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Chapter 84 - New Task

Chapter 84: New Task

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Unlike Resident Evil and Diablo that were filled with modern vocabulary and shouting, those who played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy only did three things every day: practice the sword-control technique, buy tissues, and get others addicted.

Therefore, more and more people frequented Fang Qi’s internet café, forming a line even though there were more than 50 computers inside!

Emotional people like Shen Qingqing and Xu Zixin always prepared a giant pack of tissues next to them for a rainy day.

At this time, Fang Qi finally received a new task from his system that was related to the next game.

[Introduce the Legend of the Sword and Fairy to 300 people and make them feel touched by the story.

Task Progress :40/300

Task Reward: Counter Strike: Virtual Reality Remake

Task Description: N/A]

Fang Qi was initially excited to see a new task, but he wailed out in sadness as soon as he saw the requirement.

He was dumbstruck.

He got less than 200 customers; how was he supposed to introduce the Legend of the Sword and Fairy to 300 people? Was his system kidding him?

Moreover, there were only 40 people who played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy. Including the group of people who watched others play and didn’t want to spend money on the game, he had 70 viewers at most!

“That’s too many! Where am I supposed to find 300 players who are willing to play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?” Fang Qi complained, “Unless we lower the prices!”

Then, he suddenly received a hint from the system, [Please use the new shop and equipment reasonably.]

The new shop? Fang Qi rubbed his chin and muttered to himself, “The two shops will be able to hold a hundred or so computers. The upper limit of the two shops is 150 computers, so I will be able to host 150 customers at the same time.”

Even so… how was he going to get all the players to play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?

Wait, new equipment? A light bulb in Fang Qi’s head lit up as he shouted, “Livestream!”

– Qin Mountain Beast Garden –

Pang Rulie sat in his mansion, smoking his tobacco pipe. The entire room was filled with white smoke.

“Why aren’t they back yet?” Pang Rulie send the hunters a long time ago, and it was a simple mission.

However, it had been so long; why hasn’t anyone gotten back to him?

Suddenly, the maid who oversaw intelligence reports in Pang Rulie’s business walked up to him in a rush. Her face was filled with panic as she said, “M… master…”

“Why are you panicking?” Pan Rulie slammed his palm on the table. “What’s going on?”

“Blood Web… was completely annihilated when they were trying to capture that employee of the shop…” The maid reported, “They’ve all been arrested by the city guards!”

It took a couple of seconds before Pang Rulie came back to his senses. “Isn’t everyone in Blood Web Ancestral Warriors or higher? How could they be completely annihilated while capturing an employee of a tiny shop?”

A dozen of Ancestral Warriors were annihilated while trying to ambush a weak employee of a small shop? How could that even happen? His eyes opened wide with shock as he asked, “Are… you sure?”

“I am!” The maid bowed down and reported, “According to my sources, they sent the best hunters to deal with the little girl, but…”

Pang Rulie was at a loss for words for a few seconds before asking, “Where are they now?”

“They’re locked up in the underground prison in Jiuhua City!” The maid replied respectfully.

“Will this expose us?” he asked.

His maid bowed down and reported, “We’re always very careful!”

Only then did Pang Rulie feel some relief as he sucked on his pipe. He fell back in his chair and spat out a mouthful of white smoke as he murmured, “It seems like we won’t be able to use force on a shop like this…”

“Then what should we do?”

Pang Rulie snickered, “This shop gathered so many noblemen and cultivators in such a short amount of time; I’m positive that I’m not the only one whom that owner offended.”

“If he’s just a powerful warrior or cultivator, I wouldn’t be able to deal with him. However, how dare he try to battle me in terms of business!” Pang Rulie’s smile became colder than ever. “I will write a letter. As long as we do this meticulously, this little shop will shut down in no time!

The Liuyun Daoist Palace didn’t do anything after what happened with Xiao Yulv and Xu Fuwei.

After investigating into this matter, it was obvious that Xiao Yulv was the one who caused trouble. Also, they were still trying to find out what forces were hidden behind the shop. Therefore, they didn’t want to act rashly.

The more they investigated the shop, the more shocked they became. Not only did they fail to find out where this shop came from, they received additional information that made them re-evaluate the shop’s power!

The fact that the Nalan Family’s Shadow Guards were kicked out made them realize that if they sent more people there, they would only be shooting themselves in the foot!

The Tiangang Elder, Xiao Changlong, had been in seclusion cultivation for a very long time. Xiao Yulv only received minor injuries, so there was no way that he would come out of seclusion cultivation because of such trivial matters.

Therefore, the Liuyun Dao Palace had no choice but to swallow their unhappiness.

However, the things changed a few days ago. Su Tianji, a genius of the last-generation who had been cultivating in the mountains and never asked about worldly affairs, came out of seclusion cultivation!

After coming out of seclusion cultivation, she had reached the early stage of the Divine Ocean Realm, making her one of the top masters of Liuyun Daoist Palace. Moreover, she was appointed as an elder in the name of Tianji Liuyun Immortal!

The Liuyun Daoist Palace was located in the Thousand Cloud Mountains which was in the east region of Dajin. The mountains were hard to climb for ordinary people, and they were on the same level as the Cloud Ocean Faction.

Clouds and fog hovered over the cliffs, mountains and rocks stacked on top of each other, and the birds and beasts were everywhere in the wilderness.

When Su Tianji was appointed as an elder, those from the Wuwei Daoist Alliance came to congratulate her, as well as envoys from various factions and sects. Countless cultivators gathered together and discussed Heavenly Dao for three days; the event was truly a grand occasion!

However, on the fourth day…

Jade pillars stood in Tianji Palace as flying phenoxies and spiritual herbs were engraved on them.

Outside the palace stood a pavilion that was surrounded by a sea of flowers.

Paintings were hung on the walls of the halls that were in between spiritual herbs and rare plants. The area was arranged according to the position of the stars and was connected well. Looking from above, one would notice that the entire area looked like the sky at night!

This was the place where Su Tianji cultivated. Xiao Yulv and Xu Fuwei had been standing respectfully outside the palace for a long time.

“Junior Brother Xiao,” Xu Fuwei whispered, “Elder Su hasn’t tended to worldly matters for many years; will she really help us to get rid of personal grudges?”

“What do you mean?” Xiao Yulv sneered, “Tiangang Elder is my grandpa, and now my aunt is the Tianji Elder! No one in the world can offend me!”

“A little shop embarrassed me and threw me out twice!” Xiao Yulv clenched his teeth angrily and said, “I will see how they can embarrass me again this time! I’m going to redeem all the pride that I lost!”

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