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Chapter 942 - The War Ends; Gods and Demons' Fall!

Chapter 942: The War Ends; Gods and Demons’ Fall!

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“Do you feel it?!” Xuanzhong Saint Master suddenly said.

“That’s its presence; it’s right on this battleground!” Xuanhuang Saint Master exclaimed, “It appeared! I’m sure! I can feel it!”

“It’s been so many years; all our efforts and careful planning are for this moment…”

But at this moment, the gold bridge separated the Heaven and Earth into two worlds. Besides, they were now in the Immortal-Slaying Array, and it took all their great power to temporarily block the array. Going down to the battleground in the Lower Region was impossible!

They looked down at the battleground where the mortals were fighting the demon gods of the Plane of Nine-Fold Darkness and saw rows of knights forming an array of shields, taking the front line. As warriors charged and priests sprayed holy light, the huge army advanced step by step with great steadiness!

“Priests! Follow and heal them!”

“Paladins! Push forward!”

Hoarse yells resonated all over the battlefield.

On the other side, people like Nalan Hongwu, Gu Tingyun, and Zong Wu forced the God of Radiant Light Judgement to defend frantically.

Sword shadows moved like lightning bolts. With his extremely powerful sword techniques, Nalan Hongwu fought the God of Radiant Light Judgement head-on. Countless wondrous sword techniques shot across the sky like galloping heavenly horses, but they also oozed an extraordinary steadiness.

Murderous spirits dimmed the sky as Zong Wu led others to hold back the Judgement Army from one side. Under their attacks, even the powerful God of Radiant Light Judgement was out of breath as he scrambled to block his enemies.

These mortals seemed to have drained all their strength. They moved as if they had rehearsed the tactics and calculated the steps countless times. Their battle methods were unthinkably experienced and vicious!

The troops from Gods’ Place, Nine-Fold Darkness, and the eight major immortal families were astonished to find that they were at a complete disadvantage!

This was the mortal joint army that they saw!

This was the first time that they were stunned by a group of enemies, a group of ants!

These mortals were indeed inferior to them in strength, but they had suppressed the joint army of immortals, gods, and demons step by step with almost zero casualties and mistakes!

Everyone looked grim.

“So, that’s it…?”

“Give it to them!” They had never imagined that the war in the mortal world would come to this degree, but now these immortals, gods, and demons seemed to have made a decision and yelled as one, “After experiencing countless tribulations ever since the primeval time, we can only win and can’t lose this war!”

“Kill them all!” Chills ran down their bodies. These existences made this decision not only because of greediness. The more important reason was that they couldn’t allow such enemies to live any longer.

As tribulations took place, the fortune of the world showed. These beings had taken a share of the laws of nature in Dao-Splitting Palace. Now, they were the Heavenly Dao!

At least, these mortals were not their match in strength!

They believed that as long as they achieved what they had planned in the past tens of thousands of years, no existences, regardless of how powerful they were, could block them! At least in this world that belonged to them, they would be absolutely unrivaled!

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoyue was taking a break on the edge of the battleground. Then, she thought that slacking on the side wasn’t good, so she stood up and dusted off her skirt. However, she was still feeling hungry, so she took out a bag of potato chips and began fighting and eating at the same time.


“Why are they all staring at me?!” She shivered and felt chills running down her spine.

The battle that the mortals were engaged in wasn’t less difficult than the battle above the gold bridge.

They were only mortals who had just made breakthroughs.

They fought with great efforts step by step to make the scale of victory tip toward them. When they were on the brink of success and almost defeated these gods and demons with mortal strength, this sudden change almost turned all their efforts to waste!

Like a tight string that was holding the world together, everything would instantly collapse if the string broke!

On the battleground in the southeast, the demons from Nine-Fold Darkness looked as if they had gone berserk collectively and crashed onto the shield formations regardless of their lives. They charged repeatedly like black surging torrents until a fissure appeared.

Like a big dam that was broken, the shield array cracked open, and demons poured in toward one direction.

On the battleground in the west, a surge of stunning godly energy shot up and shielded the God of Radiant Light Judgement and the soldiers around him. Then, hundreds of elite Godly Judgement soldiers shot up light pillars into the sky as if the will of the whole world came into their bodies, and the laws of nature protected their souls!

“Doomsday Judgement!” With a furious yell, destructive light pillars rose between the Heaven and Earth and almost turned the mortal world into a horrifying Hell!

