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Chapter 102 - One Can Beat Shop Owner in This Game

Chapter 102: One Can Beat Shop Owner in This Game

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On the screen, Nalan Hongwu held the long sword with both hands, and the sword blade emitted chilling sword energy!

Even faced with a grandmaster such as Baiyue, Nalan Hongwu showed no fear. Instead, he emitted a coldness and murderous spirit that was chillier than the sword blade!

He enjoyed this feeling because if he fought a battle of this scale in the real world, it would probably consume most of the life energy remaining in his old body.

However, since he was in a game, he wasn’t a bit worried.

“Senior, you play better than the shop owner!” An Huwei chuckled while he watched the screen.

“Of course!” Ouyang Zhen nodded. “The Senior’s realm is way higher than the owner. In a moment, Baiyue will learn a hard lesson!”

The overwhelming sword energy seemed to spill out of the screen while the people around it watched the game in excitement!

Baiyue was indeed powerful, but so was Nalan Hongwu, whose great strength allowed him to use any technique he wanted. Besides, Li Xiaoyao’s cultivation strength had reached the ultimate realm.

“Did you see that? The Senior can fight Baiyue without the Liquor Immortal Spell!”

“Hiss… the Senior is indeed powerful…” As the Faction Master of Cloud Ocean Faction, Ye Songtao rarely had time to play games here or watch others play. However, he stood among the crowd today, watching the game as well.

At this moment, Baiyue began to show signs of defeat on the screen! The people who were watching the game shouted out praises.

“Heavenly Sword! Heavenly Sword!” Seeing Li Xiaoyao gaining the upper hand without even using the Liquor Immortal Spell, An Cheng and others got excited. “Kill him instantly with another attack! It’s what he gets for killing my Ling!”

“Who’s your Ling? She’s mine!” Bu Che got angry instantly.

“Don’t fight! Ling is like my daughter!” Ye Songtao glared at them. “If she must marry someone, she will choose someone like Xiaoyao. You don’t deserve her!”

“I’m your daughter!” Ye Xiaoye was displeased.

“Well.” Ye Songtao’s face turned dark. “Can’t I have two daughters?”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

“Don’t argue! Look at the screen!”

Someone yelled, and the others immediately turned their eyes to the screen and saw huge waves rise from the vast green lake beneath!

Then, the water in the center of the lake rose slowly as if a huge mountain was rising from the bottom of the lake!

“What’s happening?!” Everyone was startled. “Didn’t we agree that Xiaoyao could catch Baiyue off guard and kill him instantly to stop him from merging with the Water Demon Beast?”

The players had spent days racking their brains and came up with many plans. They had talked about this strategy beforehand and agreed that it was easier to deal with Baiyue before he merged with the Water Demon Beast.

But now…

On the screen, Baiyue only showed half of his body above the water, but this half body looked like a huge mountain while the surging flood looked as if it would burst out of the screen!

“Baiyue knew that he would be defeated, so he merged with the Water Demon Beast directly!” Having witnessed that scene, An Huwei explained.

Instantly, the whole world was flooded!

Boundless water swept out and swallowed the land and mountains!

“So strong!” The first to experience the scene was Nalan Hongwu. Without the separation of the screen, he was experiencing the horrifying strength of this ancient monster firsthand!

“Liquor Immortal Spell! Use the Liquor Immortal Spell!” Seeing their strategy proving useless, the audience felt agitated.

However, when Nalan Hongwu condensed the Heavenly Sword again, this huge sword looked like a tiny toothpick in front of the huge monster that was rising high into the sky.

Baiyue waved his hand and sent the sword flying!

Facing the giant monster which looked like a devil god, Nalan Hongwu thought hard but realized that neither his own techniques or Li Xiaoyao’s techniques could be used to fight his enemy!

Nalan Hongwu had no choice but to use the Liquor Immortal Spell!

Fate was like a cage covered by thorns; people always wanted to break out from it, but they eventually got severely injured for their efforts!

When they watched Fang Qi play the game, they had thought that he was too weak. Now, they suddenly realized that Ling was probably destined to die.

No matter how hard they tried, they could change the development of the plot but could never change her fate.

When Baiyue’s powerful shadow took root in people’s minds, they watched the surging flood on the screen and finally understood that it was Ling’s fate. With this realization, an indescribable sadness rose in everyone’s heart.

A dam in their hearts seemed to burst.

They looked back on the beautiful moments and found that only despair was left…

Maybe all is destined… Even the most unsentimental people couldn’t help but shed tears.

When Fang Qi returned to the internet cafe, it was quite late.

He found that the atmosphere was weird when he entered the shop.

Different from the usual bustling, the shop was extremely quiet today.

The first person he saw was Su Tianji who sat on a seat close to the door with her head resting on the desk. Her two disciples looked dazed while wiping their faces.

“Well! You can start again! Don’t be so sad,” Fang Qi patted Su Tianji on the shoulder and said.

Su Tianji looked up immediately, and her teary eyes were full of murderous spirit.

Fang Qi glanced at the screen and saw Li Xiaoyao standing before Yueru’s bed. He wondered if her game ended without even saving Yueru…

Besides Xiao Yulv, even Fenghua and Yuexin were stupefied, not expecting their lofty master to cry so heart-brokenly.

It turned their beliefs upside down.

On the other side, a group of people sat together with the men in silence and the women in tears. With their carefully-made plans and even with the knowledge of the future, they still couldn’t defeat fate, which was why they were so sad.

“The despicable owner created this damned game!” Jiang Xiaoyue stomped her foot while she cried. “How come the villains are so powerful?! It doesn’t make sense!”

“Right! It doesn’t make sense!” Hearing the shout, Su Tianji immediately supported her. She glared at Fang Qi and said, “How could a faction be so powerful?! How come the Devil-Locking Tower is guarded by a god?!”

“How can people blame the game for their own poor skills…” Fang Qi mumbled to himself.

Su Tianji’s pretty face turned dark immediately, and it looked like she wanted to hit him.

“I don’t care!” Jiang Xiaoyue walked over immediately and grabbed Fang Qi’s clothes in a huff, saying, “Which senior made this game? Tell the senior named Da Yu to change the story! Ling’s fate is too pitiable!”

[TL Note: Da Yu is the developer of the original game]

I also want Da Yu to change the story… Fang Qi rubbed his nose while he looked at the angry crowd.

They all wanted to hit someone to vent their anger! They hated the story and wanted to kill the story writer!

“Oh, we have a new game today.” After looking at the sulky people around him, Fang Qi said, “If you attack me, the shop owner, you can never return to the shop. However, you can beat me in this game. If you want to play it, you can register for it later.”

“We can beat the shop owner?!” They looked at each other in surprise.

“Ugh… It looks quite…” Li Haoran murmured.

“He’s tricking us into buying the new game.” While walking with others into the shop after Fang Qi, Nalan Mingxue whispered to herself. It seemed like she had seen through Fang Qi’s trick.

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