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Chapter 80 - It’s a Giant Hole

Chapter 80: It’s a Giant Hole

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“The new game?”

“Should we watch as well?” Chen Yang’s friends nodded. Since they passed Resident Evil, they would consider trying the new game if it was worth the money.

Jiang Xiaoyue sat behind the counter in boredom. Usually when she had nothing to do, she would run up to Fang Qi and watch him play. But today…

She stared at all the people behind Fang Qi in sadness as if she had been wronged.

I wish I could become taller… She jumped up and down but barely even saw his screen!

Girls always took care of their appearances, so Lan Yan and Nalan Mingxue didn’t come until they took a nap. Although they still had dark circles under their eyes, they weren’t so obvious.

When they walked in, Nalan Mingxue’s face still showed hints of embarrassment. As the most talented genius of the young generation at the Nalan Family, she had never been scolded… until last night.

There was her first time experiencing all that.

“Xiaoyue, are you watching Fang Qi play?” Lan Yan laughed and asked when she saw Jiang Xiaoyue jumping up and down and trying to see the screen. “Come on, get me two Haagen-Dazs ice-creams, and I’ll carry you in my arms.”

“No, it’s too embarrassing!” Jiang Xiaoyue refused and turned her head away.

“Are you sure?” Lan Yan moved up and continued enticing her, “This game is more exciting than Diablo! You will see the sword control technique, and there is a Liquor Sword Immortal! You’ll also see the owner fight all sorts of monsters as long as you let me carry you!”

“No! I want to see the owner get beaten up by monsters!” Jiang Xiaoyue pouted.

Lan Yan immediately burst out in laughter and said, “That will happen too!”

“Uh…” Jiang Xiaoyue pondered as she contemplated, “It does sound really interesting…”

“Okay then.” Jiang Xiaoyue took the crystals and handed Lan Yan and Nalan Mingxue each a container of Haagen-Dazs.

Then, Lan Yan carried Jiang Xiaoyue in her arms until the latter’s eyes saw the screen.

Lan Yan was a warrior after all, so carrying a little girl like Jiang Xiaoyue was as easy as carrying a doll.

“Do you want to try?” Lan Yan could even use the other hand to eat ice-cream.

“Please do not share snacks,” Fang Qi suddenly said, “Or else, you will never be welcomed back.”

Jiang Xiaoyue immediately showed her canine teeth at Fang Qi, but the latter had already turned back to face the screen.

Furious, Jiang Xiaoyue waved her fists in the air and said, “He’s so annoying!”

The truth was, the game gave the players a lot of freedom to explore, so Fang Qi really wanted to create the perfect ending. For example, he wanted to stop Ling from being taken up to Shu Mountain by the Sword Sage and avoid the subsequent disasters from happening.

After Elder Shi took Ling away, Fang Qi began planning things out and leveling up himself.

However, it was obvious that his time was limited. The events that would take place wouldn’t be slowed, so he could only change small details with the time he had.

Fang Qi couldn’t stop Ling from being taken up the Shu Mountain by the Sword Sage. From the viewpoints of the Shu Mountain Faction, all monsters and demons were evil. Even if Fang Qi mentioned that Ling was Nuwa’s descendant and leaked this critical information, Ling would still be locked up until further investigation.

As for taking Ling back from the Sword Sage …

The crowd stared at the powerful and profound sword energies on the screen, as well as sword techniques that they couldn’t comprehend. For the first time, they felt hopeless!

“Let me try!” Nalan Hongwu rolled up his sleeves and shouted, “How can he be so unreasonable? Let me fight him for three days if I have to! Let’s see who’s more powerful, his sword techniques or my warrior skills!”

Nalan Hongwu was so angry that he wanted to jump into the screen and battle the Sword Sage!

“Reasonable?” Those who knew Nalan Hongwu’s identity were at a loss for words.

Who would’ve thought that one day, Nalan Hongwu would be the reasonable one?they thought.

Even though others didn’t voice their opinions about the Sword Sage, they also wanted to jump into the screen to help. The only thing was that they knew they weren’t as strong as Nalan Hongwu and couldn’t defeat the skilled Sword Sage even if they could enter the game.

In the end, Fang Qi realized that even though he could change the minor details, changing the entire plot of the story seemed impossible.

Upon hearing the reactions behind him, Fang Qi couldn’t help but shake his head. Later in the game, there would be a touching story about Liu Jinyuan and the butterfly demoness!

Once he finished that story, those watching him were all in their tears!

The story was very intricately-written. Liu Jinyuan met a butterfly that was stuck inside a spider’s web, and he rescued it and set it free. It turned out that the butterfly was a butterfly demoness, and she wanted to repay him. The plot felt like a dream, but everything was so closely linked together that the audience felt like it really happened in the world!

They even wished that this story was real!

The people in this world hadn’t read anything bizarre and interesting, so they felt like this story was amazing!

Humans can fall in love with demons? Monsters are better at expressing gratitude? How could something so amazing exist?

Fang Qi was left in awe as well. The plot of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was like a giant hole; those who get into it wouldn’t be able to climb out!

“Why is this demoness so nice?” Shen Qingqing was only watching to kill time, but she cried buckets when she saw how Caiyi, the butterfly demoness, was willing to give up thousands of years of cultivation strength just to give Liu Jinyuan, the human, ten more years of life.

Jiang Xiaoyue hugged onto Lan Yan as she wailed, “Why is Caiyi so stupid…”

Even Nalan Mingxue’s eyes were red, and she mumbled to herself, “How can someone who has cultivated for more than 1,000 years still be so stupid? I would never do anything like that…”

Not only the girls, even curious new players like Chen Yang and the others choked back tears. “This isn’t real, right? Tell me this isn’t real!”

“I’m a tough man; how can I cry while watching a story that’s happening inside a game?!” Chen Yang rubbed his eyes in bewilderment. Then, he suggested loudly, “Let’s play this game tomorrow! We watched the owner play for so long, so we basically know their future! Let’s try to stop such tragedies from happening!”

“Yes! I think we can stop these tragedies!” Those who haven’t played the Legend of the Sword and Fairy declared with determination as they wiped off their tears and waved their fists in the air. “Let’s play tomorrow and stop the tragedies!”

Fang Qi sighed, Too young, too naïve.

Nalan Hongwu took a deep breath and forced his tears back into his eyes. I’m glad that I’m used to life and death, or else I would’ve been embarrassed in front of these young people! The stories in the game are more touching than real life!

Those who said that they were sick of stories of this sort were now incredibly embarrassed!

After finishing this part of the story, Fang Qi exhaled and glanced at the people around him who were either holding back their tears or sniffling quietly. He signed sadly and thought, What’s going to happen if I can’t stop Ling from dying…

[Congratulations on the new gift.]

Suddenly, Fang Qi heard the System’s notification and quickly opened the system interface.

[While playing the game, the host attracted the attention of a great number of audience and therefore possesses the popularity of a qualified owner. Thus, the System is rewarding the host with special equipment: Livestream screens (X2).

Such equipment will be installed when the new shop opens, and live streaming will become available.]

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