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Chapter 940 - No Regrets over Entering Huaxia in This Life; Wish to Be Born in Zhonghua in the Next Lifetime!

Chapter 940: No Regrets over Entering Huaxia in This Life; Wish to Be Born in Zhonghua in the Next Lifetime!

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[TL Note: Zhonghua is another name for Huaxia.]

The joint army of immortals, gods, and demons poured down like a tipping River of Heaven.

In the west, figures dressed in pure white mage’s robes flew into the sky one by one, showering light everywhere. They were the Godly Judgement Army led by the God of Radiant Light Judgement!

In the northeast, immortal music sounded as tens of thousands of immortals poured down from the sky while standing on the surging yellow clouds!

In the southeast, demons and ghost howled in the black clouds!

Battle… no, everyone was engaged in an extremely fierce life-and-death killing tribulation!

Battles were everywhere on the vast land, including Liuyun Daoist Palace, the Elf Forest, and the Orc Kingdom.

In the Elf Royal Palace, the ragged cloak on the thin figure looked even more shabby as swords and magic spells struck it.

In Liuyun Daoist Palace, all the disciples and elders panted heavily, and almost the whole palace had been turned into ruins as if an extremely fierce battle had just happened.

In the frontal battleground covered in blood that formed rivers, people like Nalan Hongwu and St. Wilson suddenly stopped their attacks and turned to look ahead.

Figures walked out from the mist either with swords or whisks. Through the mist, only silhouettes could be seen.

One of them carried a huge dragon-shaped sword that was wrapped in thick and heavy chains.

“That’s…” Ancestral Master Dugu said in a deep voice, “The patriarch of our clan…!”

“And… the ancestors and senior generations of our families and factions that have declined long ago!” he continued.

Another two figures appeared from the mist. One held a decayed staff in its withered right hand, but the precious red stone on the top of the staff was impeccable.

The other held a huge two-handed sword that as tall as one man, and the light emitting from the blade chilled people’s bones!

“First Magic Saint…!?”

“Also… the First Sword Saint!” St. Wilson said in a grave voice.

They were the Ferocious Godly Army. The withered figures walking out from the mist seemed to be weeping about their failure before their deaths.

However, their unimaginable great power seemed to be telling their descendants the long lost but glorious legends in the past.

Their empty eye sockets showed no emotions, and they butchered everything around them like puppets.

Their chilly murderous spirits swept forward like mists driven by gusts!

If they still had their spiritual awareness, perhaps they would want to kill themselves! With the swords of their descendants!

When the mortals’ eyes met these empty eye sockets, a strange emotion seemed to be conveyed. Are you ready to shoulder the future?!

At this moment, Nalan Hongwu and the others seemed to hear voices from the primeval time and looked even more solemn.

“If you’re ready, cut off my head and advance forward!”

In the coarse and wicked roars, countless horrifying attacks exploded from all directions!


At this moment, the players showed confidence, calmness, and great power on their faces, and they also demonstrated meticulous skills and souls that stood tall in the Heaven and Earth!

“As you wish!” With a smile, Nalan Hongwu shook off the blood, flesh, and dust on the blade of his longsword.

“Betting with the knights’ honor!” The paladins raised their huge swords and released rainbow-like holy light!

“It’s our duty to guard our nations and citizens!” On the battleground, military sabers were raised.

The ancestors from the distant ancient time and the ultimately talented descendants stood facing each other in solemnity on this battleground.


Instantly, saber energies, sword shadows, countless horrifying magic spells, and ultimate sword spirits engulfed the entire Heaven and Earth! Surrounded by the great army of the three realms, the members of the alliance force from different races in the mortal world looked like radiant flowers that were blooming.

Sword spirits traveled all through Nalan Hongwu’s body. As their sword blades collided, his sword cut into his rival’s neck with only a few millimeters of advantage and great accuracy!

Then, Nalan Hongwu withdrew his sword in one smooth move.

Remembering the countless battles in the past, both virtual battles and battles in the real world, he thought that he might have truly reached the realm of entering micro if this realm really existed!

Tink! With a blunt metal-colliding noise, Saint Leidon used parry to deflect his rival’s huge sword and then almost at the same time…

“Omnislash!” Behind him, a figure flew up. Sword Saint Wilson raised his sword and started a symphony of destruction!

