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Chapter 108 - Explaining Counter-Strike to Teacher

Chapter 108: Explaining Counter-Strike to Teacher

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Right now, Fang Qi had three tasks.

His first task was to sell enough activations of Diablo Act I. Due to the arrival of the new games, he still had about ten to sell before he completed this task.

Fang Qi remembered that the first volume of the official novel, Diablo Two, would hit the market in two days. He didn’t have much time left.

“Where’s Qingqing?” Fang Qi asked Xu Zixin.

“Don’t you know?” Xu Zixin said in surprise, “She’s doing promotion for the official novel.”

“Promotion?” Fang Qi chuckled. That girl was taking this matter seriously, but he wondered how she was doing the promotion in this world without TV or internet.

Xu Zixin told him the promotion methods in this era. One was hiring workers to give out flyers in Dongguan Book Forest, and the other was running commercials by sending messages to people’s communication jades.

Of course, Dongguan Book Forest would recommend the special books such as Celestial Warrior to the public through their own channels.

“Shall we go and have a look?” Xu Zixin asked.

“Okay.” Since he was a part of this business, he couldn’t leave everything to others.

It was good to check up on it.

– Lingyun Academy, the training field of Huang House –

On the wide meadow, a tall woman who was wearing red leather armor and had a ponytail stood before the disciples and studied them carefully.

Mu Hongzhu was the martial arts instructor of Class A in Huang House. These disciples in Class A were all the important descendants in their respective families, so their safety and learning were all significant.

However, the martial arts class had started more than one hour ago and quite a few disciples were still missing!

It was outrageous!

In the past, the disciples of Lingyun Academy all valued strength, and the instructors never had to worry about class attendance. Besides, with the strict management in Lingyun Academy, no one had dared to ignore the rules here.

However, quite a few disciples were missing in class today, and even Mu Hongzhu, who was even-tempered, had a dark expression on her face.

At this time, she was taking attendance, trying to find the reckless disciples who skipped the class.

“Song Qingfeng!”

“Here—” A drawn-out answer came from the distance. She looked up and saw a group of disciples racing to class!

Mu Hongzhu’s face turned dark.

“Where have you been?” She remained calm on the surface.

Embarrassed, Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao and Xu Luo scratched their heads and said earnestly, “Instructor, we were… studying…”

They told the story about the internet cafe that Ye Xiaoye used to ‘fool’ her father, Ye Songtao.

After hearing their words, Mu Hongzhu’s expression turned even more unreadable.

Glancing at them coldly, she asked, “You can learn martial arts and improve strength in that shop, which is why you went there? And you studied martial arts there until now?”

They looked at each other, finding her tone quite weird.

However, they had no choice but to nod at this moment.

“So, you are saying that I don’t teach as well as that small shop?” Mu Hongzhu’s expression turned darker.

Song Qingfeng, “…”

Lin Shao, “…”

Xu Luo, “…”

Nalan Mingxue arrived at this moment. When she heard Mu Hongzhu’s rhetoric question, she touched her forehead with exasperation.

A small shop teaches martial arts better than Lingyun Academy?

“Are you stupid?” Nalan Mingxue murmured to the three guys.

Their explanation was offensive.

“I will give you one minute to explain yourself.” Enraged, Mu Hongzhu placed her hands on her waist and stared at them coldly.

“Let me do it.” After giving them a dirty look, Nalan Mingxue decided to explain herself.

Hearing Nalan Mingxue admitting that they were too engrossed in playing and came late, Mu Hongzhu’s face softened a bit.

However, she got more confused.

“You are saying that you are late because you were engrossed in watching the shop owner play Counter Strike?”

Recently, she had heard the disciples mentioning the small shop named Origin more than once, but she took it as another entertainment establishment and hadn’t spared a thought to it.

When she heard that the small shop could increase one’s strength and combat experience, she just regarded it as a place similar to Qin Mountain Beast Garden, which was indeed helpful to warriors.

In her mind, it could assist with cultivation but didn’t deserve any special attention.

After all, what kind of cultivation method worked faster than cultivating in the Martial Arts Tower?

The Lingyun Martial Arts Tower was the pride of the academy.

As an instructor of Lingyun Academy, that was her belief!

Besides teaching the disciples in the academy, she had to cultivate as well, which left her no time to mind the things that were happening in the entertainment establishments.

However, she was a bit curious about terms such as quick-scope and flick-shotting, wondering how the elite disciples of the Lingyun Academy became fans of these combat techniques that she had never heard before.

“Origin Internet Club launched a new game?!”

“Counter Strike?”

“There are new spiritual artifacts?”

Almost half of the disciples in this class were experienced players of Resident Evil, Diablo, and the Legend of the Sword and Fairy. Hearing of the new game, they began to whisper to each other.

Mu Hongzhu’s face turned cold again.

Dongguan Book Forest was situated in a good location; it sat just across from Tianfu Street where Fang Qi had visited before.

Right now, Shen Qingqing wasn’t in a good mood. She had spent lots of energy on the writing and publishing the official novel since there were a lot of details that had to be added to the general plot.

It was hard work for even a warrior to deal with.

She had planned to promote the book so that it would be warmly received, but…

“Sir, can’t you make an exception for me?”

Sitting across from Shen Qingqing was a middle-aged man who was wearing a green hat and a green robe. He looked very serious right now.

“Ms. Shen, it’s not that we don’t want to help you, but the thing is… I’m sure that you know the influence of Celestial Warrior. With the ninth volume coming out before schedule, we must promote it first,” the middle-aged man said.

Although the Celestial Warrior was only a novel, it had great influence here since even the young masters such as An Cheng and Ouyang Cheng had heard of it.

Even Nalan Hongwu knew this novel, which showed that it was popular in the upper-class circle of Jiuhua City.

Since there were few entertainment options in this world, novels began to attract people’s attention even though there weren’t many of them around yet.

While Celestial Warrior was being promoted, Dongguan Book Forest certainly didn’t want to split resources onto a new book from Shen Qingqing. who was an inexperienced writer.


“Diablo?” Yu Rui smirked. Can you really sell a book with such a weird name?

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