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Chapter 939 - We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends (II)

Chapter 939: We’ll Be Writing Our Own Legends (II)

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“It’s time for us to attack.” The whole sky was divided into three colors – purple, golden, and red. The black and red almost occupied half of the sky.

Perhaps it was no longer a war.

The evil demon with three heads and eight legs waved its hand and controlled one part of the world by force.

A destructive and colorful light beam crashed down with a long fiery tail like a comet smashing toward the sun, turning the entire Heaven and Earth red. Some people even suspected that the whole land would be destroyed by this horrifying attack!

A young man flew up below the comet-like light and was instantly engulfed by it!

This was the ultimatum of destruction launched by the three most powerful civilizations in this era!

Eight saint masters, ten of the most ancient pre-heaven gods, and 12 primeval devil gods.

They stood in different directions on the top of the sky and watched coldly as the humans struggled and died before their weak presences gathered in one place between the Heaven and Earth.

“Is this… our fate…?”

“Will we face the destruction this way…?”

“What… should we do?!”

In the whole world, mortals, cultivators, and warriors found countless voices talking inside their minds.

Endless negative emotions filled their minds as chills ran down their bodies. This was the real state that they were in.

“Origin Plan! Activate!” A voice seemed to come from the distant ancient time!

The chilly murderous spirit reversed like torrents pouring out of the Yellow River!

In Liuyun Daoist Palace, Xue Daolv paused his steps and took off his outer robe as the palace master. His eyes were full of steadiness and calmness that he had when he dealt with countless monsters far more powerful than himself!

“Just as we did before.” In the Elf Royal Palace, Elf Queen Kellybel quickly calmed down after the initial shock. An extremely pure golden lightning bolt exploded in her hand!

“Now, we have surpassed you!” Leaning on his walking cane, Gu Tingyun squinted his eyes, and a surge of pure essence shot up into the sky!

“The remaining disciples! Listen to my order! Form the array!” Inside Liuyun Daoist Palace, with a thunder light jumping in her palm, Su Tianji yelled in a cold tone. In the place of her usual laziness, a chilly heroic glint flashed in her eyes, making her look like a true immortal!

“Get ready…” Zong Wu held a short blade, and the Heaven and Earth suddenly dimmed!

“Attack!” The talented young people such as Song Qingfeng had shed their youthful softness long ago. Right now, except for those who had gone back to their factions to honor their ancestors, everyone else from the East Continent and the West Continent had gathered together in large numbers regardless if they were facing immortals, gods, mortals, and ghosts.

A purple flying sword emitted chilly light which shook the Ninth Heaven. Facing the pouring enemies, tens of thousands of swords shot up into the sky from behind.

“Innumerable Sword Immortal Technique!”

With spiritual energy floating under their feet, the paladins had holy spiritual essence flowing in their bodies.


“Bestow Faith!”


“Sword 23! Destroying all six paths!” Nalan Hongwu launched sword energies from his palm, and the sword spirits that was many times more powerful than the world-destroying Sword 23 shattered an immortal like a dazzling godly light beam!

“Fist of the Heavens!” St. Leidon followed closely, and his power as a paladin turned into a thick light pillar and almost pierced a huge hole in the sky!

“Your era is in the past!”

The joint army of immortals, gods, and demons swarmed up like torrents and giant waves. However, the mortals charged head-on fearlessly!

They had understood why they must raise their swords. They had no exit but no regrets either.

This wasn’t a catastrophe since…”We’ll be writing our own legends!”

“Face the wind!”

Wind and fire surged up as the two torrents crashed into each other!

Fang Qi was holding a stone tablet on which were written the words ‘Gods’ Investiture List’!

At this moment, the System Interface showed that he had finished the task to severely punish the previous troublemakers. He had turned the immortal masters who led that invade to dust.

However, he didn’t expect things to deteriorate so fast.

Unlock the highest-level privileges!

Fang Qi looked up at the comet-like colorful light beam that would fall on his head in the next moment, and then he glanced at the extremely powerful existences whose expressions were either icy and chilly or solemn and cold.

“Bring it on! Come and try with your full strength!”

A gold bridge spread out, separating Heaven from the Earth and the gods and demons from the mortals. It also stopped the collapse of the world below the bridge.

At this moment, golden light and purple clouds shot up into the sky! It looked as if jade towers and gold palaces appeared at the top of the void!

The River of Heaven flowed, stars blinked brightly, shining on everywhere, and colorful phoenixes soared. Dressed in gold armor, countless strong soldiers stood tall under the flapping flags! Like on a primeval scroll, the legendary names lit up one by one. Radiant light shone in the sky as figures that only existed in the legends appeared in this world!

With a seven-feet red silk ribbon fluttering in the sky, a figure appeared while stepped on golden wheels with lotus flowers in his eyes!

With a vertical eye between his brows, a godly general proudly looked at the Heaven and Earth and shot godly thunderbolts from the Ninth Heaven!

Heavenly masters, immortals, and gods stood on the two sides above the clouds in the sky!

Further up, a few Daoists sat or lay in the clouds while four swords, Immortal-Slaying, Immortal-Butchering, Immortal-Trapping, and Immortal-Exterminating, rose in the air. Then, three Treasure Ruyi emitted purple misty essence as they appeared!

In the distant sky, murderous spirits mixed with yellow essence. In the misty clouds, a huge ax appeared first, followed by a headless battle god!

Then, a fiery bow appeared below nine suns as a god with star-bright eyes stepped out and pulled the bow to the fullest!

As the Demon-Summoning Flag waved, tens of thousands of demons bowed their heads!

A pair of bright eyes suddenly opened, turning the sky as bright as day. With eyes like suns, a huge dragon flew up with a lantern in its mouth.

Extremely grand, aggressive, overbearing, and ultimate presences rose in the east.

At this moment, tens of thousands of gods descended, casting light on all eras!

Between Heaven and Earth, countless gazes turned toward this miraculous phenomenon that one wouldn’t see even in 10,000 tribulations.

They were either envious, reverent, admiring, or completely stunned.

Like the waves of a surging flood, the stunning sensation blasted at everyone’s hearts again and again.

This huge group of immortals and gods were at least as large as the combined army of the Innumerable-Immortal Sea, Gods’ Palace, and Nine-Fold Darkness!

At this moment, this group didn’t show the slightest disadvantage while battling with the three realms. In the vast sky, the immortals, gods, and demons didn’t even know where these gods came from but were truly stunned by the sight.

The people on the ground looked up at the sky and burst into waves of exclamations as they watched these gods fight against the combined force of the three realms. “They are… gods from Huaxia?!”

Divided by the gold bridge, two wars began on two battlegrounds at the same time with one in the sky and the other on the ground!

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