Chapter 139 – Chapter 25: Opening #2

Chapter 139 – Chapter 25: Opening #2

It was like an explosion. It was comparable to opening a door which had been blocked to its limit.


It was a blessing from the first fairy king as well as a curse.

Those born with the fairy had enormous magic power which was different from ordinary dark elves. They were able to turn all their natural strength into magic power. Even incompatible powers such as magic and aura would become complete under the control of the fairy.

Additionally, it didn’t stop.

The owner of the fairy could use the magic power which also existed in the atmosphere of the Demon World. It was theoretical, but if they exerted the fairy’s power to its limits, it was possible to have infinite power.

The first fairy king used the power of the fairy to establish a kingdom. Even though there were no signs of it left, the dark elves were able to stand on their own feet due to the kingdom of the fairies.

So, the fairy was a blessing. However, at the same time, it was also a curse. With the exception of the first fairy king, the fairy’s owner didn’t have complete control over the power.

Except for the first fairy king, all the owners of the fairy lost their lives due to excessive abuse of power. It was because once the magic power was exhausted, it would start to drain the power necessary to sustain its life.

During childhood, the fairy’s magic power was somewhat weak, so it was possible to reign it in. However, there were no method after becoming an adult. Opening up the fairy in one fight would be like consuming the owner’s their life.

Silvan was born with the fairy.

Ever since his childhood mistake in opening up the fairy, he had never unlocked the seal on the fairy again. Unlike the other dark elves, Silvan didn’t learn magic and focused on aura and swordsmanship instead to stay as far away from the fairy as possible.

Silvan’s fairy, which had been sealed for many years, shone with a golden radiance as he unleashed its strong and brilliant power.

Successive explosions followed. They weren’t caused by magic but an explosion of magic power, and that power was beyond imagination.

The Famine Knight backed away hurriedly and used the power of Famine. Silvan inserted magic power into Amita’s sword while staring at the Famine Knight, and a blade of golden light rose above the sword like a lightning bolt.

Felicia howled as Silvan rushed toward the Famine Knight. The Famine Knight blocked Silvan’s charge with the power of Famine, but Silvan’s magic power is too great. It was impossible to deplete all of it, even with the power of Famine.


Silvan shouted in pain. Sepira immediately understood what he meant. She ignored the blurry vision caused by her tears and ran toward Felicia. Delia was also the same.

Silvan drove back the Famine Knight, and lightning spread everywhere. His eyes were shining a brilliant gold.

Delia hastily pulled off the heavily dented chest armour which was interfering with Felicia’s breathing. Felicia breathed out reflexively, then Sepira hugged her forcefully.

Felicia understood. She knew what Sepira wanted to do, and Sepira didn’t release Felicia. She carried Felicia and ran forward without looking back.

“Silvan! Silvan!”

Felicia screamed, but Silvan didn’t look at Felicia. Instead of controlling the fairy’s power, he released it freely. His aura, which had been broken by Arang, was forcibly converted to magic power and caused another round. In the end, his life force was being exhausted.

It was all to protect Felicia. In order to save her, he had to defeat the monster before him!

Kwa kwang!

Lightning struck and the sound of thunder filled the passage. The power of Famine couldn’t absorb the magic power and split apart.

Silvan coughed up blood. The Famine Knight triggered his aura, but the Famine Knight’s strength was still lacking. In the end, he had to deal with Silvan by using the power of Gerard, who was called the strongest among the lycanthropes.

The Famine Knight used Gerard’s memories of Divine Beast Authority. Silvan swung his giant sword made of magic power and attacked the Famine Knight. A stray blow tore the ceiling apart.

The explosions continued in succession. At that time, Sepira reached the stairs, and Felicia finally exclaimed,


There was no reply to her heartbreaking scream. Sepira jumped the stairs and reached the third floor. It was just a large room, so she could spot the stairs leading to the second floor easily.

The entire ruin seemed to be in shock as rubble fell from the ceiling.

Sepira continued to run, while Felicia’s struggle became weaker. Harsh breathing filled the passage.

How much time had passed since they started running away? At best, it was a dozen or so seconds, maybe not even be one minute.

Sepira, who had run to the second floor, looked back, and Delia swallowed a scream as she illuminated their surroundings with magic.

An ominous darkness was coming from far away. At the same time, there was also a dazzling golden light.

Part of the ruin had collapsed, and a huge gold light pierced through the ceiling, causing a vibration.

It was a huge magic power. However, the strength behind that magic power meant Silvan’s life force was numbered.

Sepira clenched her fists as she ran. Delia swallowed back her tears as well. Her heart felt like it was going to burst, and her breathing felt choked.

Time passed, maybe 20 minutes or more.

They finally reached the stairs to the first floor. Sepira climbed the stairs painfully, followed by Delia. The horrible nightmare was still coming.

Every time there was a dreadful roar, it sounded much closer, and the golden colour flashed in the darkness.

Sepira moved to climb to the first floor. At that moment, Delia covered Sepira. The two people rolled to the ground with Felicia as the staircase collapsed.

