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Chapter 105 - Moving like flowing water

Chapter 105: Moving like flowing water

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“My God!”

Many players noticed that the guns in this game were more powerful that the ones in Resident Evil.

The weapon that Fang Qi used was obviously not from Resident Evil.

They had seen that Fang Qi didn’t shoot at Nalan Mingxue’s vital locations!

However, he still killed her with one shot!

Since there were spatial spiritual artifacts in this world, Counter Strike also created spatial backpacks for each player so that they didn’t have to hang weapons on themselves.

When the players got proficient with the act of taking weapons out of their spatial backpacks, it looked similar to switching items in other games.

That was why every player still had some cultivation strength inside them.

Therefore, the audience just saw the dark-green big gun flash in Fang Qi’s hands before he switched it to a dagger. The gun disappeared, and so was the recoil.

Fang Qi returned to his hiding spot behind a box with smooth movements.

“What was that?”

“You can play like this?!” At this moment, all the players who were watching the livestream looked dazed.

“Where are you?! How did you die?” Nalan Hongwu and others were still on the first floor, wondering how Nalan Mingxue had died.

The gunshot resonated in the warehouse, and no one could tell where it came from!

Nalan Hongwu immediately asked in the team channel.

Nalan Mingxue who got killed didn’t know what do say.

“Oh, I forgot that dead people can’t talk in the game.” Nalan Hongwu slapped his forehead.

As a result, everyone’s face twitched.

“A moment ago, Ms. Nalan went to the duct.” Lan Yan was the only one who replied. “She was probably on the second floor.”

“Let’s go to the second floor!” Nalan Hongwu yelled and led the team to the second floor.

However, they searched everywhere on the second floor but couldn’t see a glimpse of Fang Qi!

“Where is he?!”

“Maybe he knew that he is no match for us and fled?” Nalan Hongwu stroked his beard.

“He is lucky that he escaped in time, otherwise…” Su Tianji sneered with a machine gun in her hand. “I would turn him into a sieve!”

She smiled and thought smugly, We finally struck some fear into him! After battling for so long, I finally got my revenge!

“Keep distance!” Nalan Hongwu warned in his deep voice, “This kid is very crafty!”

He felt as if he had returned to a battlefield and must calculate and figure out his opponent’s position and thoughts with each step he took.

After looking at the ventilation duct, he said, “He must have run away using the duct! Judging by the time, I think he is now on the roof.”

“Shall we go up to the roof and search for him?” Lan Yan asked.

“No!” Nalan Hongwu shook his head. “He likes to catch us off guard. When we get up to the roof, he will be gone.”

“There are only two good spots that this roof connects to. One is the bridge outside the gate, and the other is the building where we came from.” Nalan Hongwu analyzed. “On the bridge, he can catch us off guard, but it’s not an easy place to hide. If we swarm up, he will have no place to go.

“We only heard one gunshot, which meant that Xue was killed by one shot. His weapon must be very powerful. His only and best choice is the roof of our base. He can guard himself well with a powerful weapon!”

Nalan Hongwu dropped his machine gun and picked up Nalan Mingxue’s automatic rifle which had a scope. Now that he knew the great power of his opponent’s weapon, he wouldn’t seek his death by climbing up to the roof. They would have to shoot from the distance.

Meanwhile, the players watching the livestream saw Fang Qi on the roof of the building where the counter-terrorists spawned. With a huge dark-green gun in his hands, the black scope appeared on the center of the screen occasionally, and the distance between where he was and the gate of the warehouse looked very close in the scope!

Having died in-game, Nalan Mingxue put down her virtual headset and stared at Fang Qi’s screen which was next to hers.

She had been very proficient with guns while she played Resident Evil, but her skills were obviously much inferior to Fang Qi’s.

Since the game restrained players’ cultivation strengths, dumbed their senses, and slowed their speeds, the players had to calculate where the enemies would appear in the next moment using only their brain.

Now that Nalan Hongwu was quite familiar with the terrain, Nalan Mingxue guessed that he could use the limited information he had to determine Fang Qi’s hiding spot and weapon before organizing their next move accordingly.

Splitting up and zeroing in their fire on their enemy was the best way to deal with Fang Qi, who was scanning the area with the scope.

If Fang Qi stuck out his head, he might kill one person, but he would also attract bullets from other people. He would be quickly killed under the concentrated fire from all directions!

The players who were watching the big screen were also scanning the area with Fang Qi. Although they didn’t see any enemies on the screen yet, they felt great suspense and pressure!

After all, his enemies included several masters!

These masters could get used to these simple weapons within seconds!

If they got familiar with the map and strategies, Fang Qi would have no advantage over them!

In fact, Fang Qi had only won narrowly in the last few rounds.

It was very possible that Fang Qi would lose this round!

At this moment, the audience including Nalan Mingxue saw Fang Qi suddenly stop the scoping of the gate of the warehouse.

Why did he pull back? Nalan Mingxue was baffled.

The others were also puzzled by Fang Qi’s unusual move!

In the next moment, everyone heard a string of gunshots!

A string of shell craters appeared on the edge of the roof!

Fang Qi’s 72 HP dropped to 62 HP instantly! It was clear that he had been scratched by a bullet which pierced the wall.

Meanwhile, Fang Qi turned his gun to the roof of the warehouse which was out of their sight. Almost simultaneously, a figure suddenly jumped out from the ventilation duct!


The loud gunshot of the sniper rifle sounded again! An Huwei who had just jumped out from the ventilation duct fell to the ground before he could see the situation outside!

This move baffled not only the players watching the livestream but also Nalan Mingxue who had been watching Fang Qi closely.

Through the miraculous pull back, Fang Qi dodged his enemies’ bullets just in time.

Meanwhile, An Huwei who had been outside of Fang Qi’s vision was shot dead by Fang Qi.

After the shot, he withdrew the sniper rifle!

He did it in one breath!

If Nalan Mingxue hadn’t been watching Fang Qi play, she probably would have thought that Fang Qi used something she didn’t know to cheat!

They didn’t know that when senses and intuitions which were crucial to powerful cultivators and warriors were gone, something called ‘awareness’ helped Fang Qi make the miraculous move under the siege of many powerful masters!

The two shops were dead silent!

The audience held their breath with their mouths open. Then, they looked at each other, not able to understand what they had witnessed.

What was that?!

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