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Chapter 92 - Learning About Bullet Screens

Chapter 92: Learning About Bullet Screens

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People in this world had never even heard of live streams, let alone bullet screen!

“A bullet screen is easy to use. Just send what you want onto the screen using your communication jade,” An Cheng who came earlier in the morning explained to Wang Kuan what a bullet screen was. He didn’t realize that he, the son of the Castellan of Jiuhua, was slowly turning into a guide for Fang Qi’s shop.

“What is that?” Xiao Yulv had been here for a while, but it was his first time seeing something as fancy as this. Therefore, he walked up to An Cheng and asked.

“It’s a bullet screen! Bullet screen!” An Cheng said as he demonstrated, “It’s actually pretty interesting, once you send it out, it will appear on the screens of both shops.”

Then, he sent the message, [The Shu Mountain Faction is really cool.]

The others quickly saw the same words floating across the big screen in front of them. An Cheng continued, “It’s completely anonymous. As long as you don’t curse, you can send whatever you want.”

“Ha! No matter how cool it is, it’s still not real!” Unconvinced, the Yinlong Elder crossed his arms.

To him, no matter how real something seemed in the game, it was still not real at the end of the day and completely unreachable.

“About that…” An Cheng whispered, “If we can use the sword control technique in the game, why can’t we create a floating mountain?”

An Cheng really wanted to recreate a floating mountain so he that could turn Jiuhua into a floating city in the future!

The Yinlong Elder was at a loss for words. Is that really possible? If we can really create floating cities, then every single faction and sect will float in the sky in the future!

Then, the Yinlong Elder secretly sent the message, [The Shu Mountain Faction is awesome.]

Then, he glanced left and right. As expected, no one knew that he was the sender.

Of course, what they didn’t know was that if they could comprehend Pangu’s powers, they would become immortals, let alone create a floating city.

(TL Note: Pangu was the first living being and the creator of all things in some versions of Chinese mythology.)

Although Fang Qi’s system created such cities, it didn’t mean that cultivators in this world could study it and mimic it.

“What a function! Is it free to send messages?” The round-faced female disciple standing behind Su Tianji really wanted to try it out, but she was worried about spending money because everything in this shop costed a lot of crystals.

“Of course,” An Cheng explained, “It’s just some words; why would it cost you?”

“Really?” The two female disciples jumped up in joy and each sent a message onto the livestream screen.

People in this world hadn’t been exposed to the internet nor information technology, so their thoughts were pure. Therefore, the messages they sent were polite and sophisticated, unlike the ones that Fang Qi was used to seeing on Earth.

“I can do that?” Su Tianji gave it a try as well. She sent, [Ling is adorable.]

As she expected, she saw the same comment floating across the screen.

However, she didn’t think that her message would create a giant surge of comments.

[Wow! I think Ling is adorable as well!]

[I found someone with the same taste as me]

[I love Ling!]

[Me too!]

[Sir, you have to save Ling, or else I’m going to smash this shop!]


Su Tianji read the rows and rows of comments on the screen and was astonished to see so many people agreeing with her. Hm… this seems interesting.

“Is it really free?” Xiao Yulv immediately asked again.

An Cheng’s lips twitched. “Did you see any of us paying?”

“I’m going to send one as well!” Xiao Yulv immediately took out his communication jade. This shop may not welcome him, but at least it was free to comment!

Then, he followed An Cheng’s instructions and sent out a comment using his communication jade. However…

“Why isn’t it on the screen?” Xiao Yulv looked at the screen in bewilderment before sending out another message.


He sent a couple more, but all of his comments disappeared into thin air!

“Why can’t I send a message!” Xiao Yulv jumped up in fury.

Everyone around him was speechless, and Su Tianji said, “Less talking, more watching.”

An Cheng sighed in relief, happy that he wasn’t on the blacklist.

“Let’s go buy some Haagen-Dazs,” just then, the round-faced disciple behind Su Tianji suggested.

“Sure!” The taller disciple, Fenghua, immediately nodded as she thought back at the delicious taste that she experienced yesterday. They were here already, so might as well buy another one!

“Wait, what’s Haagen-Dazs?” Xiao Yulv got a bad feeling about this.

“A delicious snack,” The two female disciples quickly came back and handed Su Tianji a container.

They were going to wait a while before playing, so they watched the livestream while enjoying the delicious ice-cream.

Su Tianji appeared composed, but Fenghua and Yuexin looked like they were having the best time of their lives.

Xiao Yulv couldn’t help but lick his lips. “What does it taste like? Is it really that good?”

“Sister Fenghua, can you give me a try?” Although he didn’t smell the ice cream, he saw their satisfied faces, and his mouth began to water!

“No!” Fenghua immediately moved away from him and said sternly, “Men and women must keep a distance; how can I give you my food to eat?”

Then, Xiao Yulv immediately looked at Yuexin with a sad expression.

“No, the owner said that we’re not allowed to share food, or else he’ll kick us out and never welcome us back!”

Lastly, he looked at his aunt, Su Tianji. However, the latter didn’t even say anything; she walked right up to the screen to watch the livestream.

Xiao Yulv felt like crying.

Upon seeing his depressed expression, An Cheng, the Yinlong Elder, and the others shivered as a single thought crossed their minds, I’m glad that I never caused trouble here.

An Cheng reminded Xiao Yulv, “Although you can’t eat Haagen-Dazs, you can still watch the owner play. Let’s sit here; it’s actually really interesting to watch him play.”

“You’re right!” Xiao Yulv took in a deep breath. “He can’t kick me out for watching the livestream!”

Therefore, he continued watching the other play, eat ice cream, and send messages.

With the livestream and bullet screen, the discussions within the internet café lessened. After all, the players in both shops could see the bullet comments on the screen.

While eating Haagen-Dazs, Su Tianji watched Fang Qi play. However, she had no idea where in the game he was at.

Soon, someone sent a bullet comment, [Where’s the owner at?]

Another person quickly replied, [He arrived at the Shu Mountain Faction and is about to go and save Ling!]

[Just thinking about it is making me excited!]

Shocked, Su Tianji stared at the big screen and wondered, Look at the discussion!

The Yinlong Elder who was standing behind her froze for a second as well. I randomly sent a message; I can’t believe that someone replied so quick!

There were more than a hundred people at the internet café, half of which were watching Fang Qi play. Moreover, they were all passionate about this game, so every question was answered.

Just then, Yinlong Elder and the others heard someone shout, “The Liquor Immortal Spell?”

Then, discussions erupted as the livestream screen was filled with rows and rows of bullet comments.

[The Liquor Sword Immortal is teaching Li Xiaoyao the Liquor Immortal Spell?]

[I can tell from the name that it’s a powerful spell!]

[Everything the Liquor Sword Immortal taught Li Xiaoyao in the past has been amazing!”

[Stop sending bullet comments, he’s starting!]

Everyone watching sat up in their chairs, turning their attention to the screen before them!

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