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Chapter 104 - Another Big Gun

Chapter 104: Another Big Gun

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“Good aim!” The people watching the game felt startled when they saw the shots from Nalan Hongwu and others.

Some of them had seen guns before while others didn’t; Ye Songtao belonged to the second group. He felt amazed, wondering, This spiritual artifact seems easier to use than crossbows, and it can shoot continuously!

For Nalan Hongwu, the pistol was just like a crossbow. After all, the Nalan Family was famous for their Immortal-Slaying Crossbows, which explained why he got used to his weapon so quickly!

Using it as an Immortal-distinguishing Crossbow, Nalan Hongwu had quickly gotten the hang of it!

Nalan Mingxue and Lan Yan could use guns with proficiency since they played Resident Evil. On the other hand, Li Haoran, An Huwei, and Su Tianji were cultivators with basic knowledge of guns and great combat experience. Their aims wouldn’t go off target greatly.

However, their cultivation strengths were restrained in this game, and so were their senses and speed. That was why they didn’t find Xu Zixin and Fang Qi’s hiding spots.

This map favored the terrorists if they didn’t run out of the warehouse. For example, they could hide on the sides and on the top of the gates of the warehouse.

For the players who watched the livestream, they didn’t know Fang Qi’s exact hiding spot even though they saw him. When Nalan Hongwu and the others appeared within Fang Qi’s sight, a black can-like object was tossed out!

Before Nalan Hongwu could see anyone, he heard whistling sounds above his head!

“A hidden weapon?!” Seeing the fist-sized object being tossed from above, Nalan Hongwu looked contemptuous since this kind of hidden weapon could never hit him despite the restraint on his cultivation strength.

Nalan Hongwu shot it casually!


A blinding white light exploded before them!

“Flash grenade?! Take cover!” Nalan Mingxue had more knowledge about these weapons than the others. Although she hadn’t encountered flash grenades in Resident Evil, she knew how to react to them with the knowledge that she learned from Resident Evil.


“Explosions are arts.” Meanwhile, Fang Qi stood in the corridor of the second floor and bit off the pin of a hand grenade before throwing it down!

At the same time, another hand grenade was thrown out from behind the red box on the right side of the gate.

Boom! Boom!

Two lights lit up the livestream screen!

Seeing that she got blown into the sky and wasn’t falling after a while, Su Tianji exited from the virtual headset furiously!

She glared at Fang Qi beside her and wondered if they could fight in the real world.

She got more furious when she saw bullet comments flooding the screen!

[Explosions is art?]

[I thought you were going to beat the shop owner?]

It was infuriating!

At this moment, An Huwei also exited from the game and said in embarrassment, “I was careless! I didn’t expect that kid to play these tricks on us!”

Some of them who had survived the flash grenade got shot later…

“I was tricked!” Nalan Hongwu didn’t expect Fang Qi to be so cunning!

Suddenly, a message appeared on the screen.

[The owner is cunning! He ambushed people from the back!]

It obviously came from Jiang Xiaoyue!

Fang Qi was exasperated with this loli who kept standing on the others’ side!

Then, more messages flooded the screen.

[We want to see the shop owner getting beat!]

[It’s not right to launch sneak-attacks! Shop owner must come out to fight one-to-one!]

To play Counter Strike, external communication must be turned off. Otherwise, the noisy messages would disturb the players’ judgement.

However, as a streamer, Fang Qi must check the bullet comments. The moment he checked them, he saw the ones calling him to a one-on-one fight.

At last, he exited from the game with 20 HP and said, “Is there anyone who wants to fight me?”

“I’ll do it!” Nalan Hongwu yelled.

“Count me in!” Su Tianji was also combative.

However, in the second round, an MP5 submachine gun sprayed bullets from above before they could enter the gate.

Nalan Hongwu died.

Coming after him, Su Tianji died as well.

Round after round, the people watched on the big screen as Fang Qi came and went from all kinds of positions including the stairs and roof with a submachine gun.

They were all speechless.

[The shop owner is like a monkey!] Bullet comments started to appear.

[His calculations are so good that he can always catch others off guard!]

[Who can beat the shop owner to death? He’s like a demon!]

Compared with other games, this game highlighted the battle of wits and courage between players.

Obviously, the people who watched the livestream were attracted by this game. Compared with the dumb and stupid monsters in Resident Evil, players fought with each other, which added a sense of unpredictability and fun to the game.

“Steady! Steady!” An Huwei glanced around at the people who all wanted to fight Fang Qi in the real world and said in embarrassment, “Now that we’re familiar with the terrain and the weapons, we won’t be tricked by this kid anymore.”

“Damn this kid!” Su Tianji stomped her feet with resentment. After all, they had claimed that they could beat the shop owner, but they ended up being beat by him.

Nalan Mingxue played and practiced with the guns on one side.

Nalan Hongwu hid a hand grenade in his pocket and bought the M249 machine gun, which was the most expensive weapon in the game.

On the magazine of the gun hung a string of golden bullets.

The moment that Nalan Hongwu rushed into the warehouse, he saw Ye Xiaoye skipping up the stairs.

“Hehe! Little Girl, you’re still skipping at this moment!”


While laughing, Nalan Hongwu strafed with the M249 like crazy.


“Where am I? Who shot me?” Ye Xiaoye who was trying to run to another shelter was killed instantly!

Soon after, the counter-terrorists found Xu Zixin hiding in a corner and threw a hand grenade toward her.

“Where can you hide?” An Huwei laughed.

Firing around with machine guns, they enjoyed themselves very much!

“This time, the shop owner is in danger.”

“They have experience now.”

“Six on one!”

“The minions are gone. They are going to kill the BOSS!”

“Kill BOSS Fang!”

Instantly, rows after rows of bullet comments appeared on the screen.

[What items will Boss Fang drop?]

[A computer! Whoever kills him can take it home!]

[The rocket launcher! It belongs to whoever kills him!]

[The loli…]

“Who said loli?! Show yourself!” Jiang Xiaoyue shouted after seeing that comment.

After playing in the internet café for so long, they had learned some modern slang.

All of them had been waiting for the moment that the shop owner would be beat; they had waited for a long time!

“Finally! The despicable owner will be killed!” Jiang Xiaoyue watched in excitement.

Meanwhile, An Huwei was also holding a B51 in his hand, and he had 32 HP left. But since he got one kill, he earned 300 bucks. He was extremely smug!

“With machine guns in hand, we’ll just rush in, and each of us can fire at one direction. We’ll nail him!” An Huwei wiped his hand across his face and laughed.

Su Tianji who had been killed countless times gritted her teeth, thinking,Today, I must beat this kid once!

Meanwhile, Nalan Mingxue who had gotten familiar with the terrain crawled out from the ventilation duct stealthily and saw Fang Qi hiding in his base with a pistol.

In contrast, she was holding an automatic rifle.

Pistol? Nalan Mingxue was pleased. Even if Fang Qi had bought a better gun by this time, she would have time to shoot him before he could change guns.

However, she then saw Fang Qi dig out a dark green weapon!

Then, he grinned at her.

Without a word, Nalan Mingxue fired.

“The shop owner is dead!”

“What a fortune… He just changed guns.”

“She’s lucky!”

The players watching whispered to each other.

Before Nalan Mingxue could fire all the bullets in the cartridge, a huge booming noise came.

All the players in the game heard the huge booming noise.

Immediately, Nalan Hongwu received the message showing that one of his teammates had died.

Nalan Mingxue was at a loss for words.

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