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Chapter 95 - Hidden currents

Chapter 95: Hidden currents

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Long after the end, many people remained silent while they savored the whole plot of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, reluctant to leave.

They had gradually accepted the story in the past few days and subconsciously put themselves into the game.

Seeing the scenes on the screen, they immediately remembered all the events in the game that made them laugh, cry, and feel curious. Also, they thought back to when they first learned the sword control technique and the excitement of killing the Prison-Guarding Wisdom King in the Devil-Locking Tower!

It seemed like a life cycle had passed; they felt as if they had lived another life in the game.

Nalan Hongwu sighed faintly. Despite his old age, he still couldn’t completely see through life, and ripples rose in his mind.

Perhaps this is why I have stopped at the current realm, he thought.

The Yinlong Elder, An Huwei, and others were also lamenting. They had played the game due to various reasons, but now they had all grown to like the people and things in the game. The Liquor Sword Immortal’s wild elegance, Ling’s vivaciousness, Yueru’s bravery, and Xiaoyao’s fate all touched them to their cores.

They even felt like the people in the game lived a more meaningful life than their own.

Even though these people only existed in the game, they were real people in the viewer’s hearts.

The only regret was that Ling didn’t return with Li Xiaoyao and Lin Yueru.

“Wu… Why did Ling end up like this!” Remembering the moment that Ling died, Jiang Xiaoyue began to cry again.

Many female players began to wipe tears from their eyes secretly.

“My Ling!” someone howled in the internet cafe.

If it happened at another time, not only Fang Qi, but the others would have cussed that person. But today, others joined the howling immediately.

Looking at the people who were howling in the internet cafe, Fang Qi was at a loss for words.

At this moment, Fang Qi glanced at his tasks.

[Introduce the Legend of the Sword and Fairy to 300 people and make them feel touched by the story.

Task Progress :40/300

Task Reward: Counter Strike: Virtual Reality Remake

Task Description: N/A]

Only a small part of the task was left…

After looking around the internet cafe, Fang Qi knew that a group of new players would soon join the game.

More importantly, despite the unchangeable main plot, there could be more than one ending. Fang Qi had made the discovery while he played. Even though he had gotten an ending close to the official version, it was hard to say that other players couldn’t get other plots and endings.

After finishing the game, Fang Qi continued to do his task. Right now, he had already mastered the sword control technique and was proficient at the thousand sword technique which was used quite often. As to the Drunken Immortal Moon-Observing Steps and Heavenly Sword that he had learned later, he was familiar with them and needed time to get more proficient with them.

Therefore, Fang Qi turned off the livestream and began to practice his skills.

However, with the number of players in the Origin Internet Club growing, some people felt threatened.

Without a doubt, Pang Rulie of the Qin Mountain Beast Garden was one of them.

Pang Rulie had begun to sense the threat ever since the customers began to thin in the Qin Mountain Beast Garden, and the sense of danger had grown more obvious now.

Before, he knew nothing about the business of the Origin Internet Club or the so-called games.

Now, the sense of danger grew stronger inside him when he heard the aristocrats talking about a game named the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

When he learned what kind of game the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was from his spies, a smart man like him knew what it meant.

If the situation continued, it would bring a great impact to the entire entertainment industry in Jiuhua City!

Copy the business?

Impossible! Who would spend so much money on making spiritual artifacts for the customers to play?

Also, who had the power to create a small world for others to play in?! Who could copy this business mode?!

Despite his admiration of the owner, Pang Rulie was determined to suppress this shop.

After all, he wasn’t someone to be messed with, especially when the small shop had begun to threaten his Qin Mountain Beast Garden.

He studied the name list in his hand and marked many names with a red pen.

It was the list of the first-class businesses in Jiuhua City.

The social status of businessmen in this world was not as low as the ancient times in China.

For example, it wouldn’t be easy for someone to acquire such a large piece of land and many demon beasts, including extremely rare ones, to build the Qin Mountain Beast Garden without an extraordinary background!

Pang Rulie’s ancestors had been counts. Although the title wasn’t passed down, the Pang Family had accumulated great power, and he was an official in the city.

Likewise, the people on the name list were either powerful aristocrats or people with a big force behind them. If they joined hands, they couldn’t be reckoned with!

The names that he had marked were people who had agreed to help him, but he still needed one to two truly powerful figures.

Pang Rulie had done his due diligence and knew that some customers who played games in Fang Qi’s shop had extraordinary backgrounds.

However, they were only customers and not wonders. It meant that the shop couldn’t rely on the customers to help it out of trouble.

If a shop had to enlist help from its customers, the business would soon be over.

Pang Rulie drew a big circle on the name list, and only two names were in the red circle; one was the owner behind the Wind and Moon Pavilion, and the other was Huo Chong, the master of the Southern Business Alliance.

“These two… are hard to deal with…” With the name list in his hand, Pang Rulie was deep in thought.

– Meanwhile in the Wind and Moon Pavilion –

Song Qingfeng was eating in the Wind and Moon Pavilion. In fact, the figures who had some importance in Jiuhua City liked to visit this place whenever they had time.

The table that Song Qingfeng and others took had more liquor than usual.

“Come on! Young Master Song! Bottoms up!” Lin Shao picked up a jar of liquor.

Song Qingfeng’s face fell and said, “Young Master Lin, you want to bottom up the jar?!”

“Shut up! I’m not in the mood today!” As a loyal fan of Ling, he felt bad when Yueru returned at the end of the game, but Ling couldn’t come back to life.

Lin Shao gulped down a mouthful of liquor and said with a sad face, “We’re buddies, and I’m not afraid to humiliate myself in front of you. To tell the truth, when I played the game today and saw Ling again, I wanted to cry!”

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