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Chapter 82 - Prey

Chapter 82: Prey

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Ever since he obtained that new task from his system, Fang Qi began deliberately practicing his skills.

Just like An Huwei said, a technique like the sword control technique challenged the granular control of the practitioner. Although Li Xiaoyao learned this technique quickly with his supernatural talent in the game, Fang Qi had to rely on himself when it came to accuracy.

Therefore, he thought of two methods that could help him. The first method was trying to step on water, and the second method was carving flowers with a sword.

There was more to carving flowers with a sword. The practitioner had to use the sword control technique to carve flowers onto a piece of wood with their sword, and only qi could be used.

Also, stepping on water was more than floating on water. People had to use the lightfoot technique to make themselves as light as a feather so that they can stand on the surface of the water for long periods of time.

It was a common technique that allowed people to control their qi. At the same time, the ever-moving surface of the water would act as a simulation of the tossing and swaying one would experience when they were flying on swords.

He’s using these methods to train his sword control technique! The first thing that Shen Qingqing did every day when she came in was to find out what the owner was doing. Today, she saw Fang Qi’s character standing on top of a river and not moving.

She was shocked by what she saw.

Upon hearing Shen Qingqing’s gasp, An Cheng who had just walked in also glanced over. He quickly realized what Fang Qi was doing and said, “I can’t believe that you thought of this! This is targeted training; it’s much more effective than standing outside your door and practicing randomly!”

“He’s using the swaying waves to improve his control of qi, energy, and his own balance…” Nalan Mingxue glanced over as she ate Haagen-Dazs from the container. In the end, she didn’t make fun of Fang Qi. “Hm, the owner is kind of smart.”

Of course, as long as Fang Qi didn’t say anything, no one would know that he learned these methods from watching anime on Earth!

Carving flowers with the sword control technique was different from carving with the sword in hand. It felt like Fang Qi was basically using a metal wire to control the entire sword.

Even though he could move the sword by pulling on it, it seemed extremely awkward when the actions were overly deliberate!

Fang Qi held a piece of wood in his hands and controlled his sword using his qi to carve the flowers. Slowly, the wood in his hands began showing the shape of flowers. It was a little crooked in the beginning, but as he got more used to controlling the sword this way, the more delicate the shape of the flowers became.

In the game, Fang Qi could use his qi to control the sword. Although he couldn’t fly on the sword yet, he was advancing quite quickly in the game.

The more proficient he got at controlling his sword in the game, the better he could control his qi in the real world.

The success of Origins Internet Club did threaten the interests of others. Most of all, it affected the top entertainment business in Jiuhua City, the Beast Garden.

The Beast Garden used to be filled with prestigious individuals, but the place was extremely empty these days. It was obvious that the influential figures in the city were no longer interesting in hunting!

To most people, hunting was a way to kill time but not a form of real entertainment!

The Beast Garden had to feed many monsters and beasts, which cost money and resources to maintain. Without money, this place would quickly collapse.

Since the Beast Garden was capable of building such a place for the rich people to have fun, its owner was not ordinary at all.

Pang Rulie was powerful and built his estate next to Qin Mountain. The rolling hills looked like the fangs of beasts, making the area more vicious. Sitting inside his mansion, Pang Rulie’s bulging muscles made him look like a ferocious beast!

“Good, good!” His thunderous voice sounded in the room as he sat on his chair. “Did you find out what’s going on?”

The Beast Garden had been losing customers slowly, but that was manageable. However, he suddenly felt like his Beast Garden at Qin Mountain was quieter than ever overnight!

Pang Rulie took out a black jade tobacco pipe that his beautiful concubine lit up for him, and he took a giant puff.

Although his establishment was not yet losing money, the trend was worrying. Plus, someone stole his customers from right under his nose…

At this thought, he spat out a mouthful of white smoke and said, “When was the last time this happened…?”

Just then, a maid came in, leaned down, and whispered into his ear.

Fang Rulie’s expression darkened as he asked, “A small shop stole all of our customers? You don’t know where the owner came from? A lot of prestigious individuals frequent his shop?”

He smiled evilly and said, “Then, he must be careful!”

There were countless immoral measures that one could take.

Assassination? That was the stupidest idea.

If the owner of a shop like the Origins Internet Club died, everyone would get angry!

Even if he successfully assassinated the owner of the Origins Internet Club, he would be blamed and punished.

Pang Rulie had been serving the upper-class individuals in Jiuhua City for years and expanded the Beast Garden to what it was today.

Therefore, he knew how not to burn himself but also had various tricks up his sleeve.

With a dark expression, he whispered into his maid’s ear, “Tell those from [Blood Web] to go and take care of it!”

In this world, victory could be won without a battle!

For example, they already noticed a little loli who was on her own.

“The prey has left its home,” Outside the internet café, a few pairs of cold eyes stared at Jiang Xiaoyue as she walked outside.

Those from [Blood Web] were hunters who killed and hunted valuable monsters and beasts to earn significant profits. Of course, if the price was right, they didn’t mind hunting down humans.

Since they had to deal with powerful monsters, they were all powerful and experienced! The weakest hunters were Ancestral Warriors.

Normal warriors wouldn’t dare to offend this group of people!

“I didn’t expect it to be a defenseless little girl!” Although it seemed like a super easy task, they still had to give it their full effort!

They were experienced, so they knew not to let the prey escape.

“The prey is nearing the hunting area, get ready!”

Yesterday, Jiang Xiaoyue was touched by the stories in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

“Why is Caiyi’s ending so depressing? Why is Ling’s fate so tragic? I need to work hard to play this game, so I can save them all!” she muttered to herself with determination.

At the thought of changing their fates, Jiang Xiaoyue became excited. “I’m much smarter than that stupid owner; I can definitely do it!”

She left the shop because she needed to go grocery shopping. If she wanted to make money, she had to learn how to cook. After all, she still owed Fang Qi a few crystals!

I need to pay him back; I don’t want to owe him money! she thought to herself angrily, failing to notice any abnormalities around her.

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