“Build the Golden Light Array!” In the sky above Liuyun Daoist Palace, heavenly light shook as thunders resonated between the Heaven and Earth!

“Blade of the Exile!” In the Elf Forest, extremely horrifying green energy poured out with a roar like a tsunami on this doomsday!

At this moment, everyone on the battleground felt a bone-deep chill. This was the furious roar of will coming from the creatures living in the mortal world.

In the short dozens or hundreds of years, they had reached a realm that their patriarchs couldn’t have imagined; some of them had even stepped into the realm of immortals and gods. With their battle skills and mindset reaching the pinnacle stage, the unyielding mortals in this world had the right to be proud!

“Stop them! Stop them!” The roars of the God of Radiant Light Judgement and other gods and immortals resonated between the Heaven and Earth.

“Kill!” At this order, many demons rose in all directions! A huge shadow engulfed the sky, and it was…

“The Shadow Legion?!” All the people from the West Continent were startled as they felt this presence.

World Mage Hematon said with a grim expression, “It’s the evil god that they worship!”

However, they were no longer as weak as they had been! They had slaughtered all the gods in God of War, listened to the lecture of Dao given by a sage in Journey to the West, and watched all kinds of Dao spells in Investiture of the Gods. Regardless of which continent they were in now, they could look back on the hard battles in the past with confidence and arrogance.

“How can you block me?!” They had reached the same immortal realm, and their swords weren’t inferior compared to their enemies’, but their battle hunger was even fiercer!

“Was it you who sent the sects under you to destroy the factions on our continent thousands of years ago? After almost cutting off all the faction lines, you are coming again thousands of years later and bringing catastrophe to us again?!” Flying up on his sword, Nalan Hongwu studied the God of Radiant Light Judgement before him.

Beside him, Zong Wu, Gu Tingyun, and other cultivators and warriors all stared at this figure with cold eyes.

“It was you who sent the legion to disturb our mortal world for the last thousands of years, leaving corpses all over the land and nations ruined?!” On the other side, the knights and mages had fury in their eyes as they studied the evil demons before them.

“Holy light! Do you see that enemy?” Led by Commander Elven, the paladins rode on their griffins and shot into the enemies’ hearts like sharp arrows!

“Who… the heck are you?!” In the sky above the golden rainbow bridge, the King of Gods who was wearing a godly crown and ruled the Gods’ Palace asked solemnly.

Spiritual light dispersed from Fang Qi’s palm. At this moment, he felt that no matter where he was, this was the most solid rock he could lean on and obtain strength from!

All the thoughts in his mind turned into one sentence, “No regrets over entering Huaxia in this life; wish to be born in Zhonghua in the next lifetime!”

An arrow tore open the void. Shot from the powerful Sun-Shooting Bow, the godly arrow turned into a light beam and flew out!

The headless battle god roared.

In the next moment, the immortals, gods, and demons crashed into each other on the top of the sky. It looked as magnificent as the merge of rivers of stars!

“That’s all you can do. Kill!” Xuanzhong Saint Master who was in a purple robe roared.

In the next moment, four immortal swords shot up into the sky, turning the Heaven and Earth into.

In the distant four directions, ancient swords suppressed the universe as the extremely weathered ancient worlds revealed in the red lights.

They were the following.





Three Treasure Jade Ruyi, Tai Chi Scroll, and all kinds of connate spiritual treasures crashed down from the array!

“Ahh!” A scream rose, and it was followed by the second and the third scream…

Then, screams rose all over the mountains and fields!

As the sword energies flashed inside the array, corpses littered everywhere, and blood turned into rivers.

The immortal treasures that the enemies were proud of and their unrivaled cultivation strength seemed to be useless at this moment!

[Immortal-Slaying Sword is sharp, Immortal-Butchering Sword is deadly, and red lights rose when Immortal-Trapping Sword is launched. With miraculous variations, Immortal-Exterminating Sword makes Daluo Golden Immortals soak in blood!]

This seemed to be the true catastrophe!

These lofty existences could bring a catastrophe with a thought. They had never imagined that one day, they would become the targets of such a horrifying catastrophe!

At this moment, they seemed to be facing their own doomsday!

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