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Chapter 100 - Modern Technology in the New World

Chapter 100: Modern Technology in the New World

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“Is this a rocket launcher?!” Xu Zixin held her breath while the other customers who had just entered the shop were stupefied at the sight of it.

Many people knew the great power that this thing could unleash. Even an Ancestral Warrior might not be able to fight against it, and the user could be any ordinary person!

In other words, even an ordinary person who knew nothing about martial arts could use this thing to battle with masters below the Ancestral Warrior Realm, and even an Ancestral Warrior would have to be careful.

Compared with the rocket launcher, the Magnum handgun was nothing!

“Ugh…” Li Haoran entered the shop at this moment, and he frowned when he saw the rocket launcher that Fang Qi took out.

In the entire Jiuhua and even the whole Jiangnan region, the Blue Flame Pavilion was the best at making artifacts.

However, with the current abilities of the Blue Flame Pavilion, it could barely make a modified Magnum handgun with passible quality. Making rocket launchers was certainly beyond their abilities.

No shop in the entire Jiuhua City and even the whole Jiangnan region had the ability to make such a weapon, unless they enlisted the help of an elder who specialized in making artifacts.

“Sir, where did you get it?” Li Haoran was curious.

“Is it a fake?” Displeased, Xu Zixin picked up the rocket launcher and examined it carefully.

The heavy body and the structure details were the same as the weapon in the game!

With the rocket launcher in her hands, Xu Zixin felt like she was in the game!

“Is it… real?!” Xu Zixin looked toward Fang Qi, not willing to accept the truth.

I spent great efforts and a fortune to make a Magnum handgun which is only a knockoff version of the real thing; it has the same exterior but totally different interior design! she thought.

However, Fang Qi had casually taken out a rocket launcher, and it was a real thing!

Watching from the side, Liang Shi couldn’t help asking, “Sir, where did you get it? How come it looks so real?”

Liang Shi knew how hard it was to make these things. He and others had spent a fortune on making copies but had no success.

Since they couldn’t afford to continue spending money, they had given up the idea of imitating the weapons in Resident Evil quickly.

That was why he doubted the authenticity of Fang Qi’s rocket launcher.

“What are you doing here in a group?” It was the peak time for business, and Nalan Mingxue came into the shop and saw the crowd. Therefore, she walked over to them curiously.

She knew that the crowd around Fang Qi must be reacting to something novel.

“We’re discussing if the shop owner’s rocket launcher is real or not!” Xu Zixin spoke for the people around her.

“Of course it’s real.” Lan Yan had seen Fang Qi blowing away an Ancestor Warrior with the rocket launcher that night, so he said, “Don’t you know about the shop owner’s skill with guns?!”

“I know it,” Xu Zixin said, “But it was in the game, right?”

“Did you forget who owns these games?” Nalan Mingxue reminded her mildly.

After playing games here for a long time, they had regarded Fang Qi’s internet cafe as a shop for games and didn’t spare much thoughts on the things in the games.

However, at Nalan Mingxue’s reminder, they remembered that the rocket launcher in the game had been created by this shop.

“Sir, is this rocket launcher for sale?” Obviously, Li Haoran had his eye on Fang Qi’s rocket launcher, and he asked immediately after making sure that it was authentic.

Hearing his words, the others who intended to ask the same question instantly gave up, knowing that they couldn’t afford a price as high as Li Haoran could.

Fang Qi shrugged. “All the business that I do is clearly written on the small blackboard.”

“How about a partnership?” Nalan Mingxue asked casually.

Even though she asked, she didn’t have high hopes for it. After all, Fang Qi spent almost all his time playing games in his shop; he barely had time to manage his business.

Nalan Mingxue had her plans, but she knew that it was almost impossible to have a successful partnership with a guy like Fang Qi.

“What kind of partnership?”

“Ugh?” Nalan Mingxue froze, thinking that she had heard him wrong.

The reason that Fang Qi agreed to work with her was that he had received a new task.

[Task: Believing in science (Spreading the basic knowledge about guns)

Task description: Participate in the discussions about the basics for at least three kinds of guns

Task reward: The Gaming Cultivation Room will be opened, and you will have one-day access

Task details: This is truly scientific]

Your existence is the most unscientific thing. Fang Qi complained silently.

[That’s because your science knowledge is too shallow.]

Fang Qi was at a loss for words. Tell me about the Game Cultivation Room.

[You’ll know about it after completing the task,] the System answered.

Fang Qi thought, Will you die if you give me some information in advance?

The system was silent.

Fang Qi was at a loss for words this time for real.

“Why don’t we talk about it at another place?” Li Haoran glanced around him and suggested.

“I’ll book a private room in the Wind and Moon Pavilion.” Nalan Mingxue offered immediately.

Can guns be produced? Other players felt baffled when they watched the discussion.

In short, in some people’s minds, guns that originally existed only in Resident Evil began to turn from visual objects to something that could be produced in the real world.

– The Wind and Moon Pavilion –

Now that the incident of kicking out customers had passed, nothing had come out of it yet, and no one paid much attention to it for the time being.

Resident Evil taught all the players some basic knowledge about modern weapons, but there was more to know.

Nalan Mingxue had studied these weapons, but the result wasn’t satisfactory.

Although the Blue Flame Pavilion made a handgun, it was fundamentally different from the original weapon since it was still a spiritual artifact with only the aesthetics of a gun.

After Lan Yan filled their wine cups, Nalan Mingxue asked, “Mr. Fang, what’s your proposal to our partnership?”

“It’s simple, my proposal is that we establish a research institute on gun technology with me as the advisor, and you can come to me when you have problems in producing guns,” Fang Qi said.

From Fang Qi’s perspective, all he would do was to teach them some related knowledge while they studied the guns. He wasn’t so stupid as to teach them how to achieve mass production. After all, he had neither influence nor a team of people to protect and manage the big business; it wasn’t wise to let others take this big business opportunity from him.

It was why he didn’t want to mass produce guns for the time being.

Fang Qi only needed them to make guns using the method of making spiritual artifacts. That was his baseline, and they could talk about other things after.

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