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Chapter 941 - The Incarnation of the Great Dao!

Chapter 941: The Incarnation of the Great Dao!

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The Gods’ Investiture List opened, causing the souls of gods and immortals to fly into it and sealed them inside!

Inside the Immortal-Slaying Sword Array, even the saint masters, ancient gods, and demon gods got lost in the waves of chilly red light.

The purple-robed saint master who was the leader of the eight major immortal families, the King of Gods who ruled all gods, the king of evil gods from the Nine-Fold Darkness who wore the bone crown and emitted horrifying and ominous presence had expressions that they never showed before.

At this moment, they all turned ashen-faced! After living for countless years, they rarely had emotional fluctuations. But at this moment, an emotion named fear rose in their hearts!

“What should we do now?!” Only a few saint masters were left among the eight major immortal families. Although they had extremely high strength and had fought in the array for a while, if the situation continued, even their pre-heaven physiques and the power of the saint masters couldn’t save them.

The purple-robed Xuanzhong Saint Master, the leader of the eight saint masters, said with a grim expression, “Now, we only have one option – asking Master for help!”

Before these pre-heaven saints and primeval gods were born, there had existed ultimate existences who even these saint masters and ancient gods must look up to. These existences were probably even more ancient than this world. One of the ultimate existences had inspired the eight immortal families and the gods from the Gods’ Palace.

According to the legends, this existence came from the chaos beyond Heaven and had the most ancient power that could lord over everything.

He was the Lord of the Godly Court!

The other such existence was the Lord of Demon Gods in the Plane of Nine-Fold Darkness; he was also the source of horror for all the immortals and gods!

With a strange sound, all the laws of nature and the most original forces in this world were activated.

As Heaven and Earth merged, the pure and the turbid essences were being created! In the space that was suppressed by the four swords that made up the Immortal-Slaying Sword Array, the sword energies suddenly slowed down…

The time and space inside the Immortal-Slaying Sword Array seemed to be under layers of great pressures, and its movements turned slow and difficult. An ethereal light which looked as vague as the meteors in the depths of the universe transformed into a huge hand that seemed to be condensed from stars in the universe, and it entered the array!

The hand was so huge that it almost blocked the entire sky in the Immortal-Slaying Sword Array.

“It’s Master!” The purple-robed Xuanzhong Saint Master immediately dropped to his knees and yelled, “Master is making a move!”

The King of Gods from Gods’ Palace looked disheveled while he fought in the array. He suddenly looked up and stopped what he had been doing at this sight.

All the immortals and gods in the array stopped fighting and looked at the scene in a daze.

Ever since they had consciousness, they had never seen the Lord of the Godly Court who ruled the Heavens and Earth making a move in person!

How stunning it was! How unimaginable it was!?

His first move was attacking this horrifying major array!

At this moment, an extremely grand voice that sounded like the chiming at the beginning of the world came from beyond the Heavens.

Like a giant bell, the voice resonated through all ages! No one could imagine what horrifying existences could reveal such ultimate power with a few words.

Everyone looked up and saw a spiritual figure standing in the universe with its head touching the stars. As if it stood outside of time and space, it looked down on this world coldly!

It forced its way through the Immortal-Slaying Sword Array and reached for Fang Qi in the array.

“We came at the creation of the Heaven of Earth just for the heart of this world and the seed of Heaven and Earth’s Fortune. This item has combined all the best resources in the Heaven and Earth and condensed all the essence from everything in the world. After brewing for a long time, it has come to maturity today. We have waited through thousands of tribulations, and it is all worth it. Do you think I’d allow you to ruin our plan?”

But in the next moment, the huge hand suddenly paused and then shattered into pieces!

“Who is it?!” A furious voice came from beyond the Heaven.

Standing beyond the starry sky, a figure turned from vague to solid until he completely materialized.

They faced each other from distance.

Immortal music floated over from beyond the heaven, “Sleeping in the high ninth layer of clouds, I understood true Dao on a futon. Across the Heaven and Earth, I’m the almighty master. Pan Gu created Tai Chi which gave birth to Yin and Yang and then four directions; I passed Dao to three disciples, and two of them created the Chan Sect and Jie Sect. They are leaders of Dao sects, all coming from Hongjun.”

“Who… is it?!” Seeing this scene, all the sages of the immortal families, pre-heaven gods, and demon gods from the plane of Nine-Fold Darkness’s minds turned blank as if their heads would explode in the next moment. How could such a figure exist in this Heaven and Earth?!

“What… should we do now?!” Xuanzhong Saint Master and the other saint masters felt chills running down their bodies.

“Hurry! Help me take the ultimate holy power of fortune!” Xuanzhong Saint Master rolled his eyes and said, “Then, with the force of the entire Heaven and Earth, we can melt and destroy anyone!”

“But…” Xuanhuang Saint Master beside him said with worry, “Where the heck is this ultimate holy item of fortune?!”

Xuanzhong Saint Master seemed to be recalling some past events. “After we were born, this world has evolved continuously. In the core of this world and the depths of the land, the essence of everything in this world and the best resources gathered and nurtured a spirit after a long time. We subdued it with our master and found that it contained endless Great Dao, which means it’s our destiny to take charge of the Great Dao and control the Heaven and Earth.”

“Unfortunately, the godly item had a spirit. Its spirit escaped, so we chased it and shattered it. While we fought over it with the demon gods from the Plane of Nine-Fold Darkness, it disappeared into the mortal world. The shattered soul pieces scattered in the world and spread some of the presence of fortune to the mortals, which makes it extremely hard to detect its whereabouts. Only after we truly refine it can we truly control this world,” Xuanzhong said grimly, “According to our calculations, this item should have revealed its true form to the world by now. But why…”

He stared at Fang Qi without blinking. “Why doesn’t this person show any sign of it?!”

“If it reincarnated and was born in the mortal world with a human form…” Xuanhuang Saint Master stared at Fang Qi in the array and said, “Regardless of how well he hides it, he should have revealed some signs of it by now!”

Xuanhuang Saint Master asked, “If it took the human form, how can we recognize it…?”

“It’s hard to recognize, but due to its special physique, most of the energy it took in will automatically heal its damaged soul, which means that, regardless of how high its’ cultivation strength is, it will always feel hungry and need food,” Xuanzhong Saint Master said, “But this brat has fought so long without wanting to eat…?”

On the battleground in the mortal world, Jiang Xiaoyue sat on the ground while panting. Then, she rubbed her tummy and looked frustrated. “How come I feel especially hungry today…?”

She took out a bottle of iced red tea bigger than her small head in a hurry and gulped it down heartily. “Gulp! Gulp…”

The two saint masters exchanged a look, and their faces had never looked so astonished before. “Perhaps… we were chasing after the wrong person!?”

“???” Behind them, the last few immortal masters heard their words and looked at the young man before them.

We tried to smash his shop countless times, and you are now telling us that… we got the wrong person!!??

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