“Where are the tanks? Shield wall! Shield wall, push! Push!” Sword Saint Wilson let out a hoarse roar and charged into the black currents by himself.

Jiang Xiaoyue’s mind was now blank. Together with people like Li Lanruo, Mu Qing, and Yue Bai from Heavenly Academy, she was surrounded by the crazy Godly Judgement soldiers who swarmed up like waves of a tsunami.

“Kill!” Yue Bai slashed her sword without stopping.

“Kill!” Mu Qing’s eyes were red with murderous spirit.

Jiang Xiaoyue’s small face looked pale.

However, this small team of academy disciples still couldn’t see the end of their enemies even when their swords broke, and their energies were exhausted!

“Priests, heal! Heal!”

“Mages, control them! Hold on!”

“Hold on… hold on a bit more!” Commander Elven suddenly looked back and saw his teammates fall one by one; his heart bled for them.

At this moment, an extremely horrifying roar came as the strength of the huge evil god in the center of the battleground rose again!

A surge of extremely evil energy turned into a black tsunami and spread out in all directions.

The broken shield array at the frontline was instantly knocked down and devoured. Then, the energy continued to spread to the backline.

At this moment, even the ultimately powerful masters such as Sword Saint Wilson, World Mage Hematon, and Swein felt cold inside. “We’ll be wiped out!”

In the previous battles, they didn’t end with death. But this time, perhaps they would truly meet their end.

They looked up at the golden light above their heads. Even if the battle in the sky ended with a victory for mortals, it was meaningless since the mortal would soon be wiped out by the remaining forces of the joint army of the three realms.

Facing such horrifying power, no one could save themselves. At least the mortals couldn’t.

Xuanzhong Saint Master and the King of Gods’ Palace, Bright Light Godly King, heaved a sigh of relief. Looking at Fang Qi in the array, they chuckled and said, “Finally, we’ll triumph! You trap us in the array so we can’t do huge damage to the mortal world with a wave of our hands, but it also makes it impossible for you to help them!”

Fang Qi looked down and shook his head. “Do you believe me if I say that they no longer need anyone’s help?

“Every one of them is a challenger player.”

Before them was the devastated battleground and the destructive energy that devoured everything like a tsunami.

Human strength was so tiny. Of the entire Golden Griffin Knight Legion, only Commander Elven remained standing on the battleground.

No one knew what he would face, but he knew that he must do something.

For the people who they guarded and the world that they loved.

There were kind and peace-loving elves, fierce and strong orcs, and even the mysterious friends from the ancient east.

He still remembered their boat trip on Red Leaf Lake, their raids in World of Warcraft, and their sufferings in Dark Soul.

He was thankful that the world gave birth to so many loveable beings.

Perhaps the Heavenly Dao would change, but the land that they lived on was still their home with countless people and memories that they couldn’t forget.

“Paladin, do you dare to sacrifice yourself?!” The ancient words for paladins resonated in his mind.

“Of course!” He turned the blade of his huge sword and pierced his own chest!

Blessing of Sacrifice!

When everyone fell, Blessing of Sacrifice helped one person stand on the battleground.

She waved her staff lightly, and her body turned vague and merged with holy light. Then, the pure holy light spread out like angel’s wings!

Figures got up from the ground one after another. At this moment, they themselves were miracles!

“Haya!” With power that she didn’t know she possessed, Jiang Xiaoyue dispelled all the demons with one sword slash! The horrifying power cut all enemies into half, including all the soldiers of the joint army of gods and demons that surrounded them and the people of the East Continent and the West Continent!

“Head-Nailing Seven Arrow Book!” With his long white hair messily fluttering in the wind, Gu Tingyun emitted intense murderous spirit!

At this moment, they had discarded any considerations of life and death! They had no time for it!

With the seven-star bright lamp at his feet, he shot out two arrows!

“Pu!” The God of Radiant Light Judgement spewed out a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, the huge body of the Shadow Evil God was engulfed by death presence!

“The second arrow!” Gu Tingyun’s ancient face almost withered instantly.

“Holy Shield!” On the other side, holy light lit up like rekindled flames!

At this moment, the gods and demons all over the sky felt a bone-deep chill.

With their actions, the mortals seemed to be telling these ultimate existences that they would rather die than be defeated!

At this moment, they were horrified to see that a flash of sword light swept toward them!

Blood dyed the entire Immortal-Slaying Sword Array red!

At this moment, the remaining people of the joint army of the three realms felt cold inside. With shock, horror, and fear on their faces, they finally realized that they were finished!.

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