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Chapter 97 - Storm

Chapter 97: Storm

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In his mountain mansion, Pang Rulie sucked in a mouthful of smoke from the tobacco pipe with vicious force.

“Master, do you think Huo Chong will agree to your request?” The maid who was massaging his shoulders with her small hands asked him, “He’s a big figure; don’t you think it’s hard to enlist his help to deal with a small shop?”

“Huo Chong is a guy who won’t show his hand unless there’s a big reward for him.” While blowing out a puff of white smoke, Pang Rulie said slowly, “If this small shop is indeed what it seems, he wouldn’t make a move.

“However, this guy has many spies, and I’m afraid that he got wind of it earlier than us.” Pang Rulie smirked. “In fact, he has been craving for the stuff in this small shop… He just doesn’t dare to reach out his hand!

“Now that such a good opportunity presented itself, I’m sure he will join us as long as the reward is big enough!”

Pang Rulie sneered as he said.

Meanwhile, the Wind and Moon Pavilion got even more crowded than usual, and most of the customers had come here for liquor.

“Young Master Zhe, how come you’re in the mood to have a drink with us today?”

Yao Xiaoyong’s father was an aristocrat with moderate influence and had an official title in Jiuhua City. Although his position was far lower than people like An Cheng, he had some influence in the city.

As the son of an official, Yao Xiaoyong had some buddies, but he had never been invited by Zhou Zhe to have liquor in the Wind and Moon Pavilion together with a large group of people.

About ten people sat around the table, and Yao Xiaoyong was quite familiar with most of them.

“I say, Young Master Zhe, did anyone piss you off, and you want us to give him a lesson?” The young man in black who was sitting at a seat asked with a laugh, “But you don’t need so many of us to do such a simple task, right?”

Yao Xiaoyong was also curious. After all, a few young men with some influence were enough to give someone a lesson; it didn’t need a large group of people.

“I asked all of you to come here because I found something really fun!” the young man sitting at the head of the table said.

“Really fun? Dice? Cards? Or…” A young man sitting to the right said with a snicker, “The top girl in the Drunken Red Pavilion?”

“Or… some new demon beasts in Qin Mountain Beast Garden?” A young man waved his folding fan as his eyes emitted a cold light, which meant that his strength was greater than his peers!

“What in the world is so fun that Young Master Zhe called us to this place at this late hour?” Yao Xiaoyong looked unconvinced.

Although the world respected strength, not everyone was diligent enough to work one’s way to the top.

One could only achieve a high realm after hard practice, but it was too much to ask from these rich young men. Only a few had the fortitude and talent to gain great strength.

Of course, most of them only wanted to be rich playboys, and they didn’t care if people called them ignorant or good-for-nothing.

As a new player of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, Zhou Zhe had been drawn into the game by a friend.

[TL Note: In ancient China, people can add the title, Young Master, before the first name or the last name. That is why Zhou Zhe is referred to as Young Master Zhe while Song Qingfeng is referred to as Young Master Song.]

He was hooked by the game the first time he tried it, not expecting that he could experience another legendary life by playing a game!

More importantly, the story was so classic that he couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to share it with the people he knew.

“The Legend of the Sword and Fairy! Have you heard of it before?” None of young men had expected Zhou Zhe to gather them here to have fun instead of asking them for a favor.

It always felt better to share the fun.

“The Legend of the Sword and Fairy?” They all shook heads. “What’s so good about it? Why do you want to recommend it to us?”

In fact, beside their table, many other customers of the Wind and Moon Pavilion were also talking about the same thing while they drank.

The atmosphere was livelier than before.

Meanwhile, Fang Qi was oblivious to what was happening far away. Sitting in front of the computer, he watched the screen in which gentle breeze created ripples on the West Lake that was as smooth as a mirror. In the game, Li Xiaoyao stood calmly on the surface of the lake with his finger pointing at the sky.

Around him, the green waves surged up while the water plants moved under his aura even though there was no wind!

Boundless spiritual essence surged toward the direction that he was pointing at, and the things that were either with or without shape, visible or invisible around him moved. Instantly, he condensed a huge spiritual essence sword!

Heavenly Sword! Based on the sword control technique, it was also a sword technique of the Shu Mountain Faction, but it was much powerful than the basic sword control technique!

On the screen, Li Xiaoyao waved his finger, and the huge sword that was condensed from spiritual essence crashed into the lake like a huge meteor. The overwhelming pressure released from the spiritual essence created a huge crater on the lake surface before it touched the water!

Then, the huge sword crashed into the lake and instantly created giant waves as if water poured from the skies!

Countless waterdrops fell from the sky like a storm!

Allowing the waterdrops to fall on his shoulders, Fang Qi exhaled with dissatisfaction. “Still not good enough…”

No matter if the technique could be used in the real world or not, he couldn’t say he had mastered it if he couldn’t use it proficiently in the game.

It was obvious that Fang Qi had difficulty in controlling the huge amount of spiritual essence even in the game.

“I must put more effort into my granular control and get more familiar with the initiation of the Heavenly Sword. It won’t take long…” Fang Qi thought.

When he finished the game, he had mastered most of the techniques. However, the Heavenly Sword technique was so complicated that it had cost him lots of time even in the game.

He did the calculation and found that the task would be mostly done if he mastered the Heavenly Sword.

Then he glanced at the task of touching Legend of the Sword and Fairy and found the process had gained another 30 by this time. With the game getting more popular, he guessed the mission would be finished in a couple of days.

In his mountain mansion, Pang Rulie opened his mouth and blew out a puff of smoke while the end of his tobacco pipe glowed. Obviously, he was waiting for something.

Despite his previous confidence, he needed some confirmation.

At this moment, a maid strode into the room. “Master, here’s the reply to your letter!”

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