Chapter 141 - Chapter 26: Conquest #2

Chapter 141 – Chapter 26: Conquest #2

In Knight Saga, Silvan and the fairy hadn’t been on In-gong’s side.

However, the battle with Silvan on the ‘Day of Massacre’ had been so impressive that In-gong remembered the general characteristics. Silvan’s magic power had been exhausted, and he died.

In order to prevent this, In-gong had to stop the fairy from emitting an endless amount of magic power.

The power of Conquest emerged from In-gong’s palm and revolved around the fairy. As expected, In-gong frowned at the result.

The fairy wasn’t like a separate item. It was a part of Silvan and was connected to Silvan’s soul, so it wasn’t possible to conquer it separately.

If so, there was only one way remaining.


Felicia wept as she called for him. She gasped as she read In-gong’s expression and poured out,

“Is there a way? Is something wrong?”

Her words were deteriorating. It wasn’t a situation where she could speak properly as per usual. However, her thoughts were still clear. She didn’t miss the fact that there was a way for In-gong to save Silvan. Felicia grasped In-gong’s hand tightly.

“Please. Please, I’ll do anything. I’ll do whatever I have to as long as Silvan will live. Please. Please, Shutra.”

Felicia wept and begged, bowing her head several times while talking.

In-gong closed his eyes. He had no choice now. He had to do it. He couldn’t do anything that would leave an irrevocable wound in Felicia’s heart.

However, that wasn’t the only reason. He didn’t want to lose Silvan either. In-gong wanted to save this silly man.

In-gong settled his heart and opened his eyes. As he pushed Felicia’s hand away gently, In-gong spoke to Silvan,

“Silvan hyung, can you hear my voice? There is only one way to save Hyung. You must accept my rule—become my knight. It is a magic ritual, so you shouldn’t reject it. This way, I can save Hyung.”

He had to make Silvan a member of the King’s Knights. The Conquest Coat of Arms would be carved on Silvan, and he would be under In-gong’s rule. Then it would be possible to influence the fairy without conquering it.

After In-gong accepted Vandal, the King’s Knights were at full capacity. However, the level of Conquest rose in the battle against the Famine Knight, and it was the same for the King’s Knights. The positions in the King’s Knights increased from five to seven people, so he had room to accept Silvan.

The problem was something else. How would he explain to Felicia and Silvan about controlling the fairy? Could it be a gandharva magic or a unique family magic?

While that might work on others, it was no longer the case with Felicia; this was the limit.

However, he couldn’t give up on Silvan. So, In-gong was prepared for whatever happened.

Then something unexpected occurred. Silvan’s expression cracked after hearing In-gong’s explanation. Despite facing death, Silvan was satisfied Felicia was still alive, but there was an expression of fierce rejection on his face.


Silvan squeezed out. Felicia stared at Silvan with shock.


Silvan no longer had the power to move his head and simply stared at Felicia with dull eyes. He wanted to reassure her and managed to speak after some difficulty.

“I… Felicia’s… knight… I swore… geis…”

“You fool! You will die! Die!”

Felicia’s shout struck like a thunderbolt, but Silvan didn’t listen and simply smiled. However, the strong feeling of rejection could be felt.

It wasn’t mere stubbornness. Silvan had mentioned a geis, a magic oath. Felicia also knew about that. So, thoughts ran through her mind desperately. As a good magician, she found the answer and grabbed In-gong’s hand once again. She poured out her words,

“Shutra, I will be your knight. If I go under you, Silvan, my knight, will become your knight, right?”

There was no contradiction in her logic. In-gong had a blank expression, while Delia couldn’t help feeling shocked.

However, Felicia just stared at In-gong with unwavering eyes and said,

“If you become the demon king, I will be your subordinate anyway. I know there is a magic ritual, but it doesn’t matter. It’s okay. Save him, Shutra.”

