Chapter 140 - Chapter 26: Conquest

Chapter 140 – Chapter 26: Conquest

In-gong ran like the wind. He became a gale which crossed the space.

Aura and magic power rose from his dragon heart at the same time. The quad-core, created by adding magic power to the auras from the Moonlight Core, pure aura heart and the dragon heart, proved terrifying.

The Famine Knight was confused and missed In-gong’s movement. By the time the Famine Knight recovered his spirit, In-gong was already at his side.

The left side of Gerard’s body hadn’t remained intact. Therefore, his reaction was slow. Using Gerard’s memory, he defended reflexively, but In-gong’s attack was quicker than that.

In-gong’s power exploded outwards. The white aura burst, and the Famine Knight was pushed sideways. Moreover, that wasn’t the end. The Famine Knight saw the white aura flying toward him. It was the Lightning technique of Divine Sura Authority.


It was like a lightning strike. No, it was already lightning. The divine power from the last flame tore into the left side of the Famine Knight. The Famine Knight couldn’t withstand it and screamed. It was an eerie feeling, like his left half was being torn apart!


The Famine Knight howled like a beast. He tried to spread the power of Famine in every direction and widened the distance between him and In-gong. The divine nature of the power made it even more painful.

In-gong didn’t approach the Famine Knight carelessly. He understood it the moment he hit the Famine Knight with Lightning—

He understood the reason why Silvan was dying, and the feat he had accomplished. The power of Famine was filling the left half of the Famine Knight’s body, meaning it wasn’t a real body. Silvan had used the fairy. It was clear he had used this power against the Famine Knight.

The final boss on the ‘Day of Massacre’ had always been Silvan. He had the fairy. In Knight Saga, he was the child of the demon king with the strongest magic power.

Silvan had protected Felicia. He had lasted until In-gong managed to arrive, and now, Silvan was dying.

In-gong’s anger flared. He remembered the Famine Knight laughing in front of Felicia, then he remembered how happy Silvan was to receive Amita’s sword. In-gong knew without even looking—Silvan had opened the fairy without any hesitation in order to defend Felicia, even though he had known it would lead to his death!

In-gong’s anger exploded, and the white and green aura grew even bigger.

The Famine Knight was unable to move his hands or feet, and it wasn’t just due to embarrassment. He was close to suffering from irreversible injuries.

It was just for a moment, but it was overwhelming. The existence before his eyes was the Conquest Knight! Don’t make him laugh!

The Famine Knight was in denial. He couldn’t admit it at all.

Gerard’s memories helped him regain his posture, then the Famine Knight rushed toward In-gong.

The two attacks collided. There were more than a dozen flashes in an instant. A white and black aura collided as the entire ruin shook.

The Famine Knight was once again confused. The presence before him, the Conquest Knight, had less martial art ability than Silvan. However, he was more difficult to deal with. It wasn’t simply a difference in momentum.

Gerard’s memory knew why, and the reason was simple.

In-gong knew much more about Divine Beast Authority than Silvan. He was used to dealing with Divine Beast Authority.

Divine Beast Authority was the foundation of In-gong’s Divine Sura Authority. He had accumulated battle experience with Divine Beast Authority through sparring with Caitlin.

It would have been a different story if the Famine Knight was in his usual state before Silvan opened the fairy. However, the Famine Knight had now lost their left and right sides. Despite Gerard’s memories as the strongest lycanthrope, it was unreasonable for him to exert his full capabilities.

Kwa kwang!

A howl burst from the chest of the Famine Knight. Once again, there was the power of an explosion, and the Famine Knight groaned in protest. It wasn’t the same Divine Beast Authority. In-gong’s explosion surpassed that of Divine Beast Authority. Gerard remembered that the power of Divine Sura Authority was superior to Divine Beast Authority, but the Famine Knight didn’t understand this fact immediately.

There was a gap. The Famine Knight wasn’t Gerard. He just had Gerard’s memories. The gap between the two of them widened dramatically, causing a huge weakness.

The Famine Knight continued to move his hands and feet. As the slugfest continued, more and more of In-gong’s attacks hit.

The power of Famine couldn’t drain In-gong’s aura. The power of Conquest, surging from the king’s flag, offset the power of Famine. It didn’t stop there and also suppressed the left and right sides which were made up of the power of Famine.

The Famine Knight used Arang. In-gong used Arang like a mirror and blocked it. Just in regards to the perfection of the techniques, Gerard’s memories were still superior, but In-gong filled the gap with a huge amount of aura.

At that moment, the Famine Knight twisted and struck In-gong’s chest. It was a close range attack of Divine Beast Authority.

