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Chapter 943 - Huh?! Where Are My Potato Chips!? (The End - 1/2)

Chapter 943: Huh?! Where Are My Potato Chips!? (The End – 1/2)

“It’s over…” At the other end of the golden bridge on the top of the sky, Yin and Yang merged and returned to chaos. People seemed to see an ancient but familiar starry sky and land that crashed down like a huge mountain!

In the chaos, someone roared hoarsely, “He fell… even Master fell!”

“Demon Master… Demon Master has also been suppressed!”

“Run! Quickly run!”

Not only the few remaining immortal masters but the saint masters such as Xuanzhong Saint Master were scared witless.

Then, the loftiest Godly Court beyond the endless void and above the gods collapsed.

The tens of thousands of immortals built a major array that stunned all ages.

Like a millstone of Heaven and Earth, the array destroyed these figures that had survived countless tribulations.

At this moment, they were facing the most horrifying killing tribulation that they had ever seen!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless gods and demons exploded into pieces and were devoured by the red light in the array. Then, they turned silent!

The gold bridge spanning the Heaven and Earth suddenly turned into a shower of gold dust while a golden flood swept across the entire sky!

The remaining spiritual energy of those once lofty existences turned into golden spiritual rain and fell on the land.

Winds brought the spiritual shower across the whole world. The Deserted Sea Realm that had scarce spiritual essence gradually turned lively again, and the storms in the huge and desolate sea area around Half City gradually calmed down.

Heavenly Abyss Sea was outside the most desolate Deserted Sea Realm in the Continent of Immortal Relic, and it was the only way leading to the Spiritual State where Yuanyang City was located. Golden spiritual rain fell in Heavenly Abyss Sea, and the strange natural phenomenon caused by the endless ancient space fissure was gradually replaced by tremendous vigor of life.

It was summer. In the remote wilderness of the Ultimate West Realm, the 10,000-year-old snow on the mountains melted, and new plants began to sprout at a visible speed. This place wasn’t located in the polar region but seemed to have been abandoned by the sun. At this moment, vivid life returned to this area!

In the Elf Forest, the shocking land crack began to slowly close as abundant golden spiritual essence entered the ground which was in desperate need of spiritual essence. Like a wondrous medicine, the spiritual essence healed the countless wounds that this world had been afflicted with ever since the ancient times.

Concealed in the small worlds which seemed to float around the continents, including spatial fragments, ancient deserts, and withered forests, countless creatures which had been on the verge of extinction walked out and entered the world.

Deadwood began to sprout, and deserts began to show refreshing greenery.

This fragile world seemed to gradually get stronger. Countless fragment-like small worlds began to gather in the center. One day, they might return to their original form.

From now on, the previous rulers disappeared. The three realms outside the mortal world would only regain order after a long time of chaos.

From now on, there were only the Heavenly Clan living in the sky and the Darkness Clan living in the Plane of Nine-Fold Darkness which was connected with the depths of the ocean.

Meanwhile, humans had never given up on their explorations of the outside world. They explored the ‘sky beyond the sky’ that had been told in many legends and seemed to gradually obtain some progress.

Perhaps… there was a vaster starry sky beyond this Heaven and Earth!

A brand-new era had come!

At this moment in the Godly Court, a milky white light sphere slowly rose like a new-born sun. The laws of nature that had been split up and taken by gods now came from different directions and gathered in these ruins in the void.

A small noise sounded. After countless years, a new spirit seemed to have been born.

One year later –

The shop held another worldwide E-sports competition.

Xiao Yulv and Mu Donglai sat on the caster stand.

Below them were the audience stands that were filled with countless people.

Today’s competition had ended, and the casters and commenters began to chat with each other.

Mu Donglai said, “I guess everyone has heard that we’ll announce a bunch of great news after today’s competition.”

“The good news is that Gongzi Xiao Yulv, our long-time cloud player, will be removed from the blacklist after today’s competition!”

“Hahahahaha… hehehe…!” Sitting next to him, Xiao Yulv laughed hysterically.

Instantly, bullet comments flooded the screen.

[Congratulations to the long-time cloud player for being allowed to play games in the shop!]


[Are you going to livestream now?]

“Um…” Obviously, Mu Donglai saw this message. “In fact, I wanted to ask Gongzi Xiao about the first game that he’d like to play after being removed from the blacklist.”

“Of course, I’ll play Resident Evil, Diablo 2, the Legend of Sword and Fairy 1!” Xiao Yulv said while moving his hands..

