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Chapter 94 - The Legend of the Sword and Fairy

Chapter 94: The Legend of the Sword and Fairy

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Attracted by the live stream in the internet cafe, even the players stopped their games and watched! Ling and Xiaoyao were battling Prison-Guarding Wisdom King!

When the spell was cast, the whole world was instantly filled with the furious howling of gusty winds!

All the other demons and monsters in the Devil-Locking Tower sought shelter in the dark corners and shivered!

Spiritual energy gathered together and gushed out like floods!

The Liquor Immortal Spell was way too powerful when Li Xiaoyao, Ling, and Lin Yueru joined hands; even a god was no match for them!

Everyone knew it was only a game, but they were still shocked!

When the three of them defeated the Prison-Guarding Wisdom King after the hard battle, every viewer in the internet cafe bursted into cheers!

They were even more excited when they watched the three of them flee from the tower after breaking the Dragon Column in the Demon Decomposing Pond.

“Are they finally coming out?!”

[Look! Our Ling is so strong!] Soon, this bullet comment appeared on the screen. For Ling’s fans, they felt sad when they witnessed that an ordinary girl of a mysterious background was labeled as a demon.

However, she had awakened her godly power as a descendant of a god!

[Our Yueru is just as powerful!] Among the relatively harmonious comments on the screen, there was still some rivalry.

Immediately, lots of bullet comments showed on the screen.

[Ling is both pretty and powerful!]

[Ling is gentle and sweet!]

They triggered many supporting messages.

Seeing that the powerful enemy had been defeated, Yueru’s fans began to relax and fight back.

[Yueru is cuter!]

[Yueru is more passionate!]

Of course, these bullet comments came from the younger people. Senior masters such as Su Tianji just stood among the crowd, not caring to join the argument!

Meanwhile, Fenghua and Yuexin finished their comments and hurried over to her, asking, “Master, who do you like more, Ling or Yueru?”

Su Tianji didn’t know what to say; she wanted to say that she liked both of them.

Right now, only a few had noticed that Xiaoyao and Ling were fatigued after their battle with Prison-Guarding Wisdom King.

After all, it was quite unthinkable to challenge a god with the strength of mortals, and it was impossible for them to show no exhaustion after defeating the god.

At this moment, the Devil-Locking Tower collapsed!

Everyone blanked out instantly!

It wasn’t an interlude animation, but everyone felt sad inside after watching the battles with the ordinary demons, Jiang Qing, Ghost King, the Prison-Guarding Wisdom King, and the nine dragons transformed by the dragon column. They had experienced hardship along the journey as if they had been inside the game!

It showed the true power of love since Li Xiaoyao even killed the real god!

With the aid of the Spiritual Bead, it was the ultimate power that the mortals could unleash!

Maybe after many years, they would still remember the Seven-Star Sword Energy blooming on the screen and the figure who stood in front of others at the risk of death!

Yueru’s decision at that moment showed everyone her true feelings from the bottom of her heart!

(TL Note: In the game, Lin Yueru blocked a giant rock for Li Xiaoyao and Ling.)

Then, it was all buried in the ruins!

For a long time, no one could speak.


No one knew how long had passed when a comment appeared on the screen.

[Don’t die!]

In the next moment, the comments filled the screen!

“Wu… Don’t let anything happen to you!” Fenghua and Yuexin tried to hold back their tears.

“Couldn’t Xiaoyao be more powerful?!” Jiang Xiaoyue covered her face, crying. “Where is the power that you showed when you used the Liquor Immortal Spell?”

“Damn it… Don’t let anyone die…” Song Qingfeng and others had moved to the seats in the back as if they were afraid to see things that they couldn’t accept.

“It’s the owner who’s playing. Don’t you trust him?” An Cheng and others were also nervous, and their eyes were red with tears.

“It has nothing to do with the owner…” Fatty Ouyang Cheng inhaled deeply and said, shaking his head, “It’s beyond the power of mortals.”

The Yinlong Elder, who had been complaining of boredom, heaved a heavy sigh. “Let’s wait for the outcome…”

Due to various reasons, Fang Qi split the last part of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy into two days, which was why many people had to wait for the second day to continue watching the game.

On the second day, Fang Qi realized that more people came into the café, and all of them, no matter if they played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy or not, wanted to watch the last part of the live stream to see if Yueru could be revived and the ending for Ling and Xiaoyao.

By going to Nanzhao with Ling, it was the end of Li Xiaoyao’s mission.

Li Xiaoyao’s strength had grown little by little on his journey, from the Fire Kirin Cave to the Trial Cave.

When Li Xiaoyao finally woke up Ling, it was the time for the final battle!

“I didn’t expect that there would be such a powerful enemy behind all of this! He is Baiyue of Nanzhao?!”

“How come I feel like he is more powerful than the Prison-Guarding Wisdom King who guarded the Devil-Locking Tower?!”

Baiyue’s shadow was imprinted in almost everyone’s mind!

The Water Demon Beast and Baiyue merged and became one, and it caused huge waves which flooded a large piece of land and many houses. The horrifying power that it showed was invincible!

Some people had never thought that they would laugh and cry for an imaginary person in a game. However, when they watched Ling dash forward with all her force onto the mountain-like snake-bodied Baiyue who had merged with the Water Demon Beast, they changed their mind.

They had started the game with the intentions of learning martial arts and spells. But at this moment, they were all touched!

In fact, the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was classic not because it showed the audience the destruction of beautiful things. After all, pure tragedies only brought people sadness.

This game was trying to show that true and valuable feelings existed in this filthy world.

It was something that everyone longed for but couldn’t obtain.

The beauty of the game touched hidden feelings in many people’s hearts.

Without a word, Fang Qi put down the virtual headset and looked at the sincere eyes around him. For the people who lived in this world, they were touched by true love since they were free from the influences of all kinds of cultures.

Perhaps they were thinking that it would be worth all the fortune in their lives if they could have such true love.

At the end of the story, Nu played the flute to see off Xiaoyao on a snowy day, and Yueru, who had finally been revived, was waiting for Xiaoyao’s return, holding an umbrella.

Everyone watched this scene with tears in their eyes.

(TL Note: At the end of the game, Ling sacrificed herself to kill the Water Demon Beast.)

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