Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 83 - Do Not Offend the Small Shop’s Employee

Chapter 83: Do Not Offend the Small Shop’s Employee

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“What should I make today…” Jiang Xiaoyue flipped through the cookbook in her hands as she headed towards the market.

She placed a hand on her cheek and furrowed her beautiful eyebrows. To her, shopping for groceries and cooking were incredibly difficult tasks, so she had to do it carefully.

“I should pick something easy to make… or else the stupid owner might fire me if I screw up!” In the end, Jiang Xiaoyue picked a few simple dishes on the cookbook and began listing out the ingredients.

Soon, she was out of the range of the shop.

“The prey will enter the trap in 30 steps; get the black crossbow ready!”

“The prey will enter the trap in 15 steps, get the energy-locking net ready!”

“Why is it so quiet today?” Jiang Xiaoyue closed her cookbook and glanced around. Only then did she realize that she didn’t see a single pedestrian on her way here. “It’s so weird.”

Suddenly, an eerie wind blew past her!

Then, a silver, shiny giant net fell from the sky, wrapping her tightly! This silver net was weird; the more she struggled, the tighter it became!

“You shouldn’t struggle.” Two rows of people surrounded her and said, “This energy-locking net was made from the spider webs of a 1,000-year-old Xiuluo Spider. Not only is it unbreakable, it can also suppress spiritual energy and warrior qi. Even monsters and beasts that are as powerful as Ancestral Warriors have no choice but to surrender inside this net!”

The man in front was a tall, strong warrior who was wearing a red shirt. His long eyes emitted murderous spirit as he pointed at a black crossbow behind him and said, “There’s poison on this. If you’re not careful, you’ll die!”

“What do you want?” Jiang Xiaoyue was furious. All she wanted to do was buy groceries; how dare they treat her this way!

“What do I want?” The warrior in red smiled evilly and replied, “Don’t be scared, we won’t hurt you. We just want you to come with us.”

Then, he glanced at the person beside him and asked, “Did you find out everything? Are there any other problems?”

“I did!” A short warrior who looked really powerful replied, “After this little girl was chased out by Jinfu Hostel, the owner of the internet cafe, Fang Qi, took her in. She’s the only one who is considered close to the owner!”

“He really is a nice owner.” The warrior in red smiled darkly. “I guess he won’t want to see this little girl’s face all scraped up and sold in the black market.”

Then, he slowly approached Jiang Xiaoyue, took out the dagger on his waist, and carved out a flower in the air with his warrior qi. His smile looked murderous and he said, “We looked into the shop. A master is keeping the shop safe, so we can’t do anything about it. Also, the owner’s powers are shocking as well, so we could only start with you. Little girl, please don’t blame us.”

Although their only mission was to capture a young girl in her teens, Blood Web still conducted a thorough investigation!

“Don’t expect the owner to come and save you. Our estimations show that he is at most an Ancestral Warrior, but we…” He glanced around and said with a deep voice, word for word, “We are all of higher realms!”

As he spoke, the air around him became icy, cutting at Jiang Xiaoyue’s skin. This murderous spirit enveloped the entire street, along with a heavy sense of oppression!

Even the other hunters couldn’t help but shiver at this feeling!

“Our boss is so murderous…”

“It’s horrifying… I bet that this little girl’s going to burst out in tears soon.”

The warrior in red tapped Jiang Xiaoyue’s cheek with the body of his knife and laughed arrogantly, “After all, you’re just a little girl.”

“Oh… you’re only Ancestral Warriors,” Jiang Xiaoyue finally spoke. It took her a while to understand what was happening.

Upon hearing this, the air in the area froze as everyone fell silent.

“Only?” The hunters looked at each other and almost burst out in laughing. Did a girl in her teens just make fun of us?

However, what Jiang Xiaoyue did next was so incomprehensible that they couldn’t laugh anymore!

Rip! Her white, pearly hands tore a giant hole in the energy-locking net, which was supposed to be extremely durable!

The arrogant hunters of Blood Web felt their hearts sink as they all felt chills up their spines!

Isn’t she just a teenage girl? Wasn’t she kicked out from another shop and taken in by Fang Qi? Isn’t she just an employee of that small shop? How in the world did she rip the energy-locking net apart? What is going on? What kind of powers does she have?

Countless questions appeared in their minds as their brains went into overdrive!

“She’s just lucky! How strong of a warrior or cultivator can a girl in her teens be?” The warrior in red spat viciously, “Kill her! Let me see how long she can keep up her act!”

He was right; it didn’t matter how talented of a warrior or cultivator she was, her teenage age still restricted her!

Of course, never in their dreams would they realize that that this seemingly harmless girl was neither a cultivator nor a warrior!

Wan Qi was a captain of the Jiuhua City Patrol Force, and he was in charge of the area around Origins Internet Club.

When he was patrolling near the market, he suddenly heard loud shrieks!

“What’s going on?”

“It’s coming from the South!”

“Come on; let’s go check it out!”

Wan Qi was close to where the sound came from, so he quickly went over and realized that the shrieks came from a secluded little alley at the end of the street. As he glanced into the alley, he saw a doll-like little girl who was about 12 or 13 years old. She was wearing a white traditional skirt, holding a vegetable basket, and skipping away while humming some songs.

“Huh? Let’s go check it out!” Wan Qi and the others immediately ran into the alley, dumbfounded by what they saw!

About ten bulky-looking men in red lied on the ground left and right; no one could get up!

The only thought in their minds was, How is she… just an employee?

“Boss… these people…” one of the guards mentioned uncertainly, “They look like hunters from Blood Web.”

“Blood Web?” Wan Qi froze for a second before his eyes lit up. “Arrest them all! We’ve just made a great contribution!”

“Let’s go report to the Castellan!” he shouted.

“Isn’t it a little far from here to the Castellan’s Mansion?” The guard was confused, but Wan Qi slapped him on the head and said, “Go to the internet café nearby!”

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