“The shop has many games. Why did you choose these three old games?” Mu Donglai asked, “Can you tell us why? Did you choose them for the sentimental reason?”

“With all kinds of new games popping up, many new players might not understand my choices,” Xiao Yulv explained to Mu Donglai and the audience, “At that time, entertainment for us was going to the gambling house or listening to songs or stories. High-end entertainment was just hunting demon beasts. When the games such as the Legend of Sword and Fairy and Diablo came out… my goodness!”

“At that time, who would have expected that a monster would drop so many items after being killed? Some of which were even ultimate items! At that time, who would know that they could fly by riding on swords?! I had goosebumps all over my body by just watching them play the games,” Xiao Yulv said.

Now, the games are each better than the last, but it seems like we can’t find the feelings that we once had. At that time, we would chat about items’ attributes and properties and skill combinations in Diablo 2 for one night in excitement. We would forget to eat meals when we were in the middle of a warm discussion with friends about the plot of the Legend of Sword and Fairy 1…

“I was so eager to play when I watched them from behind…” Xiao Yulv said, “But I just couldn’t.”

“So, you will play these games to fulfill your old dreams?” Mu Donglai asked.

“You can say that.”

“Then, let’s hope our Gongzi Xiao gets to play the games as soon as possible!” Mu Donglai said, “This is the end of today’s livestream. Thank you for watching!”

“I’ll go and play games now!” Xiao Yulv waved at the camera. “See you all in my livestream room!”

The moment that he came to the entrance of the shop…


A loli landed from the sky. Dressed in a beautiful snow-white silk royal dress and with a Pikachu school bag on her back, she stomped her boots and said curiously, “How come the shop owner made the ground outside the shop so soft? Did he do it to celebrate the beginning of my summer break?!

“Ya! Forget it! I must enter the shop now, or that strange big light sphere will catch up with me!” She ran into the shop.

“Who the heck did that?!” Xiao Yulv was about to get up from the ground.

“Auch!” He screamed as a milky white light sphere as tall as one man landed from the sky and flew into the shop.


“He has broken ribs… hurry! Carry him to the Royal Medical House and give him the best medical care! He’s not allowed to leave for one month!” Faint voices came from outside the shop.

“Ah! Let me in! I can still play! Ahh!”

Meanwhile, inside the Jiuhua City Shop –

Jiang Xiaoyue put down her school bag cheerfully. “Boss! Get me one computer!”

“Xiaoyue?! What did you bring here?!” Nonplussed, Mr. Fang stuck out his head from the back of his seat, wondering how come a big light sphere was in the shop.

Does this thing come here to play online?!

“How do I know?!” Jiang Xiaoyue pouted and said in a huff, “This big light sphere has followed me since this morning. I don’t know where it came from, but it claims to be my little sister! How come my royal father didn’t tell me that I have another little sister! It must be an imposter!”

With a proud expression on her face as if she was saying that she wasn’t so gullible, Jiang Xiaoyue took out a big bag of potato chips from her little bag, which turned out to be a spatial storage bag!

She tore the bag open. “Au! Au! This seaweed flavor is so good!”

“Xiaoyue!” Mr. Fang took the bag of potato chips from her and said patiently, “I told you that it’s a high-calorie food. Look at you! You’ve gained weight and have a round face! I’ll keep this bag of potato chips for you!”

“Besides, it’s not right that your academy gives you so many breaks.” Mr. Fang took out a big pile of papers from his storage artifact. They were test preparation materials and worksheets for university entrance exams.

“You need extra classes this summer break. After all, a childhood without the experience of doing extra classes isn’t a perfect childhood.”

“Huh!?” After Mr. Fang put them on her desk, Jiang Xiaoyue looked at the pile of papers that towered over her and froze.

At this moment, Mr. Fang also looked puzzled. “It seems like that the Lord of Godly Court came from beyond the Heaven, and it wasn’t will of this world…”

“Then, where’s the will of this world…? How come I’ve never felt it?”

As Mr. Fang was engrossed in this thought, a pure-white little hand reached out from the light sphere and grabbed a handful of potato chips stealthily.

“This is indeed puzzling…” Mr. Fang gazed at the ceiling and continued to think.

The hand took another handful of potato chips.

“Forget it. I’ll give up thinking about it since I can’t figure it out.”

The hand took another handful of potato chips.

Mr. Fang snapped back to reality. “Seaweed-flavored potato chips are my favorite. I’ll eat some!”

He reached his hand into the bag and froze.

“Huh?! Where are my potato chips?!”

Lifting the empty bag, he looked around with widened eyes and blinked. “???”

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