet the two people when he played at the Demon King’s Palace.

‘Haughty, pretty, selfish... just a princess.’

That was his impression of Felicia. Her brother Silvan Doomblade was more of an enemy to Zephyr, than her.

'He is certainly a fighter.’

Just like Chris and Caitlin, Silvan gave off an intense impression because he was a fierce enemy. Silvan was considered the biggest player in the Day of Massacre.

'Anyway, Felicia is here.’

Why did Felicia suddenly appear? Was she trying to intercept the merits?

‘It isn’t likely.’

The children of the Demon King didn’t move only on missions. Those who were over 18 years old could travel independently to manage various things but Felicia was only turning 18 this year.

‘Perhaps, she is performing another mission in the area?’

The conversation between Vandal and Chris continued while In-gong was making such a reasoning. Chris frowned.

"Does the Red Lightning tribe know that she is Felicia?”

“I don’t know. She might have said it or kept her mouth shut. Or maybe the orcs figured it out."

There was a huge gap between thinking of Felicia as a dark elf officer and a princess. It was obvious that her treatment would vary depending on what they thought she was.

‘Maybe she is already dead.’

She could be used as political ransom, however, her captors were the aggressive orcs. Moreover, there were considerable differences between the way the Human World and the Demon World thought.

“So, what is the castle’s policy?”

"Save her if possible.”

"There are to be no negotiations?"

"If they call out first, I will try to talk about it. However, I don’t think they will initiate contact.”


Chris laughed bitterly while In-gong nodded.

This wasn’t just a story created by the ogre, Vandal.

The common law in the Demon World was that the strong ruled. There was no reason to desperately rescue a princess captured by the enemy.

‘Well, that is only the common law of the Demon King’s Palace.’

The dark elves didn’t think of retreating despite risking death.

‘No, was it because they thought this was their only chance to save her?’

Either way, the fact remained that the Demon King’s Palace wouldn’t care about rescuing a prince or princess.

"I will gather more information from this side.”

Vandal soon said. His words were somewhat rude but Chris nodded without any complaints.

"Okay, then let’s talk again in a few hours.”

Chris gestured and the magicians in charge of the communication magic left the tent.

In-gong glanced to Carack and ordered,

"Carack, you should leave as well.”

“I understand. Call me if necessary.”

Now, there were only three people left in the tent, In-gong, Chris and Caitlin. Chris gave a long sigh and flopped down in his chair.

"Our good sister is a prisoner.”

There were thorns in his words. Caitlin looked between In-gong and Chris and declared.

"If she is still alive then we have to save her.”

It was a pretty decisive attitude. Caitlin had such a firm will on her face that In-gong nodded inadvertently.

However, Chris was a little different. He stared at Caitlin and laughed.

"Yes, that would be good but don’t forget that one method is to not save her.”

Caitlin looked at Chris. He just ignored her gaze and shrugged.

"It is a joke."

‘Is he really not serious?’

His expression and eyes seemed completely different.

'It is bloody.’

It was natural that the relationship between the children of the Demon King wouldn’t be good. They were busy fighting each other every day.

However, sibling were siblings. Even though their relationships were bad, it wasn’t extreme enough to kill each other.

‘That died in earnest after the lycanthrope war.’

In fact, it was initiated by Zephyr. Zephyr was the one who created such a sense of crisis that they had to act.

However, Chris just implied that it didn’t matter if Felicia died.

‘Did something happen between the two of them?’

He didn’t know the specifics but it seemed bad..

'If Chris and Caitlin survived, then it is likely that they would be the ones handling Silvan and Felicia... Eh, will he really let her die?’

Moreover, would Felicia actually die ? Right now, it was Year 512. In the beginning of Knight Sage, Year 513, Felicia was still alive.

‘No, I can’t be sure.’

There was no guarantee that it would go like it had in the game. Right now, the relationship between Shutra, Chris and Caitlin hadn’t changed anything drastically.

"We should save her. No, we have to save Unni.” (Honorific used by females towards older females)

Caitlin stared straight at Chris and declared. Just like how Chris seemed serious, Caitlin was also sincere.

‘As expected.’

While In-gong remained silent, Chris sighed and nodded.

"Well, yes. We have to at least give it a try.”

Caitlin’s eyes shook but she didn’t say anything more. In-gong, who was sandwiched between them, asked.

"Is there a method?”

Currently, it was unknown if Felicia was alive or not. If the Red Lightning tribe had kidnapped her, they didn’t know where she was imprisoned.

Chris shrugged and replied.

"Well, it isn’t good to drag out the time... General Vandal will probably have a method.’

Chris rose from his seat and pointed to the battlefield map spread on the table.

"After General Vandal’s troops attack from the front, from behind...”

