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Chapter 78 - I Think We’re in Trouble

Chapter 78: I Think We’re in Trouble

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With a stern expression on his face, Fang Qi rubbed his sleepy eyes and watched as his customers swarmed into his shop like bees that were coming home.

“Why are you all so early today?” Fang Qi’s asked unhappily upon glancing out at the dark sky.

“We want to learn the sword control technique!” Lan Yan said, expressing everyone’s wishes. “Sir, activate the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for us!”

To them, Diablo was fun, and the skills inside were indeed powerful. However, the most important thing right now was learning the sword control technique!

As for Diablo… some had already passed Act II, and those who didn’t were close. Without Act III, they weren’t in a hurry anymore.

Fang Qi was at a loss for words.

Auntie Wang’s bun shop wasn’t even open yet, so Fang Qi had no choice but to take out a container of Haagen-Dazs from the freezer.

He took a bite and enjoyed the rich milk and vanilla flavor bursting in his mouth. Enjoying a delicacy at the moment was delightful despite the current rough circumstances.

Aside from the avid fans of Legend of the Sword and Fairy, no one else would come at this hour. Fang Qi sat in the booth for about an hour before seeing Nalan Hongwu walk in; he was here to learn the sword control technique as well.

“Hm? There are so many people here!” After glancing around the shop, Nalan Hongwu froze for a second. Then, realizing that the others were already playing the game, he quickly picked a computer and sat down.

“The imperial sword arrives with the wind, eliminating evil from heaven and earth. I will be thrilled if I have liquor, but I’m still insane when I don’t,” someone shouted before Nalan Hongwu could click open the game.

Someone else immediately finished the poem. “I will drink the lakes and rivers and then swallow the sun and moon. I am the Liquor Sword Immortal, the only person who is left standing after a thousand drinks!”

Fang Qi ate his ice-cream as he shouted back at them, “If you’re going to recite poems, turn off the external communication option! I’m going to turn off the computers of the people who shout again!”

The customers didn’t care about his first few sentences. But after hearing Fang Qi’s last sentence, the two people who were just reciting the poem immediately turned off the external communication option.

Then, they mimicked the Liquor Sword Immortal and continued reciting the poem, enjoying themselves immensely.

Fang Qi contacted the two shops right across from his current shop yesterday, and he was going to buy them. However, he still needed a couple days to tie up the loose ends.

The good thing was that even though he was getting more customers, his internet café was still just big enough to host them; no one needed to stand in a line like they used to. Therefore, Fang Qi wasn’t in too much of a hurry.

He played until 8 AM, the official opening time of his shop.

Right on the dot, Ye Songtao and the disciples of Cloud Ocean Faction arrived in Jiuhua City on a flying spiritual boat. Then, they got onto a cart and headed for Origins Internet Club.

When they arrived outside the internet café…

They didn’t hear people yelling and screaming like they always did. Ye Songtao glanced around the internet café and realized that everyone was playing quietly in front of their own computers.

“What’s going on today? Why isn’t anyone talking to each other? No one’s watching others play!”

As soon as Ye Songtao walked in, he saw his daughter, Ye Xiaoye, playing an ancient-looking game that was obviously not Diablo.

“What are you playing?” Ye Songtao walked over unhappily. “We were going to come together today. Why did you leave by yourself?”

“Because I like studying!” Ye Xiaoye stared at the screen as she waved her sword.

Upon hearing this, Ye Songtao’s face twitched and thought, “The only thing you do every day is play, and now you’re telling me you like studying?”

He looked at his daughter as if she treated him like an idiot and said with a grim expression on his face,

“What are you studying?”

“Sword control technique!” Ye Xiaoye was obviously annoyed by her dad’s interruption. “Go away, Dad. I need to keep studying! I’m going to become a sword immortal!”

Ye Songtao was at a loss for words. Yesterday, her daughter was learning how to use Frozen Armor wholeheartedly, but she was learning the sword control technique today?

“Why can’t you learn proper… skills…” Before Ye Songtao could finish his sentence, he looked up at Ye Xiaoye’s screen and saw the main character jumping off the cliff!

“What is that?” Ye Songtao was dumbfounded as he watched the main character land on a sword and fly into the sky!

I spent years learning how to steer the spiritual boat, but you can fly into the sky with a wave of your sword? When did something like this appear? Ye Songtao’s eyes were opened as wide as marbles.

“What is that? A new class?”

“Yeah, a new class called Sword Immortal!” Ye Xiaoye responded, “With a celestial sword, I can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld. I’m in control of my destiny and not fate!”

