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Chapter 77 - Fang Qi Goes by the Rules

Chapter 77: Fang Qi Goes by the Rules

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“AH! Why is it closing time again!”

“I haven’t watched enough!”

Just as the crowd was enjoying themselves, Fang Qi said that he was closing the shop again, making the crowd wail unhappily!

While An Cheng watched Fang Qi lock the doors and wave at him, he shouted, “I really want to smash this shop apart!”

“Go ahead!” Ouyang Cheng laughed as he gestured.

An Cheng’s face twitched. “Forget it, I’ll come back tomorrow!”

“Miss Nalan, I wish we get to watch a little longer…” Lan Yan complained as she walked, “Stupid owner keeps closing his shop!”

“Mhm,” Nalan Mingxue nodded. “Let’s come earlier tomorrow.”

“The imperial sword arrives with the wind, eliminating evil from heaven and earth. I will be thrilled if I have liquor, but I’m still insane when I don’t.”

“I will drink the lakes and rivers and then swallow the sun and moon. I am the Liquor Sword Immortal, the only person who is left standing after a thousand drinks!”

Outside the internet café, someone pretended to be the Liquor Sword Immortal, tilting his head side to side and reciting this poem as if he were a sage.

“The game’s amazing!”

Although Fang Qi closed his shop, and they already left, Song Qingfeng and the others couldn’t suppress their excitement and shouted aloud.

“Who is this Liquor Sword Immortal? He’s so powerful!” They couldn’t help but discuss amongst themselves.

“Why won’t the owner let us watch anymore!” Lin Shao waved his fist in the air, “The swords can fly!”

Xu Luo chimed in, “Let’s try on our own tomorrow! Li Xiaoyao was flying in his dream, remember?”

Everyone was kicked out of the internet café at the same time, so it was noisy outside on the streets.

Shen Qingqing had a great temper, so she changed the topic. “Let’s learn the sword control technique together. Once we learn it, we can go and fly!”

“You’re right!” Lan Yan shouted happily, “Once we all learn the technique, we’ll fly out of the city together and have fun!”

“Me too!” Ye Xiaoye immediately joined the party. With her essence, she couldn’t steer spiritual boats. Moreover, flying on a sword was so much freer than taking a boat!

“Me too!”

“Count me in!”

Of course, some people like An Cheng were worried. “Do you think it’ll be more dangerous for cultivators to encounter warriors who know the sword control technique in the future?”

“Probably not.” An Huwei shook his head. “Although warriors can practice this technique, it will be hard for them to gain good control. If they can’t control the swords properly, they are no more than a giant target in the air!”

“Plus, cultivators will do better than warriors! In the future, we will be able to alternate between the spiritual boats and swords. We can switch to the other method of flying when there is danger, and we can ensure our combat skills. It’s an amazing technique to learn!” An Huwei was positive that the delicate control of spiritual energy that had taken cultivators centuries to perfect wasn’t something warriors could compare to!

“You’re right, Uncle An,” Ouyang Cheng and the others’ expressions lit up upon hearing this.

“Should we…?” They glanced at each other, “Come learn sword control techniques tomorrow morning?”

“Us too!” another group of people shouted.

“But… the owner’s not going to open his shop until 8 AM tomorrow, right?” Someone immediately complained, “We’ve got to wait for eight more hours…”

“Can we think of a way to get the owner open his shop earlier?”

The group left while brainstorming.

No one slept that night.

Song Qingfeng and the others, who were used to the shop opening at 8 AM, arrived outside Fang Qi’s internet café with dark circles under their eyes. It wasn’t even 5 AM yet.

“The time…” Lin Shao glanced at the closed doors dejectedly. “Aren’t we a little too early?”

Shen Qingqing yawned and appeared on the street. Then, she immediately saw Song Qingfeng and the others and said, “You’re so early!”

Although they made plans to come early, wasn’t this a little too early?

“Of course we came early; none of us could sleep!” Song Qingfeng complained. The thought of learning the sword control technique and being able to fly made them so excited that they felt like sleeping was a waste of time.

Today, An Huwei, An Cheng, and the others came early as well, much earlier than they had ever been!

“We may be here early, but the shop isn’t open yet.” An Cheng led the group and said in doubt, “If the owner doesn’t open his shop, then we are early for nothing.”

Before he could say anything else, he saw a large group of people standing outside the internet café.

An Cheng’s face twitched. “Why are you all so early?”

“We want to learn the sword control technique in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!” Song Qingfeng replied, “Didn’t we say we’re going to come early?”

An Cheng thought he was early enough. “I didn’t know this is what you meant by early.”

“But the problem is, how can we get in?” Ouyang Cheng pointed at the locked doors.

“There’s no way the owner would open the shop right now.” Nalan Mingxue came early as well and analyzed calmly.

“Why are you here then?”

“We can try to wake him up,” she replied.


Perhaps they could ask Fang Qi to open the shop at 7 AM, but it was 5 AM right now.

They looked at each other grimly and felt a little nervous.

“Do any of you have a better idea?” Nalan Mingxue asked upon seeing their hesitation, and the rest of the group shook their heads.

“Are we… really going to wake him up?” Song Qingfeng was nervous since it was so early in the morning.

“If we don’t wake him up, we’ll have to wait here for at least two more hours!” Lin Shao touched his neck, feeling the chilliness of the morning.

Upon hearing this, everyone looked awkward; they could either stand here for two hours or call Fang Qi right now. They all knew what they wanted to do.

“Who’s going to call him?” They glanced at each other.

“Together!” Lan Yan took out a round, pearl-like spiritual artifact and said, “This is a sound-conducting pearl; it can gather our voices and send it to the owner’s bedroom…”

The others hesitated. “Should we really do that?”

“Of course we should!” An Cheng suddenly laughed, “It’s a great idea, and we aren’t violating any of the rules of the internet café! It’s not like the owner will kick us out and never let us come back because of this!”

Upon hearing this, Ouyang Cheng’s expression lit up. “The best thing about the owner is that he goes by the rules! We aren’t breaking any rules, so what can he do?”

“You have a point…” The others felt enlightened!

The sky was just lighting up, and Fang Qi was still soundly asleep.

Suddenly, loud voices sounded beside him, scaring him out of his bed!

Then, he heard loud shouts. “Sir, open up!”

Upon hearing this, he almost fell out of his bed!

“Damn it, what the f*ck is going on?” Still in his pajamas, Fang Qi opened his window with a dark expression on his face. He saw a bunch of people standing downstairs, and a weird pearl hovered before them. Even though they were shouting from downstairs, their voices blasted upstairs as if they were using a loudspeaker, waking Fang Qi right up!

He looked at the dark sky and then at the time; it was 5:30 AM!

“F*CK!” he cursed angrily!

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