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Chapter 93 - Surprising Everyone

Chapter 93: Surprising Everyone

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“These bottles of liquor aren’t for you to drink; they are for you to cast the spell. I created the Liquor Immortal Spell, but it’s just as powerful as the other spells and techniques you’ve learned in the past,” the Liquor Sword Immortal said to Li Xiaoyao calmly in the screen. He was a big-hearted man who was generous enough to teach Li Xiaoyao his most powerful technique before even formally accepting him as a disciple. The Liquor Sword Immortal didn’t say anything else, but those watching could tell that he cared about Li Xiaoyao.

They all stared intently at the screen and watched as the Liquor Sword Immortal taught Li Xiaoyao the technique. Unlike the sword control technique, this seemed like a normal spell. The Liquor Sword Immortal didn’t use its full power.

However, through the Liquor Sword Immortal’s words, the viewers could feel the immense power of this spell!

“It can only be used nine times in one’s lifetime? No wonder the Liquor Sword Immortal isn’t willing to use it,” An Cheng cried out. “If someone like him can only use it nine times in his life, how powerful do you think the spell is!”

“I didn’t think that such a weird spell existed!” Su Tianji couldn’t take her eyes off the screen.

“Being able to learn such a powerful spell means that this journey is going to be treacherous, right?”

Everyone looked down upon Li Xiaoyao in the beginning of the game; he didn’t have power, status, or anything extraordinary!

Some players even wanted to give up on the game.

To their surprise, he became an alpha-male in the blink of an eye! They were witnesses to his growth!

That was why they came to sympathize his experience.

Will I experience this later in the game as well? Su Tianji finally finished eating her Haagen-Dazs, and she thought as she stared at the screen.

“The game looks so hard…” The female disciple, Yuexin, muttered to Fenghua quietly, “What if we can’t save Ling? It’s giving me a headache!”

“I bet our master can save her,” Fenghua took this opportunity to flatter Su Tianji.

Of course I can! Su Tianji thought haughtily upon hearing her disciples’ discussion.

“Master, there’s a seat over there. Are you going to play the game?” Hong Lingfeng asked the Yinlong Elder.

“Hm…” The Yinlong Elder glanced over at the computer before turning his attention back to the big screen. He stroked his silver beard and said, “I’m going to watch a little longer.”

“Um… Didn’t you say that it is boring to watch others play?” Hong Lingfeng scratched his head.

The Yinlong Elder didn’t respond as he suppressed the urge to hit his favorite disciple on the head with his cane. Then, he snorted and went back to watching the livestream.

In the scene, Li Xiaoyao and Lin Yueru were headed toward the Devil-Locking Tower.

[The Shu Mountain Faction is horrible! They locked up Ling in a tower. The two of them can go in but won’t be able to come out!]

[The Faction Master is stupider than the disciples! He’s so stubborn!]

“Why do all demons and monsters have to be locked up! If I…” A cultivator suddenly stopped talking midway because he realized that the relationship between people and demons in their world wasn’t that good either.

However, why was he so infuriated by what he saw?

“Let’s cheer Xiaoyao on.” Lan Yan and Nalan Mingxue were watching the livestream from the last row. Lan Yan held her communication jade tightly, and the follow words appeared on the screen, [You can do it, Xiaoyao!]

“Mhm.” Nalan Mingxue had just finished eating her Haagen-Dazs. She put the container down, took out her communication jade, and sent, [You can do it, Xiaoyao!]

“Let’s cheer Xiaoyao on as well!” Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing send bullet comments as well.

“Hm… we can do this?” Fenghua and Yuexin saw the comments on the screen and picked up their jades as well. “Let’s cheer him on as well…”

[You can do it, Xiaoyao!]

Although Su Tianji didn’t say anything, she was still worried to see Li Xiaoyao walking into the Devil-Locking Tower. Since the bullet comments were anonymous, she sent, [Xiaoyao, save Ling soon!]

Then, she glanced around and realized that no one knew it was her, just as she expected.

“Hey, let’s send comments too,” Bu Che and Ouyang Cheng ran up to An Cheng and said.

As they watched the many comments appearing on the screen, the crowd felt calmer than ever as if Li Xiaoyao could really save Ling now.

Of course, none of them knew what ‘Bullet Comment Protection’ meant.

Almost everyone here played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, so even though the screen was from the third-person point of view, they all felt like they were watching Li Xiaoyao walk into the looming Demon-Locking Tower from the first-person point of view.

Fang Qi had almost mastered the sword control technique and showed everyone how powerful the Shu Mountain Faction’s sword techniques were! When he raised his sword, it howled into the sky and attacked like the raindrops in a storm! This wasn’t a dream anymore; Li Xiaoyao could fully exert the power of the sword control technique!

“Woah, he’s so powerful!” The crowd gasped as they watched many sword shadows kill all the demons and monsters!

Upon seeing this, Nalan Hongwu thought back at his youth where he battled enemies and smiled, “His demeanor is similar to mine when I was young!”

“Yueru’s Seven-Star Sword Energy is so powerful!” All the female characters in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy were extremely powerful. When the crowd saw gusts of sword energies dash out of Yueru’s sword, they began sending bullet comments showing their support for her.

[Yueru, you’re so strong!]

[I love you, Yueru!]

[Yueru, you can do it!]

Song Qingfeng and the others were fans of Ling, but even they couldn’t help but exclaim, “No wonder she’s the daughter of the master of Martial Arts Alliance; this sword energy is amazing!”

They watched in awe as Xiaoyao and Yueru experienced countless dangers to save Ling’er. For one, they didn’t expect to see so many horrific demons in the tower; none of the monsters were easy to defeat! Second of all, they were shocked by the fact that the two really made it this far.

However, upon seeing the Prison-Guarding Wisdom King standing in Li Xiaoyao’s way, the crowd didn’t know whether to be surprised to angry!

“The Shu Mountain Faction’s Demon-Locking Tower is protected by a real god?”

“How is that possible? It’s just a mortal faction; why would this tower be protected by a god!” They were all flabbergasted!

“The faction was floating in the sky, and its Demon-Locking Tower was protected by a real god! What else?”

“The Shu Mountain Faction is so powerful!” The crowd was as shocked as they could be!

“How is Li Xiaoyao supposed to win!” The crowd groaned in despair; it was impossible for a mortal to defeat a god!

However, when Li Xiaoyao began chanting a spell, they all snapped back from their initial shock.

Someone shouted, “He’s chanting the Liquor Immortal Spell!”

Finally, all the true energy that Fang Qi had been storing up could finally be used at a time like this to activate the Liquor Immortal Spell!

“Ling! Look at Ling!”

“Ling is a descendant of Nuwa? She has godly powers!” Everyone watching the livestream sat there with their jaws open, dumbstruck.

(TL Note: A Goddess in Chinese Mythology. Nuwa, also known as the Queen of Wa, is a clanlord from the ancient times who was gradually regarded as the ancestor of human beings.)

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