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Chapter 91 - Livestreaming in this New World

Chapter 91: Livestreaming in this New World

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The Liuyun Dao Palace was quite far away from Jiuhua City. After Su Tianji learned the sword control technique over the course of a single day, she went back to her palace and started practicing on her own. There was no reason to go back.

In the early stages, cultivators could use spiritual artifacts to fly, but there were many restrictions. In comparison, the sword control technique had obvious advantages.

If she could master the sword control technique like Li Xiaoyao did, she would have no reason to fear any enemies nor adversity!

As a new player of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, the first thing that Su Tianji did when she went back was to practice the sword control technique. She practiced from last night to this morning.

With her realm and essence, she could go almost a month without sleep, so staying up all night wasn’t too big of a deal.

Although both worlds were full of cultivators, the spiritual spells in this world were significantly different from the sword control technique. After all, even warriors could learn the sword control technique.

This difference created a direct discrepancy. To cultivators in this world, learning the sword control technique was simple, but it would take a while before they could fly on their swords.

In the past, Su Tianji could stay in seclusion cultivation for years at a time. As long as her state of mind was calm, she wouldn’t feel bored.

However, after practicing the sword control technique for an entire night, she was bored out of her mind.

Yesterday, the gentle and cute Ling applauded her when she practiced the sword control technique, and Yueru and her competed to see who had better technique. Also, she improved her own techniques by killing monsters in the game.

Although her progress in the real world wasn’t as fast as Li Xiaoyao’s, playing the game as Li Xiaoyao helped her comprehend the skill much quicker.

In the game, she could go shopping and look at floral lights when she was tired of training. She was still bewildered by the fact that she and Ling shopped for almost an hour last night.

Now thinking back, she had fun last night.

Su Tianji really didn’t want to go back to Jiuhua City, but she really wanted to play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

When she thought about how she could improve her own sword control technique while enjoying the game, the urge of going became more pressing than ever!

“All the factions and sects had sent their congratulations, so I don’t have much to do… Should I… go right now?” Su Tianji muttered to herself while frowning.

Su Tianji went back to Tianji Palace and got ready. On her way there, she suddenly stopped in her tracks, thinking, There aren’t going to be any seats left…

Although she enjoyed the game, she really didn’t want to stand in line for hours on end again.

“We’re done with our morning classes. Should we go to Jiuhua City?” Just then, two female disciples walked toward her from the other end of the palace. They were quite talented, and Su Tianji often brought them along with her to places. She just took them to the internet café yesterday.

“Why would we go to Jiuhua City?” the other disciples asked.

“To play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.”

“We shouldn’t; there are so many people there. We won’t have any seats if we go.”

“Why wouldn’t there be seats?” The smaller girl with a round face said excitedly, “A friend of mine at Jiuhua City sent me a message through the communication jade. She said that Origins Internet Club added 100 more computers, so we don’t have to worry about waiting no matter when we go!”


“Of course!” The round-faced girl nudged her friend. “Let’s go!”

The two disciples discussed and didn’t realize that Su Tianji was in front of them until they looked up. Mortified, they immediately bowed down to their master.

“Fenghua, Yuexin, what did you just say?” Su Tianji had good hearing; she just heard that Origins Internet Club added 100 computers, and she wanted to confirm!

Crap, our master despises disciples who don’t focus on studying and cultivation. How could we have discussed games in front of her! One of the disciples thought as her heart sank.

“Did you just say that Origins Internet Club added 100 more computers?” Su Tianji stared at them with her hazel eyes.

“Uh…” Both of them felt like running into a wall; their master heard everything!

Crap, we’re going to be scolded. I really hope that we don’t get punished!  they thought.

Just then, they heard Su Tianji say, “Let’s go!”

“Go…?” The female disciples glanced at each other, and Su Tianji nodded. “Yes, to Jiuhua City.”

“Why are we going to Jiuhua City?” Her disciples were confused.

“I plan to…” Su Tianji was going to say that she wanted to play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, but she didn’t want to be a bad influence on her disciples. Therefore, she put her hands behind her back and said, “I’ve learned a lot from the sword control technique and would like to further cultivate my skills there. Weren’t you two planning to go as well?”

“Yes!” Her disciples nodded. “We were going to further our studies of the sword control technique as well!”

Then, they heaved a sigh of relief. Now, we finally have a good excuse to go play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!

It was pretty late when the three of them arrived at the internet café.

Upon entering, they immediately noticed the difference in layout.

The thing that stood out the most was a giant screen on the wall. They saw a bunch of people staring and pointing at it.

“Hm?” Confused, Su Tianji looked at the big screen and asked, “What’s this for?”

“It’s for livestreaming,” a familiar voice suddenly sounded beside her.

Su Tianji turned her head and frowned. “Xiao Yulv? Why are you here again?”

She understood why others came, but Xiao Yulv could neither play the games nor eat the food here.

He could watch, but that was about it. So why would he come?

Xiao Yulv was feeling sad. It was fine when not a lot of people came to this internet café. But right now, all his friends were playing. Even if he wanted to do something else, he had no one to go with!

All his good friends were playing on their computers. After all, this new form of entertainment was both high-end and novel to these wealthy young masters!

The games at this internet café were the only topics of discussion among the people he knew. Those who didn’t play barely got the chance to speak. Therefore, Xiao Yulv had no choice but to come again.

Since he couldn’t play, he could at least watch. This way, he would be able to contribute to conversations. However, this was an embarrassing thing to admit, and Xiao Yulv felt awkward at Su Tianji’s question.

Upon seeing Xiao Yulv’s expression, Su Tianji changed the subject and pointed to the giant screen. “What’s a livestream?”

Xiao Yulv came earlier than Su Tianji. Since he couldn’t play, he had time to ask around and get some answers. “They all like watching the owner play, so he got a giant screen so that others could watch him.”

“Ha, what’s so fun about watching others play?” The Yinlong Elder heard their conversation as he walked in with his disciples. He didn’t understand why others liked watching.

As soon as he finished his sentence, someone in the crowd cried out, “Oh my god, is that the Shu Mountain Faction?”

“Why is the Shu Mountain Faction constructed in the sky?”

“It’s so grand! That must be where immortals live!”

Then, they suddenly saw strings of words appearing on top of the screen, entering from one end of the screen and exiting from the other.

“Please call me a disciple of the Shu Mountain Faction!”

“Friends across the street, are you watching?”


Why are there words on the screen? Su Tianji and the others became more confused than ever.

(TL Note: Just like Twitch chat, the livestreaming platforms in China can also display the comments real-time on the scene via bullet screen or bullet comments.)

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