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Chapter 99 - Big Guy, Small Gun

Chapter 99: Big Guy, Small Gun

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For most of the people in this world, guns were the equivalent to special spiritual artifacts.

Don’t underestimate the comprehension of these cultivators and warriors. After all, they could understand and master the manipulation of qi, let alone solid objects.

For the people in this world, they could draw many parallels.

For the explosive bombs in the game, there were explosive spiritual artifacts in this world.

In the understanding of the people in this world, they believed that guns were an extension to crossbows and arrows.

Despite the seemingly miraculous power of these special spiritual artifacts, they were within the scope of knowledge of the people here after they understood the mechanisms.

The only difference was that guns were in fact not spiritual artifacts since they didn’t need any energy to activate them, which meant that anyone could use them.

Compared with Immortal-Extinguish Crossbows and other similar spiritual artifacts, guns had an advantageous feature.

Ever since Resident Evil got popular, many players had noticed this advantageous feature of these special weapons, and some of them had even tried to make them in the real world.

However, due to the differences and gaps in cultures and thinking, they all failed.

Most of them failed in the handling of the details.

In short, even in the world of cultivators, it wasn’t as easy as one might think to imitate the mature gun-making procedures.

Even though some copies were made, the products were so inferior that they couldn’t be shown to the public. Some even had the danger of implosion.

Gradually, some even suspected that it was impossible to imitate the guns to perfection.

Of course, they were not professional makers. Besides, they didn’t know that Fang Qi had a rocket launcher, which few people knew besides the spies who watched Fang Qi’s internet cafe all day long outside of his shop.

However, everything had exceptions. Some had imitated guns with a certain degree of success.

Some got the inspiration from the mechanisms of guns and had improved the imperfect guns that they made with cultivators’ talisman and array formations.

“Junior Uncle-Master Li, this is the spiritual artifact that Ms. Xu ordered.” In the Blue Flame Pavilion, a stout middle-aged man had a silver-white revolver in his hand.

However, this revolver only looked like a revolver gun; its interior structure was totally different. This gun was a copy of the Magnum in Resident Evil, but its bullets were imitated ordinary bullets. From the quality standpoint, they were even worse than the ordinary bullets in the game.

However, the surface of the bullets was covered with a layer of weird patterns. Likewise, the surface of the gun had the same patterns on it, showing people that the gun cost a fortune, and it was not a cheaply made ordinary weapon.

“What do you think of it? Can we mass produce it?” Although Li Haoran had never played Resident Evil, he was an experienced gamer and knew what guns were.

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “It’s not possible for now. To make a product of this quality, our artifact masters spent lots of overtime on it, and only one is made until now.”

With cultivators and their techniques, they could make a few artifacts of this kind. However, without machines and factories, a few artifact masters couldn’t mass produce guns, let alone engraving patterns and array formations onto them.

“Ms. Xu is here,” a female disciple reported.

Li Haoran nodded and said, “Take her to the artifact-testing room.”

The moment that Xu Zixin saw the power of the rocket launcher, she had asked Fang Qi if it could be produced.

Although it was hard to imitate the rocket launcher, guns were relatively easy to make.

Xu Zixin’s eyes lit up when she saw the middle-aged man walking over with the silver revolver in his hands. “You made it!”

The middle-aged man chuckled. “Ms. Xu, this thing cost the Blue Flame Pavilion a fortune. It’s quite expensive!”

“Of course.” Xu Zixin nodded.

The players who had fast progress were familiar with each other. That was why Li Haoran and Xu Zixin knew each other. After greeting each other, Xu Zixin took the modified handgun into her hand.

The middle-aged man brought over 20 bullets that were neatly placed on a platter. The exquisite array patterns on them showed that the price of each bullet would be at least several crystals.

Even for Xu Zixin, this custom-made gun was a luxury.

“Try it,” Li Haoran said.

He had confidence in his spiritual artifacts shop.

Nodding, Xu Zixin picked up the gun and placed a bullet into it smoothly. While holding the gun with both hands, she aimed it at a huge black rock dozens of meters away.

Although its shape resembled a handgun, it was in fact a spiritual artifact. With air entering the body, the exquisite and tiny patterns on the gun seemed to shine a bit.

Then, Xu Zixin pulled the trigger.


With a sharp air-piercing whistling sound, lights erupted on the huge black rock!

When the dust settled, they saw a hole that was as big as a fist in the hard rock.

While exhaling slightly, Xu Zixin nodded and seemed satisfied with the power of the gun.

“Isn’t that a gun?!” Some cultivators had come to the Blue Flam Pavilion to buy spiritual artifacts, and they happened to see this scene!

Was a gun successfully made? They exchanged a look, wondering why the power of the gun was even greater than those used in the Resident Evil.

Xu Zixin loved new things and would try new items in Fang Qi’s shop. For example, the class that she chose in Diablo was Amazon, which no one had ever played before.

After I master the cold arrows, fire arrows, and exploding arrows, I will have my spiritual artifact version of the revolver… Humph! No, I shall call them ice bullets, fire bullets, and explosive bullets… Xu Zixin was very pleased with herself while she imagined the scene in which she used the sword control technique with her left hand and the revolver in her right hand. When she walked into the internet cafe, she saw Fang Qi sitting on a chair while enjoying Haagen-Dazs.

“Sir!” In a good mood, Xu Zixin showed him the silver handgun with a smile. “Ta-da! Isn’t it awesome!”

It was early morning, and some players were just walking into the shop when they saw the handgun.

Exclamations rose immediately!

“A Magnum?!”


“Is it real?! They can make them now?!”

It was an object from the game! It was truly awesome!

Their exclamations drew the attention of other people in the internet cafe.

“It’s nothing.” While eating Haagen-Dazs, Fang Qi dug out a big thing and placed it before her.

Everyone’s face twitched as they looked at the rocket launcher.


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