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Chapter 107 - The Fury of Lingyun Academy

Chapter 107: The Fury of Lingyun Academy

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The trial of Counter-Strike was a perfect test for weapon performance.

In the meantime, it showed the fun of PvP to all the customers.

Fang Qi’s skills were basically textbook examples. Of course, the last scene was excluded.

“From the perspective of weapon performance, the pistols are light while the submachine guns have great damage,” Nalan Mingxue concluded expressionlessly. “The sniper rifles are perfect weapons for fighting from the distance. If they can be made into spiritual artifacts and be used by people who are skilled, they can be used in higher level battles.”

“So..” She looked toward Fang Qi in satisfaction but saw his dark face.

“So, as an advisor, I can only provide answers to you in terms of making pistols right now,” Fang Qi said with a polite smile, “Please choose three pistols, Ms. Nalan.”

Nalan Mingxue was at a loss for words.

Anyway, the activity of beating the shop owner was over.

In the internet cafe, all the players were talking about what they had seen on the big screens.

Even most cultivators couldn’t quickly kill their enemies from a long distance, let alone warriors!

However, Fang Qi had calmly targeted his enemies in this map and killed them one by one.

“The shop owner looks quite young. How come he is so good?” Fenghua whispered.

“He’s very cunning! He seemed to know our master’s thoughts and intentions!” Yuexin whispered back, “Master was killed whenever she stuck out her head; it was so sad…”

“Fenghua! Yuexin! What are you talking about?!” Su Tianji’s veins bulged on her forehead.

“They were saying that you were killed whenever you stuck out your head, Auntie!” Xiao Yulv told on them.

His voice was loud, and a group of people immediately turned their heads toward them. Su Tianji froze.

“I heard them! I don’t need you to repeat what they said!” she spat out the words from clenched teeth, “Shall I kick you out, or do you want to get out of here yourself?”

“Ugh…” Xiao Yulv’s face froze.

“I’m out of here…” He fled.

Nalan Hongwu was interested in the weapons but more interested in Fang Qi’s skills. In his hands, the weapons were accurate and powerful like great tools, but it felt like they were alive in Fang Qi’s hands.

“Kid!” Nalan Hongwu felt embarrassed for being defeated by Fang Qi repeatedly, but anyway he got one back at last although with some tricks.

He patted Fang Qi on the shoulder and said feelingly, “It’s a pity that you were not born in the right era…”

“Senior, you mean…” An Huwei felt embarrassed but knew when to exit graciously. After all, they had at least won one round. If they continued, they would probably get worse results.

“With your craftiness and the new spiritual artifacts, you can even defeat a small troop.” Nalan Hongwu stroked his beard and said with a chuckle, “If you lived in my era, you would probably be famous for your achievements in the army already.”

“What do you think, Kid? Do you want to join the army?” Nalan Hongwu asked.

“Not interested.”

Nalan Hongwu, “…”

An Huwei, “…”

Before Nalan Hongwu could explain to Fang Qi the benefits of joining the army such as promotions in the official system and entering the aristocratic class, the latter simply refused him!

Leaning against the computer desk, Fang Qi scooped up a spoonful of Haagen-Dazs into his mouth and said in earnest, “My dream… is to be the owner of an internet cafe.”

That was all.

While staring at the big screen, Song Qingfeng snapped back to reality and asked, “Do we have class this afternoon?”

Lin Shao scratched his head in embarrassment. “Yeah… I guess…”

Xu Luo swallowed his saliva with difficulty and asked, “What time is it now?”

Nalan Mingxue took out the communication jade which had a clock on it and glanced at it, saying mildly, “It’s 2:10 PM.”

Song Qingfeng and his buddies got nervous.

They looked at each other and said, “The afternoon’s class starts at 1:30 PM, right?”

It was now 2:10 PM, and it will take them at least 20 minutes to ride the carriages to Lingyun Academy.

At this thought, cold sweat appeared on their foreheads!

“I got to go. See you later!” Song Qingfeng hurried out, followed by Xu Luo and the others.

Nalan Mingxue froze for a second and then said, “I should go to class too.”

“Go to class?”

At this moment, someone sent a bullet comment to the big screen, “Who else has class this afternoon?”


“It’s past two?!”

“My teacher will kill me!”

About ten players instantly left the internet cafe.

Xu Zixin said, “Condolences to you.”

Meanwhile, Huo Chong was facing the sea.

“Father!” Behind him, a young man bowed to him slightly.

Huo Chong nodded slightly. “How are the preparations?”

“They are done.” The young man frowned and said, “However, according to the information we received in the last couple of days, I’m afraid that the situation is worse than we imagined. Do… we really need to join them?”

“Don’t worry.” Huo Chong waved his hand. “Another force will join us. And with their support, we will be fine.”

Lingyun Academy was one of the most historical academies in the history of Dajin since it was established before Dajin was founded.

-In a courtyard in the depths of the academy-

A middle-aged man with a long lean face and white side hairs looked solemn with a paper in his hand. “The disciples of Class A from all houses skipped classes several times, and the number of disciples cultivating in the Martial Arts Tower is getting smaller each day because they all went to the small shop named Origin Internet Club to play games!”

Even today, he received the report that several disciples had been late for classes by more than one hour!

Ever since the establishment of Lingyun Academy, few students skipped classes because anyone who could enter the academy was an elite!

It was why the big families wanted to send their descendants to the academy to learn and cultivate.

However, several incidents happened within one month!

Looking at the names of the talented young men and women on the report, he got enraged and slammed his hand on the table as he roared, “What evil stuff has hooked them? Why didn’t An Huwei close down that shop?!”

The middle-aged man slammed the table repeatedly with his huge hand and said, “We must put an end to this malpractice!”

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