Ye Songtao felt like spitting blood. He originally thought that playing games with her daughter would lessen the distance between them, but overnight…

He found it hard to talk to her!

He didn’t even know that a person could fly on a sword! Is this a new game? Could it be that awesome?

Then, his eyes landed on the blackboard behind the counter and saw the new game.

[The Legend of the Sword and Fairy One. Activation fee: 20 crystals]

Ye Songtao felt like crying; he just spent eight crystals on each disciple yesterday to activate Diablo, and now there was a new game that cost 20 crystals?

He turned around to look at his disciples and touched his crystal pouch. It’s not easy being the Faction Master!

“Forget it; I need to see if this game really is legendary!” Ye Songtao muttered to himself before shouting, “Young man, activate the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for me!”

As for the important business that I need to talk to Fang Qi about… I’ll talk to the owner after I play. Ye Songtao thought.

After a while…

An Huwei, Ouyang Zhen, Nalan Hongwu, and the others all stood outside the internet café. With swords in their hands, they seemed to be chanting something.

“No, that’s wrong!” Nalan Hongwu practiced the sword control technique as he glared at An Huwei in disdain. “The key of the sword control technique is using qi to control the sword…”

“Like this!” Nalan Hongwu waved his fingers, and the sword that was by his side immediately flew out of its scabbard and spun in the air before hovering below his feet.

However, when a gentle breeze blew by, Nalan Hongwu’s sword began shaking furiously. If he weren’t a powerful warrior who could already fly on air using his warrior qi, he would have fallen disgracefully onto the ground!

Ye Songtao immediately said, “No, elder! Qi is important in the sword control technique, but there are differences between turbid qi and pure qi. If even the slightest bit of turbid qi is used, the sword is going to fall… After all, pure qi rises and turbid qi falls. The Liquor Sword Immortal must have gathered all the pure qi in his body using a powerful spiritual spell…”

In order to practice the sword control technique as soon as possible, the players all ran out of the internet café to try it out halfway through without playing until their daily six-hour limit.

Since the internet café was already busy from noon to the afternoon, now it was packed due to the variety of games. When this group of people went back inside, they realized that there weren’t any seats left.

“Let’s wait until this evening.” They comforted themselves. “We might as well work on the sword control technique a little longer…”

When it was about 9 PM, An Cheng and the others finally saw a big group of people walking out.

“They’re leaving! There are seats now!”

“Let’s go play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!” Their faces lit up!

“Perfect! I’m at a key stage in learning sword control technique!” An Cheng said confidently. “If I watch it again, I will improve drastically!”

“Ms. Nalan, what do you think?” Lan Yan asked happily, “I think your sword will be able to fly out of its scabbard soon!”

“If I watch it again, I think I will be able to use sword control technique,” Nalan Mingxue responded casually.

“That’s so fast!” The young men gasped upon hearing what Nalan Mingxue said; they were stunned by her talent.

“Hey, Sir! Why are you locking the doors already!” Someone shouted, “I still have two hours left; it’s only 9 PM!”

“He’s locking the doors?” The group froze. What is going on? Why is Fang Qi closing his shop so early?

Upon hearing this question, Fang Qi yawned and replied, “I’m really tired. Since I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I’m closing the shop early today!”

The group was flabbergasted!

“Hey! Wait! I still have two hours left!” Lin Shao immediately banged on the glass doors!

“I still have three hours left!” Ouyang Cheng shouted.

“Young man! I still need to talk to you about something!” Ye Songtao suddenly remembered.

However, Fang Qi turned off the lights and went upstairs to sleep!

“F*ck!” Groans sounded outside the door!

“Who suggested calling him in the morning!” They looked around with grim expressions on their face, trying to look for the person behind the awful suggestion.

“Who said the owner can’t do anything about it?” someone else growled angrily.

“Oh… I’m going to go now!” Lan Yan laughed awkwardly before attempting to escape the scene with Nalan Mingxue!

“Uh…” An Cheng’s face turned red with embarrassment. “I didn’t get much sleep today either, so I’m going to…”

“Stop right there!” Nalan Hongwu’s face fell. What did I do to deserve this! I still had three hours left!

Nalan Mingxue patted her pretty forehead and groaned, “I think we’re in trouble…”

Lan Yan glanced at the enraged Nalan Hongwu and felt like crying, and An Cheng stood there quietly, not sure what to say.

“You all need to be punished!” Ye Songtao who finally remembered that he still needed to talk to Fang Qi added furiously.

“He’s right; who woke the owner this morning?” Elder Fu looked at the group grimly and questioned.

The people who got here early in the morning felt like digging a hole for themselves to jump into.

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