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Chapter 79 - Watching the New Game

Chapter 79: Watching the New Game

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Fang Qi had been training fervently and didn't sleep much every night. Therefore, he was pissed off that they disrupted him while he was having his precious rest.

The group should have anticipated that when they forced him to open the shop so early this morning. The truth was, Jiang Xiaoyue didn't get a good night sleep either, so Fang Qi told her to go to bed earlier that evening.

Fang Qi took a short nap to re-energize himself.

Then, he sat cross-legged on his bed, clearing his mind and practicing the skill of controlling things using his qi.

Suddenly, the system gave him a new task:

[Skills Expert: Become proficient with 10 skills in game (2/10) and master the sword control technique.

Task reward: flying on swords (proficient).

Task description: you should thank your powerful system.]

"Huh?" Fang Qi became excited as he read his new task right until he got to the task description. He almost laughed out loud. "System, can you be less showy?"

His system didn't respond.

Fang Qi continued, "Are you too embarrassed to say anything?"

The system still didn't respond.

However, he had to admit that the System's new task would save him a lot of time. The main character learned things so fast that even Nalan Mingxue couldn't catch up, let alone him.

Who else could remember the basic sword control techniques after watching it just once except Li Xiaoyao?

The good thing was that killing monsters in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy would increased skills and experience points. Just like Diablo, the players could add points to skills to level them up fast.

Therefore, Fang Qi could become proficient or even master skills as long as he had enough skill points and was of a high enough level!

In summary, becoming proficient in ten skills in the game was much easier compared to the real world. Otherwise, Fang Qi wouldn't have already become proficient in two skills.

Once he obtained his new task, Fang Qi woke up early the next morning. He realized that he had to rely on his games to become powerful.

At 7 AM, he woke up Jiang Xiaoyue and asked her to clean the shop with him.

Today, no one dared to come early and wake him up. When the internet café opened at 8 AM, customers walked in one by one. Soon, An Cheng, Ouyang Cheng, and Bu Che walked in with dark circles under their eyes.

"Hey, why do you have smoky-eye makeup today?" Fang Qi asked.

Their faces twitched.

Yesterday, not only did they not hit their six-hour time limit, but they were also punished by Nalan Hongwu and the others.

However, instead of complaining, they immediately headed to the computers.

Soon, Fang Qi saw Song Qingfeng and the others also walk in with dark circles under their eyes.

"Sir, what do you think is going on with them?" Jiang Xiaoyue became confused as well.

"Uh… we didn't get much sleep last night!" Song Qingfeng felt awkward since Jiang Xiaoyue stared at him.

Fang Qi was too lazy to chat with them; he decided to continue his task.

The only two skills he was proficient at were his use of daggers and guns in Resident Evil; he spent so much time on them that he probably mastered them rather than just being proficient at them.

Fang Qi didn't know how proficient was considered in Diablo, but he assumed that level 10 or above would be fine. He wasn't level 10 in any of them yet, but he believed that once Act III was activated, he would quickly become proficient in them.

Therefore, all that was left was becoming proficient in the skills listed in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy.

This game was no longer a turn-based strategy game, since the world of the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was life-like, allowing more talented players to have more power!

Since Fang Qi only began playing the game, he didn't know many techniques. However, he only needed to know the most basic sword control technique to fight enemies.

After playing for the day, the plot of the game advanced to the part where Li Xiaoyao had to battle on stage to fight for a fiancée.

"The main character found himself another beautiful fiancée?"

"Ling is a snake demoness?"

While the guys felt jealous and envious toward Li Xiaoyao, they also felt heartbroken for Ling. "How could she be a snake demoness?"

"Even if she is, she's a nice demoness, right?" A crowd gathered behind Fang Qi to find out the rest of the plot!

Although the game focused mainly on cultivators, there were many things that didn't exist in this world. For example, the sword control technique, the Liquor Sword Immortal, and all sorts of new things slowly made the players understand how interesting the game was.

The fact that the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was similar to their current world didn't bore the players. Instead, they found it easier to be immersed within the game!

It was very different from the Celestial Warrior, and it left them in awe.

As a loyal fan of the plots in the games, Shen Qingqing loved this game since she felt like it was telling her a beautiful story that was filled with laughter, disappointment, sweetness, and even sorrow.

To her, the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was a colorful painting that connected all the characters and made the players wonder if the characters actually lived somewhere in their world that they were unaware of!

Soon, they all had the feeling that the story was happening somewhere in this world. They genuinely believed that a young man named Li Xiaoyao was currently traveling to Nanzhao with Ling.

As a man who had seen all walks of life, Nalan Hongwu felt like he had returned to his days as a passionate young man who was set to travel the world. The young man in the story, Li Xiaoyao, was at the prime of his life, stirring up the memories in Nalan Hongwu's head!

If Nalan Hongwu's interest in this game piqued because of the sword control techniques, then it was safe to say that he finally understood how immersive this game was.

As the story progressed, the players slowly understood the difference between this game and the others. They weren't the main characters in this game; it was about a young man named Li Xiaoyao who existed somewhere in this world. Everything they saw and felt was through his lens and not theirs.

However, this didn't stop them from enjoying the game; there were so many aspects of Li Xiaoyao's life that enticed and excited them.

They followed Li Xiaoyao as they experienced everything he did!

Their mood swung with the main character's experiences. They worried about him when he was in trouble and cared about Ling when she was willing to sacrifice herself to save Li Xiaoyao. They had to admit that watching and playing this game was extremely pleasant!

Gradually, not only those who enjoyed watching Fang Qi play stood behind him; even the fans of Resident Evil who rarely interacted with Fang Qi all gathered around him.

Chen Yang, a Heaven House disciple of the Lingyun Academy, came to play Resident Evil under his friends' recommendation.

There were a lot of people in the internet café, and the 50-or-so computers were almost full at all times, meaning that there were as many as 150 players every day.

Fang Qi didn't have the time to teach them one by one, so a new player like Cheng Yang learned how to play from his friends and barely interacted with the owner.

However, as soon as Chen Yang finished playing today, he saw a group of people huddled behind Fang Qi. Rather than screaming and shouting like they used to, the group was abnormally quiet today.

"What are you all watching?" Chen Yang asked, and someone replied casually, "The Legend of the Sword and Fairy."

"The game that costs 20 crystals?" To Chen Yang, Resident Evil was fun enough, so he didn't see the point in using 20 crystals to activate a new game.

However, today was different; he had just passed Resident Evil. Therefore, he stopped and decided to see if the game that cost 20 crystals was really worth the hype.

"Yang, you're not leaving?" The other disciples from Heaven House asked. They were new players as well and didn't know Fang Qi well either.

"No, I'm going to watch this man play the new game for a while." Chen Yang shook his head and replied.

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