In-gong’s body shook as something pierced through it like a drill. However, the destruction the Famine Knight had expected didn’t happen. In-gong endured the power, and the result was something that Gerard’s memories couldn’t imagine.

[Greedy Wolf Lv1 has been learnt.]

In-gong struck the Famine Knight’s chest with Greedy Wolf. A hole formed in the black smoke which made up the Famine Knight’s left side. The Famine Knight staggered, and In-gong gritted his teeth. In-gong was someone who had endured a monstrous attack from Vandal. He swallowed back the pain Greedy Wolf caused him and stretched out his fist again. In-gong placed his right hand in the hole in the Famine Knight’s chest and the power of Conquest exploded!


The left half of the Famine Knight was scattered instantly. The black smoke scattered everywhere, and In-gong kicked the Famine Knight. The current passage was moderately wide, but the body of the Famine Knight struck a wall and made a loud noise.

Then In-gong held him up there with Telekinesis. When the Famine Knight was fixed to the wall, White Eagle and Black Eagle, which had been waiting for this moment, rushed to the Famine Knight!


They were like meteors. Green light emitted from the black and white shields, turning Gerard’s body into a ragdoll. His body was shattered and the limbs cut off.


The Famine Knight shrieked with pain. At that moment, the power of Famine exploded. The power of Famine was being forced out because the Famine Knight was giving up on Gerard’s body. The darkness rose like an angry flame and swallowed In-gong!


Felicia screamed. At the same time, Famine shouted. He hated In-gong.

“Drain! Destroy him!”

It was a terrible feeling. A terrible affection.

The power of Famine bit at In-gong, then the power of Conquest tried to protect In-gong, and Famine felt hostility.

At that moment, Famine could no longer tolerate it. He poured out his emotions toward Conquest, the white woman with red and blue eyes. Famine was close to screaming.

Why? Why did she block them? Why was she fighting against her own?

Famine didn’t know. He couldn’t understand it.

Why did she betray them and go on the opposite side?

Conquest, War, Death and Famine… The four riders of destruction— They were presences that longed for the end of the world.

However, that wasn’t the case now. Conquest had betrayed the rest. As the ruler, she should be at the forefront of the riders, so the remaining three were hostile toward her. What was the cause? Did the fight 1,000 years ago change her? Did the fight from that time destroy her?

The power of Famine became even stronger, and he used his emotions as fuel. It seemed like he would soon destroy In-gong. However, Conquest didn’t back down. In the midst of the darkness, the white aura shone even brighter.

In-gong finally understood.

The woman with one red and one blue eye…


She didn’t want it anymore. She didn’t want the end of civilization, the extermination of all life. Despite being born for destruction, she longed to maintain the world. It was her dream. It was why she chose a knight who didn’t want destruction like the other riders. Far from conquering In-gong, her desire was for In-gong to conquer her.

[The level of Conquest has risen.]

[The level of Conquest Knight has risen.]

[The level of The King’s Knights has risen.]

[The level of Conquest Knight has risen.]

The voice rang in his ears. From the deep depths of In-gong’s soul, the white woman smiled sadly.

In-gong formed a fist. The armour of the elder dragons, the riders’ enemies, gave strength to In-gong. The power of Conquest which radiated from Earth Quaker, which was growling furiously, destroyed the darkness of Famine.

The power of Famine was scattered…

And the power of Conquest took its place.

In-gong, the person who had been born as a true Conquest Knight, looked down while he was enveloped by a white light. He stepped forward as he gazed at the power of Famine which remained in the caricature of Gerard.

The Famine Knight hurled curses at In-gong. He spewed out from Gerard’s memories of hatred. In-gong received all the hatred and struck the final blow toward the Famine Knight’s chest.

Gerard’s body was completely destroyed. Famine lost its container and was sent away, and the ominous feeling which filled the ruin was washed clean.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

In-gong heard the voice three times, but he couldn’t rest yet. He turned and looked at Felicia and Silvan. Felicia was still crying, and tears were flowing endlessly down her cheeks.

“Save him. Save him, Shutra.”

Felicia begged while holding Silvan’s head, but it was just a desperate plea. Even Felicia, a magician, couldn’t think of a way to save Silvan. She was forced to watch Silvan die.

In-gong approached Felicia, then he saw Silvan smiling. He had a really satisfied smile on his face.

Felicia was saved. She had survived. Silvan could rest now. As Felicia was now secured, Silvan tried to let go of his string of life.

However, In-gong didn’t tolerate it. He stretched out his hand toward the fairy inside Silvan.

In-gong used the power of Conquest.

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