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Chapter 101 - Confusing the Roles

Chapter 101: Confusing the Roles

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As to the details, Fang Qi hadn’t put much thought into them since he was running an internet cafe and didn’t have time to manage other things.

In contrast, Li Haoran and Nalan Mingxue were eager about these new weapons even though they couldn’t mass produce them. After all, a weapon that could unleash great power without any engravings of array patterns was very useful, and such a weapon could become much more powerful after getting empowered by spiritual arrays.

If they engraved the array patterns onto the ordinary guns, they would undoubtedly become very popular in Dajin!

Take Xu Zixin’s handgun as an example; it was as powerful as the Magnum even with poor quality bullets!

Even more…

“Cold bullets, fire bullets, and exploding bullets…” Xu Zixin continued the list in her mind.

Of course, the cost was inevitable.

Fang Qi didn’t care about when such weapons could be developed. After all, his job was answering questions and providing professional knowledge when they encountered difficulties.

While they were talking about the details of the partnership, most of the players began playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy in the internet café, and the remaining few played Resident Evil and Diablo.

In fact, after Fang Qi played to the end of the game, most of the players of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy were determined to change the ending, turning the tragic story into a happy one.

As to why Fang Qi had gotten such an ending, they attributed it to his unfamiliarity to the plot and his poor combat abilities. Despite Fang Qi’s high-level skills in playing games, his combat abilities were way lower than his customers who had spent years on cultivation and combat.

In the later stage of the game, the players could not only use Li Xiaoyao’s spiritual spells and sword techniques but their own techniques from the real world.

Today, several players were about to pass the game!

“Senior, are you battling Baiyue?!” An Huwei was the first who stood behind to watch the game when he saw that Nalan Hongwu was going to battle Baiyue.

“Dad, you’re watching it as well?” An Cheng showed up from somewhere.

“Don’t bother me!” An Huwei kept his eyes glued on the screen. “Watch how Senior plays the game and learn from him!”

An Cheng was a little speechless.

In fact, many people had high hopes for Nalan Hongwu, thinking that his high cultivation strength would make him play better than Fang Qi.

It was why many players including Song Qingfeng came and watched Nanlan Hongwu fight with Baiyue.

“Humph! I knew the owner didn’t play well. This senior looks powerful, and I’m sure he can save Ling!” Seeing Nalan Hongwu fighting with Baiyue, Jiang Xiaoyue hurried over with a stool.

On the screen, the Baiyue Sect Master stared at Li Xiaoyao and the others coldly. “You little thieves know nothing about my grand plan which I’ve poured all my efforts in! Now, I only need blood from one male and one female to resurrect my beloved Water Demon Beast!”

“Baiyue is too ambitious!” An Cheng said.

“He even wants to use Xiaoyao and Nu as sacrifices! He’s despicable!” Jiang Xiaoyue nodded her head in resentment.

At this moment, Nanlan Hongwu yelled while he controlled Li Xiaoyao in the screen, “Old b*stard! I, Nalan Hongwu, will kill you today!”

On the screen, the Baiyue Sect Master’s expression suddenly turned dull as he looked at Li Xiaoyao who shouted with flying spit.

All the people watching froze.

“Senior, you’re confusing the roles…” An Huwei’s face twitched as he stood behind Nalan Hongwu’s seat.

Jiang Xiaoyue covered her face in extreme embarrassment while she murmured to herself, “I’m here to watch Ling to be rescued… Ignore these details…”

On the other side, Su Tianji also battled her way to the Devil-Locking Tower. As a fan of both Ling and Yueru, she was determined to bring both Ling and Yue Ru back home.

In her opinion, the game ending that Fang Qi got was disgusting!

Yueru almost died, and Ling didn’t return; it is a shameful ending!

I’ll show you how to rescue both Yueru and Ling! Su Tianji smiled. She even pulled Fenghua and Yuexin over to watch her.

“Watch how your master does the rescue!” Su Tianji was confident since her control of the spiritual essence and her skill level were way higher than Fang Qi’s.

“Ling!” Then, they saw Li Xiaoyao arriving at the bottom of the Devil-Locking Tower on the screen.

With tears in her eyes, Ling looked at the two people who came to rescue her.

“Your older sister is here to save you!” Su Tianji said sincerely while she looked at Ling.

Suddenly, the atmosphere on the screen turned cold.

Yueru was silent, and so was Ling.

This mistake was even worse than Nalan Hongwu’s!

Fenghua and Yuexin’s faces twitched after they saw this.

Even Xiao Yulv who had watched many people game felt awkward and thought,Am I really watching the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!?

I miss the owner’s live stream. Fenghua and Yuexin felt awkward as well, wondering how things had turned weird suddenly.

“We’re here to watch the rescue of Yueru, right?”

“Ugh… Yeah…”

Feng Hua and Yue Xin whispered to each other, “We’ll just watch how Yueru will be rescued… We’ll pretend nothing happened…”

Xiao Yulv murmured, I have a feeling that I shouldn’t stand here and watch anymore…

Naively, they continued to watch.

– The Wind and Moon Pavilion –

Fang Qi, Nalan Mingxue, and Li Haoran had reached the end of their discussion.

“Mr. Fang, so you’ll do nothing, leaving all the work to us?” Nalan Mingxue seemed displeased.

Fang Qi shrugged. “Do you want me to close the internet cafe and do research with you every day?”

Nalan Mingxue’s face froze. “Let’s just do what we planned.” Li Haoran had no objections to the plan.

According to the agreement they reached in the meeting, Nalan Mingxue would provide the money, Li Haoran’s Blue Flame Pavilion would make the items, and Fang Qi was responsible for providing the knowledge.

“However…” Li Haoran asked, “This special spiritual artifact is used only to deal with zombies in the game. Can they be used in battles between humans?”

Indeed, it seemed like these kinds of weapons were more effective against humans.

Fang Qi glanced at his task list and said, “A new game will come up soon, and it will answer that question. Will you try it?”

“A new game?” They looked at Fang Qi in surprise.

“Is it necessary to make a new game just to test this spiritual artifact?” Nalan Mingxue asked in bafflement, “Will this game attract players?”

“We can use the game to test the spiritual artifacts.” Li Haoran looked indifferent. “Otherwise, we might hurt people by accident if we tested it in the real world.”

“Right. We’ll have lots of testing to do in the future.” Nalan Mingxue agreed with him.

Fang Qi planned to explain the new game, but he fell silent when he heard their discussion.

At this moment, it seemed like these people had no idea what was waiting for them.

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