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Chapter 81 - I’m Addicted, So You Should be Too

Chapter 81: I’m Addicted, So You Should be Too

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More than half the customers walked out of the internet café with red eyes.

Even Nalan Hongwu clicked his tongue as he thought back to the stories he just saw. Although it was a game, it was still worth reminiscing.

Because of this, he began anticipating the later stories that would happen in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

The young people were even more emotional than he was.

Even after they left, they were still thinking about all the stories they just saw in the game as if these stories happened right in front of them.

Xiaoyao was playful but responsible, Yueru was a naïve girl who seemed stubborn but was soft-hearted, and Ling was considerate and sweet. Moreover, Liu Jinyuan and the butterfly demoness’s story touched their hearts…

Perhaps they never thought that they would share the happiness and sorrow of characters in a game.

“The people in the game should be known to all!”

“We need more people to know about them!” Chen Yang exclaimed as his expression lit up. “Yes! We need more people to know about them!”

“More people?” Chen Yang’s friends were exhilarated by this idea as they were thinking of the same thing!

After going back to Lingyun Academy, Chen Yang gathered some close friends and said, “Let me tell you… I watched the owner play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy yesterday…”

“The Legend of the Sword and Fairy?”

“That new game?”

“Is it good?”

“It’s more than that!” Chen Yang answered, “The plot and techniques in the game are all classics!”

“In terms of techniques, there are sword control technique, innumerable sword scroll, heavenly sword… If you master the sword control technique, both warriors and cultivators can fly on swords!”

“The plot is amazing too! I’ve never been more fascinated!”

“It’s that good?” The crowed was doubtful, “It sounds similar to Celestial Warrior.”

“Are you kidding me! Celestial Warrior is boring and can’t compare with the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!” Chen Yang exclaimed, “If you don’t believe me, watch me play tomorrow!”

“You’re going to play?” One of his friends asked, “Sounds good! If it’s good, we’ll play too!”

Chen Yang wasn’t the only who was spreading the message.

Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo sat together in the Wind and Moon Pavilion along with some of their friends.

Countless delicacies were placed on the table, and an occasion of this degree was rare, even for the Wind and Moon Pavilion!

“Thank you for treating us, Brother Song. What is this for?” All the young men present were of prestigious background. However, they were shocked by Song Qingfeng’s generosity.

“Nothing big,” Lin Shao laughed, “I’m sure you’ve all heard of Origins Internet Club, so I’m not going to explain what it is.”

“Yes. We’ve heard about it but haven’t got the chance to visit.”

Lin Shao nodded. “We called you all over because we have to share this amazing game with you.”

Not only at Wind and Moon Pavilion, but players also started to recommend the Legend of the Sword and Fairy to those who were playing other games.

“Brother Li, we’ve passed Resident Evil; should we play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy tomorrow?”

“Brother Wang, let me tell you this. I watched the owner play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, and it is just… Should we… change things up tomorrow?”


Liang Shi was an old Resident Evil player. After his time was up, he looked toward the people who were walking out of the internet café while fervently recommending the Legend of the Sword and Fairy. Confused, he asked Fang Qi, “What kind of magic… is in this new game?”

Fang Qi rubbed his nose and said mysteriously, “After all, since they are addicted, others should be as well.”

“Others should be as well?” Liang Shi scratched his head, more confused than ever.

“If you’re doubtful, just try it,” Fang Qi laughed.

Liang Shi didn’t know how he should respond. “Sir… are you trying to get me addicted as well?”

Ji Wuyou lied sideways on the Nanmu bench in the courtyard while a soft breeze gently scuffed the edge of his robe.

He was holding two white spheres made from stones in one hand, and he rotated and circled them again and again.

“No one knows where this small shop came from, but prestigious individuals, including those from the Nalan Family, Jiuhua City, and even Cloud Ocean Faction gather there every day,” this man murmured as if he was pondering something.

“I’m curious as well. How interesting can a game be!” A black shadow slowly appeared in the courtyard. “Did Nalan Jie change his mind?”

“Nalan Jie? He goes to that shop every day; I don’t think we can trust him anymore!” Ji Wuyou snickered, “Moreover, he’s been secretly erasing the traces that could lead to him! Does he really think that I wouldn’t find out?”

“I think he probably found another way and is trying to outsmart us,” Ji Wuyou laughed, “What do you think, Phantom Wolf?”

A snicker sounded from the darkness, and the black shadow raised his hand and crossed his neck. “Should I…”

“Not yet.” Ji Wuyou stood up from the chair and walked toward the side of the courtyard, which was right above a cliff. Standing here, one could see the entire Jiangnan region!

Ji Wuyou reached out his hand as if he were grasping everything in front of him. However, he quickly let go and said, “The Jiangnan region isn’t under our control yet. If we kill him, we might burn ourselves. Moreover, he can still be useful to us.”

“Then…” The black shadow was waiting for Ji Wuyou to continue.

“The old Nalan Hongwu goes to that shop every day, and he isn’t a man who can be easily defeated,” Ji Wu you said faintly, “Plus, that man is always with him. Perhaps, we can tackle this from another angle.”

“Another angle?” The black shadow laughed coldly, “That shop messed up our plans, and its business is doing better by the day. Are you really going to let them off the hook? That doesn’t sound like you.”

“Of course not,” Ji Wuyou laughed, “A civilian shop with such success must have threatened the interest of many other people inside and outside Jiuhua City. Many eyes are watching with jealousy, so all we have to do is watch!”

The black shadow chuckled, “What would you like to do?”

Ji Wuyou sat back down in his seat.

A butterfly with black wings gently flew before him, and he suddenly reached out to grab its wings. Then, he said nonchalantly, “I’m going to ignite the fire! It seems like a good time right now. Those who run too fast will fall for sure!”

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