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Chapter 103 - Great! We Can Beat the Shop Owner Soon

Chapter 103: Great! We Can Beat the Shop Owner Soon

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Fang Qi picked up chalk and added a new game on the small blackboard: [Counter Strike: six crystals]

Hearing that they could beat the shop owner in the game, people got hooked.They even made a game with this feature?!

People like An Huwei looked at each other, thinking that if they joined hands, they could beat the owner senseless.

“We can do that…” Xiao Yulv stroked his chin while he imagined the scene in which the crowd beat the shop owner. He yelled immediately, “All members of our group will join the game!”

“We don’t need you to speak for us!” Su Tianji gave him a dirty look.

“However…” With Yueru’s death in her game, Su Tianji needed to vent her anger on someone. “This damned shop is to blame for the tragic ending of my Ling and Yueru! It sounds good to give the shop owner a good beating!”

“It only costs 6 crystals, right?” Su Tianji glanced at the price and realized that it wasn’t expensive. She immediately took out the crystals, saying, “I’ll have a try!”

“Beat him! Beat the despicable owner!” Jiang Xiaoyue wiped her tears and said with a pout, “If not for the despicable owner, Sister Ling wouldn’t have died.”

While handing her a tissue, Fang Qi pinched her small cheek and ask, “Hey, which side are you on?”

“I’m on the side of Sister Ling!” Jiang Xiaoyue glared at Fang Qi and said angrily.

Fang Qi’s face turned dark when he heard that his employee betrayed him for a character in the game!

I should deduct her pay for this!

At this moment, the people were all in a bad mood. Nalan Hongwu rolled up his sleeves, saying, “Come on! Let me see what this new game is about!”

Since they still had some time left, they decided to use it to distract themselves from their sulky thoughts.

Otherwise, they would sink deeper into their melancholy.

“Me! Me! Me!” Ye Xiaoye loved anything that was fun. After seeing a new game, she also wanted to try it. “I’ll play it too!”

The last few who joined the game were An Huwei and Xu Zixin while the others decided to watch it first.

Including people like Nalan Mingxue who wanted to test guns in the game, there were altogether 9 players. Fang Qi entered the game and opened the Warehouse Map before turning on the livestream.

Fang Qi remembered that before he traveled through dimensions, this map was the first map that he had played. In the small internet cafe with about 20 computers and about 10 players, this map was the perfect map to play.

“Well, the shop owner turned on the livestream?”

When the big screens for the livestream were turned on, they attracted many people’s attention, especially those in the other shop. Not knowing the situation in this new shop, they had been quiet. However, when the livestream was turned on, they turned their attention to it.

Comparatively, the old shop was noisier since the customers here played the most popular games.

After all, the customers in the old shop could watch Fang Qi play games anytime and thus were influenced by him.

On the other hand, the customers in the new shop played whatever games they liked including Resident Evil. Also, about ten players had begun Diablo.

Counter Strike had some introductions at the loading page.

The introduction included the teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists, statistics, and how to play, etc.

The moment that the livestream was turned on, the players in the old shop were surprised.

“The shop owner started the livestream!”

“It’s late today!”

“What’s this game?!”

“Is it Resident Evil Two?” The old shop had many Resident Evil players. After all, this game had had the most number of players before the Legend of the Sword and Fairy came out!

Even now, Resident Evil had many players, and some of the new fans of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy had been playing Resident Evil before.

Therefore, they got excited after seeing the guns on the screen.

“No! It says… Counter Strike?” Guo Xiong didn’t play Resident Evil until Song Qingfeng and the others had cleared all stages, but he had grown into an experienced player of Resident Evil after playing it for a long time.

However, he had never seen the game, Counter Strike, before.

Therefore, he shouted at the other Resident Evil players, “Come and have a look! The shop owner has started a new game! It looks like Resident Evil!”

“Looks like Resident Evil?” Hearing his words, quite a few players backed out from their games and turned to the livestream.

Shortly after Fang Qi entered the game, Nalan Hongwu, An Huwei, and Ye Xiaoye also entered it.

Besides Ye Xiaoye, Xu Zixin and Fang Qi, the others all chose to be counter-terrorists.

Obviously, they had purposely chosen to be on the other side of Fang Qi after seeing him choosing to be a terrorist.

Due to her slow reaction, Ye Xiaoye had no choice but to join Team Terrorists. Looking at her role on the screen, she felt helpless.

Three on six… this starting lineup…

“Hehehe!” Xiao Yulv’s eyes lit up while he looked at the screen. Kid, you’ll get a good beating!

Su Tianji smiled as well. Although she didn’t have a good understanding of the game yet, she liked the numbers advantage on her side.

Different from Resident Evil, the players who entered the game got the basic knowledge about guns as a counter-terrorist or a terrorist, which meant that even a beginner could aim and fire a gun in the game.

“Hehe! Kid, you said yourself that we can beat you!” Smirking, Nalan Hongwu was the first to walk out of the building

Nalan Mingxue remained in the building. In this map, the counter-terrorists had to buy guns in a vehicle in the building. After looking at all kinds of guns with price tags, Nalan Mingxue nodded. “It’s indeed a good place to test the new spiritual artifact.”

As she had just spawned, she didn’t have a lot of money. Therefore, she bought a grenade and some bullets.

On the other side, Nalan Hongwu stretched and found that he had less warrior qi in his body; he was at the realm of an ordinary warrior.

While looking down at the pistol in his hand, he wondered, So, I’ll have to use this new spiritual artifact to fight enemies?

He had watched many people playing Resident Evil and thus wasn’t a stranger to guns.

He looked back and saw Nalan Mingxue and the others following him out of the building.

“Let’s go and find the shop owner!” After getting familiar with the gun in her hand, Su Tianji urged the others.

Not caring what weapon she was using, she just wanted to beat the shop owner!

The moment that they entered the warehouse, a small head stuck out.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Ye Xiaoye fell under the gunfire of the six counter-terrorists.

“My aim is excellent!” Nalan Hongwu seemed to be interested in the gun in his hand. “This spiritual artifact is quite good!”

Ye Xiaoye was speechless while she lay on the ground.

Do you think that you can escape from us by restraining the use of our cultivation strength? Don’t underestimate my marksmanship just because it’s my first time to use a gun. In the uniform of a counter-terrorist, Su Tianji held her gun and thought to herself. Despite her unfamiliarity with the weapon, she wanted to vent her anger on Fang Qi since his shop had created the game in which Ling and Yueru died.

When she thought that she could catch Fang Qi and give him a good beating, she felt very pleased.

“Let’s go and find the shop owner! Just watch when I explode him with my gun!” An Huwei laughed.

Beating the shop owner was indeed enjoyable entertainment.

Now that only two enemies were left, they felt like they would have an easy win!

They felt less scared now.

“I want to be a counter-terrorist…” At this moment, Ye Xiaoye looked at the screen morosely. A moment ago, she just stuck out her head when she heard people coming, and six guns shot at her and killed her instantly!

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