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Chapter 98 - The World is Big

Chapter 98: The World is Big

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Before every big decision, Huo Chong would go into his study room and read the ancient scrolls that he had collected for many years.

In the study room, Huo Chong looked at his son mildly and asked, “I’ll eventually pass my position to you. At this position, you must consider everything from the perspective of gains.”

While he flipped through the ancient scrolls on the desk, he said, “I’ll make a move when the reward is big enough. However, Pang Rulie is asking for a favor from me this time, and we can’t agree to his request so readily.”

“What shall we do?” The young man standing before the desk asked, “Dad, haven’t we been making plans to deal with the small shop?”

Just as Pang Rulie said, the unique small shop owned all kinds of novel games and had a mysterious cultivator guarding it. In fact, Huo Chong had monitored that shop for some time now.

After Xiao Yulv was tossed out for the first time, Huo Chong sent some spies to the shop to test the waters.

“Even if the cultivator in the shop doesn’t make a move, the small shop wouldn’t be easy to deal with,” Huo Chong said mildly. “Otherwise I wouldn’t have waited for so long.”

“Do you mean we should decline the invitation?” The young man asked in bafflement.

“Decline? Why decline?” Huo Chong chuckled.

“Then we…”

“Gains,” Huo Chong said with a smile, “There are still gains. Since he asked me for a favor, we can ask for a reward. If the reward is big enough, we can join him.”

The maid handed the letter to Pang Rulie and then whispered something into his ear.

A bit of elation seemed to cross Pang Rulie’s face.

“What did you say?” Pang Rulie slapped his hands on his thighs and stood up from his chair, laughing.

“Did you say that someone got drunk in the Wind and Moon Pavilion and threw up on the shoes of the owner?”

If it happened to Pang Rulie, a crude man, he would have beaten that person so that that the latter wouldn’t be able feel to his limbs, let alone the fact that the owner of the Wind and Moon Pavilion was a woman!

“Right!” The maid also looked pleased. “More importantly, the drunken customer seemed to have just finished playing a game in the Origin Internet Club. It made the owner vent her anger on all the customers who had talked about that game and were drinking there; they were all kicked out!”

There were many players who had talked about the games in the Wind and Moon Pavilion. Ever since Haagen-Dazs and Sprite appeared in Fang Qi’s shop, the customers tended to compare these two new things with the liquor and snacks in the Wind and Moon Pavilion.

It didn’t matter if the owner of the establishment was confident or not; she would be displeased when the customers kept comparing her top-tier liquor and snacks with those in a small shop that was owned by a civilian.

This incident of someone vomiting on her shoes was like pouring gas on the fire!

“It is god-sent gift!” Pang Rulie’s eyes lit up at the news!

He would take advantage of this incident for sure. Even if the Wind and Moon Pavilion didn’t ally with him, it would be hostile toward Fang Qi’s small shop.

Pang Rulie had thought that the best he could do was enlisting Huo Chong’s help at some cost.

However, the situation turned out to be better than he had expected!

“Moody… drinking… and throwing up… You are a good actor…”

In his courtyard, Ji Wuyou played with a bronze wine cup in his hand.

He always looked calm because he was the mastermind behind the scene and didn’t need to get his hands dirty.

Indeed, most of the customers of Fang Qi’s shop got moody and went to the Wind and Moon Pavilion for a drink. It was nothing unusual.

With so many people drinking, it was natural that one or two of them would get drunk and throw a tantrum.

“It’s a piece of cake,” the person in the dark said mildly.

Of course, it wasn’t a coincidence; someone just took advantage of the situation.

“There will be some commotion among them. Ignore them while we take advantage of the situation to do our thing.” Ji Wuyou drank up the wine in the cup!

The fuel that he had dumped on the fire was enough.

“Achoo! Achoo!” Fang Qi put down the virtual headset and sneezed repeatedly.

“Who’s talking about me?” Fang Qi stretched and found that it was almost time to close the shop.

When he walked to the counter, he saw the loli putting her head on her arms.

Fang Qi knocked on the desk, saying, “You’re not supposed to sleep during work hours, or I’ll deduct your pay.”

Jiang Xiaoyue immediately raised her head, and her teary eyes looked at Fang Qi morosely while all her face was wet.

Fang Qi froze for a while. “Hey, it is just a game. You only watched and didn’t even play. How could it affect you so much?”

“One day, I’ll play it!” Jiang Xiaoyue said with a pout.

“Then, you must work harder to get paid more from your boss.” Fang Qi pointed to the shop across the street and said, “Now that we expanded, you can clean the other shop. Wash your face and get started now.”

Jiang Xiaoyue was at a loss for words.

“Are all the human bosses as cunning as you?!” Jiang Xiaoyue walked across the street, finding it hard to get along with Fang Qi.

After spending the whole day playing the game, Fang Qi felt a bit tired. However, he had mastered more techniques after the intense battles and training, and he was able to use more skills in the real world as well.

“Flying on a sword…” Fang Qi looked out of the shop and at the sky.

The world was vast, and he only saw a tiny corner of it.

He had only seen a small part of the city and just heard about the neighboring Yanhai City from Ye Xiaoye and the others, let alone the Liuyun Daoist Palace, the factions in the South Sea, Jingshi, or places that were even more distant.

His knowledge about warriors was limited to the Lingyun Academy and the big families.

As to the levels of the warriors, he still didn’t know what realm Nalan Hongwu was in.

An expanding shop was all he had.

At this moment, Fang Qi began to understand why some people wished to tour around the world.

However, it was no use to dwell on the wishful thoughts; he must concentrate on the present.

While cleaning the shop, Fang Qi knew exactly what he should do.

Yawning, Fang Qi murmured to himself with heavy eyelids, “Well, it’s time for a good sleep after practicing techniques for a whole day.”

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