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Chapter 906 - Elder Ren Kui Honors the Shop with His Visit! Zhou Yi Divination Machine with Fruit Symbols!?

Chapter 906: Elder Ren Kui Honors the Shop with His Visit! Zhou Yi Divination Machine with Fruit Symbols!?

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[TL Note: Zhou Yi is known as Classic of Changes or Book of Changes, an ancient Chinese divination text and the oldest of the Chinese classics.]

“Watch out!” Subconsciously, Yao Ji felt a gust of intense murderous spirit coming at him from behind!

Without hesitation, he unleashed the movement technique that he had learned today. As his feet floated on the ground, his figure moved casually but swiftly to the side without warning.

“You… dodged it?” Gui Zijian was surprised that this ignorant playboy had dodged his sudden attack.

More puzzling was that Yao Ji just floated away like a ghost as if he didn’t have feet. After all, any dodging move would give a sign beforehand, or the flow of immortal spiritual energy would move in a certain direction, but Yao Ji showed no sign of it.

“How can it be…!?”

At this moment, two gazes turned toward them from the distant library. They were the elder who was monitoring the One Step to Heaven Test and the coach who tested Yao Ji yesterday.

Obviously, they noticed the disturbance here. In and around Dao-Hearing Pavilion, the disciples were forbidden to engage in private battles.

“Elder Ren, should I…?” The middle-aged coach dressed in a green robe said immediately, “These disciples are too unruly!”

The elder with the surname Ren shook his head and said, “Let’s watch them for a while.”

They watched as Yao Ji turned and used the movement technique in front of Gui Zijian while chanting some words.

His steps looked random and insignificant, but they enabled his body to sway rhythmically before Gui Zijian. His moves were capricious and unpredictable.

Gui Zijian stood where he was in a daze.

With blank eyes, he looked as if he couldn’t locate his target. Their styles, figures, and movements were not on the same level!

“Did you see it?” The elder with the surname Ren asked.

“Yes!” The coach beside him nodded with force as his eyes turned grim. “Gui Zijian seems to have lost the desire to attack when he saw such steps. I wonder…”

He said with sudden understanding, “Does this movement technique damage the opponent’s mind?!”

“Very likely.” The elder with the surname Ren said with a nod, “In fact, the moment that Yao Ji used this movement technique, Gui Zijian was doomed. But this movement technique doesn’t belong to any of the eight major families. I wonder where it came from.”

“This movement technique is so good?!” The coach asked in surprise.

“This movement technique is at least on the same level as the movement techniques used by the top 36 disciples on the One Step to Heaven List. Coach Wang, Gui Zijian will lose!”

Sure enough, with trembling hands, Gui Zijian watched Yao Ji and his friends leave without throwing an attack.

Yao Ji had just demonstrated a movement technique before him and subdued him without fighting!

“But… Yao Ji didn’t go out to experience the world or encounter any fortuitous events…” Coach Wang said, “Where did he learn these movement techniques?”

“The answer will come soon.” Elder Ren Kui squinted his eyes meaningfully.

Soon, a family guard came in and reported, “Elder, we found it! A new shop opened in the Thousand-Lantern Immortal Market at the foot of the mountain, named High Immortal Arcade Game Hall. The shop has a kind of spiritual artifacts that focuses on the learning of movement techniques. Young Master Yao Ji obtained his profound and complex movement techniques from that shop.”

“A small shop could teach Yao Ji, a guy without talent, these movement techniques in such a short time?”

“Interesting.” Elder Ren Kui’s eyes turned sharp. “Very interesting. Coach Wang Liang, would you like to go with me and visit this shop?”

“I also want to meet the people who are better at teaching than the coaches in our Dao-Hearing Pavilion!” Coach Wang Liang snorted and said, “Should we… go now!?”

“Since we’re at it, let’s go now!”

Soon, Elder Ren Kui and Coach Wang from the Dao-Hearing Pavilion found the street where the shop was located.

They pulled aside the curtain and glanced around.

“Elder, look…” Many people stood around the huge spiritual treasures as some immortal cultivators jumped on the platforms. “These must be the spiritual treasures that they use to learn the movement techniques. I’ll go up and see what’s so special about these spiritual treasures.”

Nodding, Elder Ren Kui walked up and asked about it in the crowd. He looked thoughtful. “You mean we can follow the music and learn movement techniques from the small figure on the screen?”

“Yeah!” One of the Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics answered him and demonstrated some steps. “Brother, do you want to go up and try it?”

“Try it?!” Elder Ren Kui said contemptuously with a snort, “Do you think I need to learn such movement techniques?!”

“Right! Whom do you think you are talking to?!” Beside them, Coach Wang looked disdainful, thinking that these people were beneath them.

Stung, the Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics retreated in slight resentment.

“This stuff is only fitting for the disciples; its useless to you, Elder,” the coach said with a sneer, “They are ignorant!”

“Guys, what can I do for you?” At this moment, Gu Tingyun walked up to them.

“Didn’t you hear us?! We need nothing!” Coach Wang gave Gu Tingyun a hard look and pointed at the crowd on the dance machines. “Do you think we are on the same level as those guys?!”

“What’s wrong with these people?!”

“Why are they behaving this way?”

“Don’t mess with them! Look at their clothes…” Sharp-eyed, the Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics had guessed that these two people had high status and weren’t people who they could afford to mess with.

Standing out from the crowd, these two immediately drew people’s attention. Many people in the shop looked over.

After all, these things didn’t deserve their attention!

At this moment, Gu Tingyun said, “The two of you, our shop has other types of spiritual artifacts.”

“Huh…?” They looked over curiously.

Following the direction that Gu Tingyun pointed at, Elder Ren Kui saw several spiritual artifact platforms that were about half a man’s height. On the square screens were the images of fruits such as apple, orange, mango, and watermelon. There were other images such as bells and numbers such as [77].

“What are these?!” They asked curiously.

Gu Tingyun said, “These are… Zhou Yi Divination Machines. The square shape comes from the concept that ‘the sky is round, and the earth is square.’”

Seeing their puzzlement, Gu Tingyun explained, “You can use Zhou Yi that is provided by the shop or the divination method that you’ve learned to calculate the following step that the divination machine will take. Then, you can make a choice.”

There was a row of buttons under the screen. Each of the buttons corresponded to the images on the screen, such as the apples, oranges, or mangos.

Gu Tingyun continued to explain, “The users can buy immortal tokens to insert into the machine. If your prediction is correct, your immortal tokens will multiply. If not, the immortal tokens that you inserted will be consumed. The tokens that you earn can be changed back to immortal crystals.”

“Hahahahaha…!” The moment Gu Tingyu said that, the two started to laugh.

Gu Tingyun was baffled. “What are you laughing about?!”

Elder Ren Kui said while laughing, “We’re laughing because you are oblivious to the fact that your shop will lose all the money.”

Gu Tingyun looked at them in battlement and asked, “Why will we lose all the money?”

The two people exchanged a look. Then, Coach Wang pointed at Elder Ren Kui and said while laughing, “Don’t you know that the man standing before you is an ultimate divination master?!”

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