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Chapter 905 - Today, I’ll Wake You up with Beating!

Chapter 905: Today, I’ll Wake You up with Beating!

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“I feel like… I can’t see where he is!”

“Did he just grow hundreds of legs?!” People like Yun Qing, Ying Bei, and Ji Changtian hugged their heads and screamed.

“What movement technique is this?! Why didn’t Young Master Yao use this movement technique in the One Step to Heaven Test!?”

“Pazeni sauti! This pithy formula sounds more aggressive!” Yun Qing asked in a loud voice, “Young Master Yao, what movement technique is this?! Can we learn it?!”

Standing below, they stared at the figure on the screen intently as they imitated the steps. But regardless of how hard they tried, they couldn’t find that elegant feeling. Sweat popped out on their foreheads due to frustration.

“Little guys.” At this moment, the Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics said smugly, “You are a long way from this stage! You must start with the most basic movement technique!”

The tall and thin man of the Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics demonstrated some moves in front of them spontaneously; his blurry sways and moves drew another wave of exclamations.

“Let’s go and find spots to try it! Hurry up while they are all watching Young Master Yao!”

Soon, they each bought a big handful of immortal tokens. After inserting one into the artifact, they began to dance…

It was the early morning of the next day.

Since the old man in the shop claimed that he had to do maintenance on the spiritual artifacts for about two hours, the players walked out reluctantly.

It was very late, but at least ten people walked out with them.

“Brother Yao.” Young Master Yun Qing, who had triangle-shaped eyes and a thin figure, said eagerly the moment that they walked out of the shop, “I think that I’ve mastered the Nine Hall Moon-Watching Step!”

“You can’t say that you’ve mastered it when you can only use it smoothly on the learning machine.” Yao Ji, an experienced player, said, “You can try it now that you’re off the spiritual artifact.”

As they talked, they came to the wide main street of the Thousand-Lantern Immortal Market. Recalling the prelude of the music, Yun Qing moved his feet.

“I can do this part!” Yun Qing’s eyes lit up. But as he spoke, he was distracted, making the subsequent steps fumble after a while.

He stopped immediately.

“Young Master Yun, some of your steps were wrong,” Ji Changtian said and demonstrated the steps on the side of the street. His jumps and moves looked more proficient than Yun Qing’s.

“No. No. Your steps are not elegant and light enough.” Ying Bei dressed in a black scholarly robe said immediately, “Watch how I use this movement technique.”

The Cloud Dream Three Eccentrics also came out of the shop at this moment. Seeing this sight, they were eager to compete, so they walked up and said, “You’re elegant but not agile.”

Their feet moved nimbly with shifty shadows. Soon, the passing immortal cultivators began to watch them dance on the side of the street in Thousand-Lantern Immortal Market…

“These people?! Watch these people…!?”

These people moved as if they were walking on the clouds or riding on winds. Their steps were as unpredictable as winds and clouds which moved without a pattern.

The one in the foremost of the group was dressed in a snow-white robe. He moved his feet so fast that they became just a blur. He created many vague shadows that looked like ghosts walking out during the night.

Stunned by the sight, more and more immortals stopped to watch. This upheaval even alerted some grand immortal cultivators living in the market as hermits.

“Come and watch!”

These people are moving like demons! 

At this moment, they seemed to realize that many people were watching them and stopped cleanly.

They left without leaving a trace behind.

Some people stood there long after they were gone. “Do you know… who were those people? Why did I feel so thrilled by merely watching their movement techniques…?”

“Will they return…?”

A female ambassador with blonde hair and green eyes from the Gods’ Palace said to the people around her, “Oh! Your Innumerable-Immortal Sea is full of talented people! They are so young, so talented, and so…”

Her accent was awkward, and her limited vocabulary wasn’t enough to express her feelings.

“Can anyone tell me their names?”

Another ambassador said, “If Lord Valkyrie was here, I’m sure that she would like it very much. I hope we can bring these movement techniques and casting methods back to our homeland!”

By now, Yao Ji and the others had returned to the Dao-Hearing Pavilion on Saint Emperor Mountain.

“Brother Yao,” the others said in surprise, “Did you just use the… newest movement technique from that place, the Nine Hall Ghost Step!?”

“You recognized it?” Yao Ji walked forward with his hands clasped behind his back and said proudly.

“You know how to use it, then why didn’t you use it at the One Step to Heaven Test?!” Yun Qing asked immediately, “It would have served as a slap to Gui Nian’s arrogant face! You could even have entered the One Step to Heaven List and brought some glory to our Four Young Masters of the Saint Emperor Mountain!”

Yao Ji shook his head. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t proficient with these moves and could only use a small part of it. The coach has a sharp eye; it would achieve the opposite effects if he saw the weaknesses.”

The others said with sudden understanding, “You’re right.”

“Besides…” Yao Ji continued, “When did the four of us give a damn about the One Step to Heaven List anyway?!”

“Well said!” Hearing his words, the others perked up. “Brother Yao, you’re already No. 1 on the Fire Power List in the High Immortal Arcade Game Hall! No one can overtake you now. Why should we care for the One Step to Heaven List?! Those guys can think of nothing but stepping on the clouds or entering Heaven, and the names that they can think of are all One Step to Heaven or Sky Step… they have been the same for the past hundreds of years! How vulgar and boring!”

They sounded as if they were aloof from the world.

However, the Fire Power List was different since it gave a comprehensive score including not only the movement techniques but also the smoothness and elegance of the moves as well.

Compared with what a small shop had achieved, the Dao-Hearing Pavilion was lazy and unambitious. As members of the younger generation, they must wait many years before they could enter the battleground. Right now, graceful moves were the most important thing to them.

“Hahaha!?” In Dao-Hearing Pavilion, there were many highly talented disciples. At this moment, a furious sneer came from behind them.

“The notorious scums in Saint Emperor Mountain dare to say that they don’t care about the One Step to Heaven List?!”

“He’s… Gui Zijian, who ranks No. 76 on the One Step to Heaven List!” Exclamations came around them.

The four looked back and saw a young man dressed in a green robe that was embroidered with green clouds. He had fierce eyes and intense immortal vital presence.

His face looked heroic and extraordinary, and people could see that he was a hero-like figure with one glance. Compared with Yao Ji’s pug nose which ruined his otherwise-handsome face and Yun Qing’s ordinary looks with the triangular eyes, this man was indeed good looking.

“Since when can people boast just because they’ve barely passed the test?”

After casting a glance at him, Yao Ji ignored him and continued walking.

“Since when can a scumbag who can’t pass the test dare to ignore me?!” At this moment, Yao Ji heard the howling of wind behind him as Gui Zijian dashed up like a lightning bolt. “Today, I’ll wake you up with a beating!”

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