The stairs connecting the first and second floors had collapsed. Felicia looked through the hole caused by the collapse. She could see the back of Silvan’s shoulders drooping down. Beyond that, there was a black spot.

It had been 20 minutes since he opened up the fairy. Silvan was half-dead, and the Famine Knight was also suffering from excruciating injuries, but he was still standing.

In the past, Gerard would already be out of combat. However, the current Famine Knight was a doll controlled by Famine but had Gerard’s memories. Gerard could only move due to the power of Famine.

It wasn’t good. The Famine Knight couldn’t absorb the enormous magic power of the fairy all at once, but it was possible to devour it slowly. If Silvan hadn’t been hit by Arang or if he was a powerful magician, the story might have been different. However, it was meaningless to think about that now.

The Famine Knight was a dark werewolf, and black smoke filled up the empty spots in his body.

The Famine Knight kicked off from the ground. Then Silvan—instead of striking the Famine Knight with his sword, he caused a huge magical vortex.

However, it was insignificant.

The memory of Gerard laughed. In the old days, he had been the strongest of the lycanthropes and known for his footwork. He used Divine Beast Authority’s explosive power and maneuvered at high speed to avoid Silvan’s magic vortex. Gerard stretched out just as Silvan caused another explosion.

Magic power and aura collided. Although Silvan instinctively created a shield of magic power to block it, he was still pushed back. Thrown back more than a dozen metres, he landed, spread out on top of the collapsed staircase.

The Famine Knight sighed with a satisfied expression, then he ridiculed the scene which was occurring in front of him.

Felicia had jumped toward Silvan. She poured her magic power desperately into the dying Silvan. At the same time, she cast various recovery magic and defense spells.

It was stupid. The Famine Knight devoured everything, and that’s why he knew. The fairy was already in an unstoppable state. She could wrap the injuries of Silvan’s body with recovery magic, but she couldn’t prevent magic power from leaking.

It was pitiful.

The Famine Knight didn’t know whether it was the Famine Knight’s memory or Gerard’s, but he sneered with ridicule and took a step forward. Despite this, the damage to the Famine Knight wasn’t small. So, he had to absorb the last of Silvan’s power.

Felicia cast her magic desperately. She pulled Silvan’s head onto her lap and used all the recovery magic she knew. However, it was useless. She was sensitive to the flow of magic power, so she knew Silvan had almost no magic power remaining.

Silvan’s hands trembled. Instead of grabbing Felicia’s hand, he pointed toward the air. Somehow, he squeezed out magic power to stop the Famine Knight.

Felicia wanted to yell out, ‘Idiot!’, however, she held back her curses since he had already done it.

Felicia would rather have the fairy herself. Then she would be able to save Silvan. Maybe she would even be able to create a better situation.

The Famine Knight approached. Sepira and Delia were prepared to die as they stood before Felicia. Not giving up on the situation, Felicia glared straight ahead as she hugged Silvan’s head. The Famine Knight took a step forward.

Then right at that moment…!

The Tears of a Dark Elf shone brilliantly from Felicia’s finger. Why was it shining now when it had been silent so far?

It was simple. Due to the battle between Silvan and the Famine Knight, the ruin had collapsed. So, the flow of magic power was no longer blocked at the entrance by the power of Famine and was spreading elsewhere.

…And another one—

The most important reason.

Felicia dragged Silvan to her. She was both crying and laughing as she called out loudly,



There was a response to her call. It poured down from the sky as Ascalon, the great weapon from the dragon slayer series.

It penetrated the ruin, breaking through the ceiling of the first floor and into the second floor.

The Famine Knight raised his head as the pair of Tears of a Dark Elf shone in the dark passage. A pair of white and black shields painted a green trail. Shutra flew like a flash and stood before Felicia.

He had arrived.

Divine Sura Authority and a new wind… It was faster than the wind.

Silvan hadn’t opened up his fairy in vain. Shutra had managed to make it in time. He opened his eyes as he glanced at the dark elves.

The Famine Knight was before him, and the power of Famine was fired at him. It was like a black sword.

In-gong glared at the power of Famine. He also activated the power of Conquest and shouted,

“Below the King’s Flag!”

The flag of light formed in In-gong’s hand and was stuck into the ground. At that moment, the white power of Conquest filled the ruins. The power of Famine was pushed out, and Shutra’s white aura rose like a flame.

The Famine Knight was confused. He couldn’t understand it.

It wasn’t just due to the sudden appearance. The Famine Knight had faced the Conquest Knight only a few months ago, yet the power of the Conquest Knight was now significantly different. It was so strong that it couldn’t even be compared to the last time.

Why? What was this?

However, unlike the Famine Knight, In-gong wasn’t confused. Due to the dreaded situation, he had sped here like a storm, but he soon forgot his tiredness.

Felicia was crying, and Silvan was half-dead.

In-gong activated his quad-core. The dragon blood woke up, and Earth Quaker gave a low growl.

Famine Knight… There wouldn’t be a third time. It was time to settle this.


The white woman’s voice was heard with anger filling her voice.

Then In-gong formed a fist.

He invoked his power.

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