There were several magic spells in the Demon World which could bind an oath or relationship and some were worse than In-gong’s spell. There was magic which could give pain every time an order was disobeyed or even magic in which the master held the power of life or death.

It was the reason for Delia’s shock. Felicia’s situation was different from that of Silvan’s, whose life was at stake. Moreover, Felicia and Silvan had completely different positions. Being in a matriarchal society, Felicia was destined to become the next leader of the dark elves; she was going to become queen of the dark elves.

However, Felicia was already determined. Delia opened her mouth to stop Felicia, but in the end, she couldn’t say anything. Her mouth opened and closed a few times before simply she bowed her head.

In-gong also made a decision. If it was Felicia, he didn’t mind giving away the last spot in the King’s Knights. No, he actually wanted to give it to her as she was precious to him.

In-gong nodded and looked back at Silvan. He placed both his hands on Felicia and Silvan’s foreheads.

“Did you hear that, Hyung? I’m starting.”

Silvan couldn’t answer. His time was truly numbered.

Felicia bit her lip to restrain her nervousness. In-gong first cast the King’s Knights on Felicia.

“Felicia Doomblade, I appoint you as my knight.”

The power of Conquest enveloped Felicia, and she accepted In-gong’s rule without rejecting it. Felicia became the sixth King’s Knight. On Felicia’s forehead, the white Conquest Coat of Arms emerged.

Next was Silvan. In-gong activated the King’s Knights once again. There was only a short moment of rejection due to the dark elves’ geis, then Silvan also accepted In-gong’s rule. He became the seventh knight, and the same coat of arms appeared on his forehead.

Then the King’s Knights took effect. The benefits offered to the knights were also shared with Felicia and Silvan.

Felicia’s eyes widened with surprise. It wasn’t just stronger physical ability but magic power as well.

It was also effective on Silvan. His magic power had almost been drained, but there was now a little bit of time before that.

In-gong followed up with the power of Conquest. It acted like reins on a wild horse to pull back the raging fairy. Unlike Felicia and Silvan, the fairy resisted violently, but it was useless. Conquest was much stronger than before and instantly pushed down the fairy’s resistance, subjugating it.


The white woman said. In-gong obeyed her voice and controlled the fairy. He closed the hole which was leaking magic power and put the fairy to sleep.

The sight of the white light was truly beautiful and mysterious. As soon as the fairy became quiet, Silvan closed his eyes. His magic power had stopped leaking, and he had a very calm expression on his face.

In-gong let out a breath as the urgent fire was put out. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and saw that Felicia was teary-eyed once again.

Felicia laughed like a fool. She touched Silvan’s forehead and cheek, and cried again. Then she opened her arms toward In-gong, who understood what she meant. Silvan was using her knees as a pillow, so she couldn’t move to hug him.

Felicia was obviously taller than In-gong, but right now, she felt small and slender. Felicia grabbed In-gong tightly and burst into tears again. She cried like a child.

“Shutra, Shutra.”

‘I was so scared. So scared. I thought Silvan would die and leave me forever. Delia almost died, Sepira’s arm was cut off, and the crew members are dead.’

Felicia wasn’t able to speak these words. She then fainted in In-gong’s arms. The tension had been so tight that she collapsed as soon as it was released.

In-gong hugged Felicia tightly once more before handing her over to Delia. He saw Sepira seat herself carefully next to Silvan, then she started weeping.

One wrist had been cut off cleanly. A simple recovery spell stopped it from bleeding. In-gong used recovery magic on Felicia and purified Sepira’s arm. As she was bathed in the magic light, Sepira bowed with a humble expression. There was a deep emotion of appreciation on her face.

It was In-gong who had saved Silvan’s life. So, for Sepira, In-gong was a lifesaver.

In-gong faced Sepira and examined the extent of her wound. This was a world where regeneration magic existed, so she might not always be crippled.

After worrying about Sepira, In-gong got up and looked around.

