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Chapter 907 - Elder, we are out of money!

Chapter 907: Elder, we are out of money!

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Coach Wang made a gesture, asking Elder Ren Kui to take a seat.

He said with a snicker, “Shop Owner, when this gentleman gets all the results right, I hope you won’t go back on your words.”

“Of course not!” Gu Tingyun said, “The Zhou Yi Divination Machine operates and changes strictly according to the workings of Zhou Yi. If you can make a few correct calculations, you can take back the money that you spend on the tokens. You would be playing for free.”

Elder Ren Kui laughed, “Shop Owner, you are being conceited, thinking that you know a bit of divination. You must remember that there’s always someone better than you out there. Coach Wang, go and get 500-immortal-crystals worth of tokens for me.”

“Okay.” Coach Wang immediately went to buy tokens.

At this moment, Elder Ren Kui waved his hand. “I think that I’ll own your shop after making three to five correct calculations.”

Taking a box of immortal tokens from Coach Wang, Elder Ren Kui inserted them into the slot one by one. “One…two…three…”

“Okay!” After a long while, Elder Ren Kui nodded as he looked at the number of tokens shown on the screen. He said to Gu Tingyun who stood next to him, “Watch!”

From his storage spiritual artifact, Elder Ren Kui took out a strange spiritual artifact which looked like a pot but had many holes. Then, he put eight small bronze swords of different shapes into the pot.

Next, he made a series of hand gestures and chanted.

As his hand gesture changed, the holes in the spiritual artifact lit up one by one with immortal spiritual light like twinkling stars. It was a startling scene.

Whoosh! Then, sword shadows flew out from the holes with seven-colored spiritual lights. The eight small swords hovered in the air and turned into a picture of rivers, mountains, and swords as mist rose into the air.

At this moment, all the people nearby and even the crowds looking at the dance machines were drawn by the dazzling seven-colored lights.

“Hiss…! I never expected that I’d have the opportunity to watch the Elder use the Heavenly Secret Godly Divination Technique!” Coach Wang said in amazement, “This is a long-lost godly technique used to calculate the movements of the Heavenly Secrets in prehistoric times!”

“What?!” Most of the nearby people had never heard of this godly technique before. But the spiritual lights and the pureness of the immortal spiritual essence showed that this man who was using the technique had extremely high cultivation strength.

At this moment, someone exclaimed, “Is it the divination technique created by Tianji Zi, the legendary immortal from the prehistoric times?”

[TL Note: Tianji means Heavenly Secrets.]

“I’m surprised that there are people who can recognize it,” Elder Ren Kui said in satisfaction, “But I’ve only learned the basics.”

“According to the legend, anyone who learns the basics can see 30 percent of the Heavenly Secrets…” That person said immediately, “Senior, you’re too humble.”

Elder Ren Kui didn’t reply. While stroking his long beard, he calculated carefully the hexagrams in his mind and said after a long while, “From my divination, Taiyi gives birth to metal dew, and the East is auspicious. Metal… bell… that’s it!”

[TL Note: A hexagram in this context is a figure composed of six stacked horizontal lines, where each line is either Yang, or Yin. The I Ching book consists of 64 hexagrams.]

Elder Ren Kui’s eyes emitted sharp light as he slammed his hand on the bell button with force, “Bell! 500!”

In the next moment, strange bell rings sounded as a wave of white spiritual lights lit up on the screen and circulated around the screen like fireflies. The fruits on the screen flashed with all kinds of colors as immortal essence rose from them, making them look like immortal fruits. The flashing lights on the screen reflected on Elder Ren Kui’s face, giving him a celestial glow.

The people around him began to talk among themselves.

“What is this spiritual artifact; it’s so miraculous.”

“It can even use a divination technique. I wonder whose divination technique is better.”

“Of course, mine is better!” Elder Ren Kui slammed his hand on the desk and said with confidence.

The spiritual light circled on the screen again and again. Whenever it came to the bell, Elder Ren Kui thought that it was going to stop. When he was about to stand up and declare the result to the people, the spiritual light continued to circle.

After several cycles…

“Hey! Stop! Stop for me!” Elder Ren Kui gritted his teeth. “Why doesn’t it stop?!”

“Don’t worry,” Gu Tingyun said in a hurry, “It must do several cycles before it stops.”

“Tsk!” Elder Ren Kui looked impatient. “Why are you anxious?! Do you think that my divination will be wrong? You’re stalling!”

He looked contemptuous.

At this moment…

“It is slowing down!”

“It’s going to stop! It’s going to stop!”

At this moment, not only Elder Ren Kui and Coach Wang, but all the people standing behind them were intently staring at the screen and the spiritual light circling on it.

“It is stopping! It is stopping!” The spiritual light moved slower and slower until it was only three blocks away from the bell that Elder Ren Kui had chosen.

Two blocks!

One block!

“Correct!” Coach Wang yelled, “Elder, your Heavenly Secret Godly Divination Technique is unrivaled.”

He gave a thumbs-up to the chuckling Elder Ren Kui and said, “It feels lie Tianji Zi came back with full glory…”

Before he could finish, the spiritual light on the screen moved forward for one more block.


It stopped!


Everyone stared at them intently as the latter looked back at them in stupefaction and then at the screen.

Elder Ren Kui almost jumped up from his seat. “What… what’s wrong?!

“Is…my divination wrong?!”


At this moment, the person who commented earlier said from the crowd, “Senior, all future events have traces in the current time, but they are also capricious. Your divination is very close to the correct answer, which means that the Heavenly Secret Godly Divination Technique is miraculous. I think if you do it again with careful calculation, you will surely succeed.”

At this moment, Gu Tingyun said, “If you are not sure about the result of your divination, you can choose two to three options. It will increase your rate of success.”

“What!?” Elder Ren Kui glared at him and said, “You have so little confidence in my divination?!”

Soon, he tried again. This time, he was more meticulous and more patient.

Soon, shouts sounded in the Arcane Game Hall…

“Watermelon! Watermelon! Watermelon!”

“Lemon! Lemon! Lemon!”

“Ah-! Ya!”

“What a pity! So close! Again!”

“This time, apple! Stop! Stop! Stop!”

“Hahahahaha! I’m right! See? I got it right! I won 500 tokens! A few more times of this, and this shop is mine!”

“Papaya! Papaya!”

“Oh! So close! Again!”

“Hahahaha! Got it right again!”

One night later…

“Coach Wang.” Elder Ren Kui stroked his long beard and asked, “How many times have I gotten it right?”

“Ten plus three, 13 times.”

“For each time, I won 500 to more than 1,000 tokens. Can we buy this whole shop with the proceeds?” Sitting before the Zhou Yi Divination Machine, Elder Ren Kui arranged the hem of his Daoist robe and said calmly.

“Elder… We’re…out of money!”


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