Chris set up three models behind the Red Lightning tribe.

"You and Caitlin, the three of us will hit the rear of the enemy. While I hope we can rescue Felicia in the middle of this... there is a chance we can’t. Will that be our fault?”

Chris' gaze turned toward Caitlin. She tightened her lips and said,

"If you rescue Felicia unni, it will be a really big merit.”

"Yes, that is true. She will also be indebted to me. Well, isn’t this pretty good?”

Chris nodded with a sly smile. Caitlin was at a loss for words while In-gong didn’t say anything.

‘Would he have treated Shutra like this if he didn’t like me?’

He didn’t know about Caitlin but Chris seemed to be like that.

Chris, who was laughing alone, knocked on the table.

"Hopefully, we can proceed early in the morning. Then, we should go to our separate bases and rest. General Vandal and I will discuss the details.”

"Oppa should rest too.”


Caitlin looked reluctantly at Chris one more time before leaving the tent with In-gong.


It was evening when Chris called In-gong and Caitlin again.

"The operation is simple."

Chris laid some models on the battlefield map. He was able to tell with one glance what the models meant.

‘The three of us are have character miniature models.’

The models were quite well made. Chris then started to talk.

"While General Vandal lures the Red Lightning tribe, we will strike them in the back.”

‘It is really simple.'

It was almost the same story he heard during the day. While In-gong stared at the map, Chris coughed and added,

"I will move into the centre of the base and make as much fuss as possible. Then Caitlin and Shutra will lead their respective troops to break in and carry out the mission.”

The three models scattered in different directions. In-gong asked,

"The mission, are you referring to the rescue of Felicia noona?”

“Burn the food warehouses and save Felicia in the middle if you find her. If it gets dangerous, leave.”

It wasn’t a rescue mission but a destructive one.


"I’ve done everything I can. Is there anything else we can do?”

Caitlin made a disgusted expression at Chris’ words but didn’t say anything.

'No, he could send spies to check the location of the prisoner. Well... that is only if there is enough time.’

In-gong thought inwardly as he continued to listen to Chris’ explanation. Various matters about the operation needed to be discussed, including signals between the units.

"Okay, go back and relax. We will start at midnight. Let’s do it right.”

'Yes, I’ll try to get to level 10 this time.’

In-gong nodded and left the tent.

Time passed quickly. Along with Carack and his 50 orcs, Chris and Caitlin’s units passed through the dwarf portal and stood on the mountain overlooking the Red Lightning tribe.

"Heh, they would never think we were behind them.”

Carack murmured in a small voice like he found it hilarious. Nearly 400 troops were hiding. However, the night was so deep and the moon barely was shining, so In-gong couldn’t see everyone.

In-gong nodded as he stared in front of him. He stood in the cold night air and gazed into the distance.

“It is starting.”

A low roar was heard from the front as soon as he spoke. The ground shook as Vandal’s troops rushed forward and there was the sound of various musical instruments, such as horns and drums.

There was a frenzy at the Red Lightning base below. Shouting and horns sounded at the same time as soldiers poured out of the tents.

In-gong gazed in the direction where Chris was hiding. Chris made a signal to wait as soon as In-gong turned to look at him.


"Wait. We have to wait until enough troops have left.”

In-gong explained to Carack and calmed his heart. He had experienced combat several times but his heartbeat got faster because this was the first time he would be in such a big battle.

Some time passed.

Chris and the lycanthropes started moving down. It was a really fast pace.

In-gong kept waiting. There needed to be a time difference with Chris’ troops. This time In-gong was leading 50 orcs and an additional 30 orcs given by Chris. There was a total of 80 orcs.

As the lycanthropes roared, there was another big fuss at the base of the Red Lightning tribe. Now was the time.



Along with In-gong, Carack shouted loudly and the orcs ran down the mountain. The shouting was over after they reached the enemy’s location.

Thanks to Internal Strength, In-gong was able to keep up with the orcs. In-gong peered around while running and saw Caitlin, who was deliberately coinciding her speed to match In-gong’s troops.

Just like Chris did, Caitlin looked back at In-gong. Caitlin laughed and In-gong grinned back.

The base was right in front of him. In-gong kept an eye on both the mini-map and the area in front of him as he raised his sword.

Author's Note: That... In response to the ‘half sister’ in yesterday’s chapter, I just used that term as a way of indicating that Felicia is a child of the Demon King. =3=;;

-All children of the Demon King are half-siblings. Caitlin is officially a child of the Demon King, so she has a half-sibling relationship with the other children.

Since there is a possibility of unnecessary confusion due to an inaccuracy of the expression, I will correct it if I can think of an appropriate sentence.

-A child of the Demon King or... Maybe just Chris’ half sister...

Felicia will surely appear in the next chapter!

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