Black ash was scattered at the place where the Famine Knight had died. It was the trail of the person who had previously been Gerard.

Famine hadn’t died. He had just been expelled from Gerard’s body. However, he wouldn’t be able to intervene for the time being.

This was quite natural because of the true story of the Conquest Knight.

Conquest, the red and blue eyed woman, didn’t want the end of the world. So, she chose to fight against the other riders.

In-gong was able to understand Famine’s and Death’s hatred. He could see why War looked at Conquest with a mixture of dislike and goodwill.

They were Conquest’s brothers and sisters, friends and lovers. From their standpoint, Conquest was the worst traitor.

In-gong closed his eyes and calmed his mind. For now, it was enough that he understood Conquest’s true dream. He would gradually learn more.

‘Then let’s move on.’

It was hard to imagine the Famine Knight showed up because of Felicia and Silvan. Perhaps the ruin itself was his goal.

‘Is there something like the Moonlight Extract?’

This was a ruin which hadn’t appeared in Knight Saga, so In-gong didn’t know what was inside it.

In-gong arranged his thoughts and picked up Amita’s sword from the ground. Then he exclaimed unknowingly with admiration.

As expected from Amita… The sword was infused with the fairy’s magic power, but the blade was still fine.

Silvan had been able to destroy half of the Famine Knight due to Amita’s sword. In Knight Saga, Silvan didn’t have a sword strong enough to endure the fairy’s magic power. So, when he opened the fairy, he couldn’t use his special swordsmanship.

In-gong laughed as he was reminded of Amita slamming their tail against the ground.

Then a voice was heard from right beside him,

“Master, is it over?”

It was Green Wind, who had become solid. In-gong looked at her and nodded.

“Roughly. Now, let’s return to the Black Flame Dragon.”

The Black Flame Dragon was near the entrance to the ruin. In-gong hadn’t been able to look at the situation there because he had been flying so quickly, but he could guess. If the Famine Knight had entered through the entrance, then the crew of the Black Flame Dragon wouldn’t have been safe.

He felt saddened as he remembered the crew members who laughed so happily. As his shoulders sagged without him realising, Green Wind pouted and moved into In-gong’s field of view.

She tilted her head and looked up at In-gong like she had something to say.

“Green Wind?”

As In-gong called her name, Green Wind straightened and spoke in a slightly exaggerated tone,

“I flew an incredibly long distance today. I did plenty of worthwhile work. So far, I have been waiting patiently.”

It was a face that wanted praise. In-gong had the gut feeling that Green Wind wasn’t acting like this simply because she wanted praise. She was trying to change In-gong’s mood, and it was quite charming.

A smile formed on In-gong’s face. He looked at the cute and lovely Green Wind and couldn’t help wanting to praise her.

“Yes, that’s right. As expected of Greenie. You did really well. If it hadn’t been for Greenie, I wouldn’t have been able to save Felicia, Silvan and the others.”

In-gong stroked Green Wind’s head while praising her in an exaggerated manner.

Instead of her usual reaction, Green Wind blushed and puffed out her cheeks like she didn’t know what to do. In-gong asked with confusion,

“Why? Uh, did I pet you wrong?’

Was she sick of too much petting?

Green Wind shook her head at In-gong’s question.

“Ah, no, I just suddenly felt embarrassed. Master, keep praising me. I did something worthy of praise.”

Green Wind said, hitting her chest.

Her appearance was very cute, but In-gong didn’t start praising her again.

“Sorry, let’s do the rest later. Can you help me move Silvan-hyung?”

The size of the shield was quite large when White Eagle and Black Eagle were combined, so it was possible to carry Silvan in a lying down state.

“I am Master’s. I will follow Master’s commands.”

Green Wind returned to White Eagle.

As Delia and Sepira loaded Silvan on White Eagle, In-gong suddenly raised his head and looked up at the sky. The moon, which had been hiding in the clouds, was suddenly revealed.


“Noona, I have a confession.”

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