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Chapter 106 - Typing out GG

Chapter 106: Typing out GG

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The players who had come to watch the shop owner be beaten were in a daze.

Beating the shop owner?! The shop owner is beating them senseless!

This gun is so awesome! With just one shot, it can kill someone! He can kill his enemies without shooting their heads!

Jiang Xiaoyue stared at the screen in a daze and felt like crying. “Hey! How come the despicable owner is so strong… How can anyone beat him at all!”

“They were tricked by the cunning owner again!”

In the real world, snipers usually sniped their enemies from hundreds or even thousands of meters away, and they only had one chance to kill their enemies in a crowd.

Therefore, they had to plan every detail meticulously such as the wind speed and the humidity in the air. Any tiny changes would cause them to miss their targets that were far away.

However, since players battled in a small area in the game, the players couldn’t only sit still and wait for their opponents with the sniper rifles; they had to handle all kinds of situations at close range as well.

However, the good thing was that even if the players failed to snipe their targets and exposed their locations, they wouldn’t be surrounded by soldiers like the real world.

At this moment when his enemies stopped firing, the audience saw Fang Qi’s screen zoomed up to a black cross!

Vaguely, they saw the red dot in the center of the scope lining up with a black box.


Fang Qi took back his sniper rifle!

Another enemy died!

Now, only Nalan Hongwu, Su Tianji, Lan Yan, and Fang Qi were left on the battlefield.

“Sir, how did you do it?”

[I didn’t even see that enemy!]

“It was one to six at the beginning, and now half of the enemies are gone. The shop owner is awesome!”

Both the bullet comments and the players watching the game in the internet cafe started to chatter among themselves.

There were about two hundred meters between the gate of the warehouse and the roof of the building that Fang Qi was on, but the latter had killed one of his enemies easily!

It was outrageous!

Lan Yan’s mind turned blank.

Whenever the gunshot sounded, someone died. She wished that she could quit from this battle!

Only Nalan Mingxue saw Fang Qi’s movements. He raised the gun, took aim, and fired at the same time; it was a special rhythm instead of controlling the timing consciously.

Yes, rhythm! This rhythm controlled his movements to perfection. Under this rhythm, even when he missed his target, he could move back without being targeted!

If he relied purely on his senses and made those conscious decisions, his movement would never be as smooth as flowing water even if his reactions were fast!

Then, she remembered that Fang Qi had been continuously changing guns and aiming even when he was walking or taking a break. It seemed like he was trying to get back this rhythm!

Now, she knew that Fang Qi was getting more proficient at using this dark-green sniper rifle as if it were a part of his body!

“What on earth is this BS?!” When this round was over, Nalan Hongwu almost jumped out of his seat when he saw Fang Qi standing on the top of the building with only 10 HP left.

Su Tianji felt the same way, feeling that Fang Qi never missed his shots. When she tried to distract Fang Qi by moving swiftly to another cover so that Nalan Hongwu could shoot at him, Fang Qi’s rifle followed her like a shadow and killed her instantly!

Looking at Fang Qi on the screen, Jiang Xiaoyue was in a daze, and so was Song Qingfeng who played Resident Evil and was proficient with guns.

Everyone was stupefied! All the viewers who were watching the livestream in both shops were stupefied!

“Guns can be used this way?! He had defeated six opponents including Nalan Hongwu?! Each of these six people had gotten used to guns and this map! Among these weapons, there is another powerful killing weapon that could kill from such a long distance besides the rocket launcher?”

More importantly, everyone had seen from the Fang Qi’s encounter with Nalan Mingxue that this gun was also powerful at close range!

Also, the power of each weapon depended on the users.

“You used an advanced technique, right?” Nalan Mingxue had been watching Fang Qi play the game from the beginning to the end.

“Technique?” Hearing Nalan Mingxue’s words, everyone snapped out of their daze and looked toward Fang Qi.

This weird spiritual artifact that seemed to be designed for ordinary people looked simple, but it could unleash extraordinary power when it was used with some techniques.

“This weapon is called a sniper rifle?”

“The techniques that the shop owner just used are called quick scope and flick-shot?”

“When one gets to the advanced level, there is a high-level technique called gun-combat-technique?”

“These weapons look simple but are very powerful!”

Hearing Fang Qi’s words, all the people had lights in their eyes, imagining their bright future with these wondrous weapons!

These weapons could be used just like sabers and swords! They could be used in battles instead of being novelties.

“They look awesome!”

“They look magical in the shop owner’s hands!” seeing Fang Qi’s marksmanship, people exclaimed.

Despite his excellent performance in the game, Fang Qi was surrounded by Nalan Hongwu, An Huwei, and Su Tianji whom he had defeated in the game.

“Kid! Do you dare to fight me in the real world?” Su Tianji was the most furious one among them. She had been depressed by her time playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, and then she was tricked into Counter Strike by Fang Qi and got beaten senseless by him in the game!

She had a horrible gaming experience!

She wanted to fight Fang Qi in the real world.

However, she was just saying it to vent her anger since a Divine Ocean Realm cultivator wouldn’t bully Fang Qi, who wasn’t even an Ancestral Warrior yet.

She wouldn’t do it just for a game; she wasn’t so immature.

“Kid! Couldn’t you go easy on us?!” Nalan Hongwu, An Huwei, and the others also looked angry, but they felt a bit better since they had gotten several kills on Ye Xiaoye and Xu Zixin.

Is there no one who can give the despicable owner a lesson? Jiang Xiaoyue who had been hoping for Fang Qi to get beat felt like crying. She sent a bullet comment, [Someone give Mr. Fang a lesson! Look how smug he is!]

Quickly, the viewers who had waited a whole day to see the defeat of the shop owner seconded her proposal.

[Give him a hard lesson!]

[Mr. Fang is awesome!]

[One more round!]

[We want to see the shop owner beat!]

Fang Qi became the public enemy while the bullet comments flooded the screen!

“Let’s play another round,” Nalan Mingxue finished eating her Haagen-Dazs and said casually.

“Another round?” Fang Qi shrugged. “Even if I goof around, the result will be the same.”

Nalan Hongwu and others’ face fell.

How arrogant was he!?

At this moment, even Nalan Hongwu and An Huwei wanted to fight Fang Qi in the real world as well.

“One more round!” They said with dark expressions, “We’re not afraid of you!”

-Ten minutes later-

A gunshot sounded, and Nalan Hongwu was again the last person on his team. Although he wasn’t shot in his head, he had lost most of his HP.

Hiding behind a police car, Fang Qi broadcasted the game leisurely while he looked at his remaining half of HP.

“Did you see how I did it? I know you didn’t, which is what I expected.”

“You see that I never show myself, but there were five rounds of psychological battles during the process.”

“Whatever strategy he uses, he will die first. He must shoot several times before he can kill me, but I can kill him by one touch.”

“It means that I will win as long as I don’t get reckless.”

Fang Qi explained as Nalan Hongwu crept up toward him with only a few HP left.

Meanwhile, Nalan Mingxue who sat next to Fang Qi made a move expressionlessly to everyone’s surprise. This move wouldn’t pose any threats to Fang Qi and couldn’t be regarded as a provocation.

Creak! Creak!


The System, [I saw nothing.]

On the screen, Nalan Hongwu lifted the machine gun and…



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