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Chapter 76 - Sword control technique Exist?

Chapter 76: Sword control technique Exist?

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A dream?

Of course, it was just a dream!

The game had just begun. Right now, Li Xiaoyao was no more than a waiter at Yunlai Hostel. If he was already so powerful that he could fly and fight off monsters, he wouldn’t be so afraid of the Baiyue Sect Master!

The ugly monster suddenly turned into Li Xiaoyao’s aunt as she swung a wok at his face…

Everyone froze, surprised by the sharp change.

Then, they all burst out in hysterical laughter!

“Hahaha! Sir, is this a comedy game?”

“Is the main character here to be funny?”

“Is he really a sword cultivator?” An Cheng laughed nonstop, “With a celestial sword, you can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld. But you are being hit by a wok at the hostel, sleeping until the day is almost over!”

“Look, Auntie is telling him to stop daydreaming!” Shen Qingqing and the others couldn’t help but chuckle.

“If this is a comedy, I admit that it succeeded in making me laugh!” Lin Shao laughed

Upon hearing the others make fun of him, Fang Qi’s face twitched as he climbed up from his bed. Of course, his audience had no idea what was waiting for them in the future.

These people had never experienced the Legend of the Sword and Fairy before, and they would definiteky become addicted to the game.

However, Fang Qi was also surprised that the game would start in such a humorous manner!

“Exactly!” Ouyang Cheng chimed in, “At least the main character of Celestial Warrior is extremely talented and from a prestigious family. The main character in this game is just a waiter!”

“How talented can a waiter be? He’s never going to become a cultivator nor a warrior.” Bu Che analyzed. “At most, he can fight off hooligans on the streets!”

Fang Qi slapped his forehead and thought to himself, They probably never even heard of normal or even untalented people cultivating…

After getting off his bed, Fang Qi listened to Auntie Li and went downstairs to tend to customers. He had to admit that the virtual reality version of the game was extremely life-like! He enjoyed himself even if there was no one watching!

The System’s virtual reality remake gave the player a lot of freedom to explore the game. However, many events would happen during this game, just like the original.

For example, as soon as Fang Qi walked up, he saw a drunken Daoist passed out in front of the hostel. Right now, the character, Li Xiaoyao, was only an ordinary young man who didn’t have any power.

Therefore, even though Fang Qi had the freedom to move around, he did all the missions patiently and progressed the plot; he had to learn the sword control technique first!

Soon, it was time to go to the sea.

Li Xiaoyao had never met his parents and was raised by his auntie.

She suddenly became sick one day, and none of the doctors on their island could cure her, forcing Li Xiaoyao to look for medicine on the Celestial Spiritual Island. That was where the entire story began.

Standing on a ship, Fang Qi looked at the ocean that seemed endless, and the waves splashed in rage. It was getting late, but the winds and waves weren’t calming down at all.

At this point, Li Xiaoyao was no more than an ordinary young man who worked as a waiter. He had never cultivated, he only knew how to street fight.

Without energy or warrior qi, he was an ordinary young man who risked his life to go to the sea.

When the others saw how determined Li Xiaoyao was, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of respect toward this funny young man.

They wouldn’t feel that way if he was a powerful cultivator. However, he was an ordinary young man, and that was why they were shocked by his actions!

The crowd couldn’t help but keep watching; they wanted to know what was going to happen to this ordinary person. Was he going to die in the sea or escape from death and arrive on that so-called Celestial Spiritual Island without knowing what was going to happen to him?

They watched intently in anticipation. When they saw that not only did Li Xiaoyao not die on Celestial Spiritual Island but also married an extremely beautiful woman…

Of course, the more mature scenes were jumped over, and it was the next day.

“I’m so jealous!” The crowd clenched their teeth. They were all more talented than Li Xiaoyao, but… their lives sucked compared to his!

“Ling is so pretty…” Lin Shao drooled.

“Damn… I want a wife now…” An Cheng was on the verge of tears!

“No matter who you marry, she’s not going to be prettier than Ling!” Bu Che interjected.

“…” An Cheng’s face twitched as he felt like someone had punched him in the stomach!

“Sir, I want to play this game!” Ouyang Cheng decided.

An Cheng, Song Qingfeng, and the other young men were so immersed in the game that they couldn’t even take their eyes off Fang Qi’s screen!

“Shut up.” Li Haoran interrupted, “Your playtime for today is up; just watch the owner play!”

“But, Li Xiaoyao doesn’t have warrior qi nor essence; he’s so weak…” Shen Qingqing sighed.

Just then, they watched Li Xiaoyao, who was controlled by Fang Qi, run out in the middle of the night.

They were confused. “Wait. Sir, why are you running out at this hour?”

“I think… that poor Daoist said he’s going to teach Li Xiaoyao sword techniques at night?” Shen Qingqing was one of the few people who remembered this detail.

“What can a poor Daoist teach him?” Nalan Hongwu finally said in disdain.

“Is Li Xiaoyao’s master that poor Daoist?” The crowd was bewildered.

Ouyang Cheng, who just declared that he was going to play, suddenly stopped what he was doing. For him, asking a poor Daoist to be his master was so degrading! That Daoist didn’t even have money to pay for Liquor and food, and he had to ask the poor Li Xiaoyao for money!

In this world, those with powers were of extremely high status!

For example, Nalan Hongwu enlisted into the army when he became an Ancestral Warrior and wasn’t discharged until the establishment of Dajin. His current power came from countless dangerous battles.

He spent more than a hundred years in the military to get to where he was today. Therefore, how could he ever ask a beggar-like Daoist to be his master?

If it weren’t for the amazing sword control technique in the beginning that piqued his interest, he would have left a long time ago!

As the crowd was chatting, Fang Qi arrived on the Sansin Temple on the hill.

[TL notes: Sansin are local mountain gods in Eastern Legends.]

“Look, the Daoist really is teaching him sword techniques!” As the others complained, Xu Zixin suddenly shrieked as she pointed at Fang Qi’s screen.

“Look carefully, I’m only going to teach you this once!”

Then, the Daoist landed outside the Sansin Temple in a heartbeat. By the time Li Xiaoyao followed him out, the Daoist chanted and unsheathed his sword!

“Look at this sword technique!” They found his actions familiar and even terrifying!

“Isn’t this the sword technique that Li Xiaoyao dreamed of?”

It was the sword control technique! Wasn’t that just a dream?

The moon shined brightly, and powerful sword energy flew under the night sky, shaking heaven and earth!

They had never seen or even heard of a technique like this!

Most importantly, the sword energies and sword control technique merged into one.

“Does this poor Daoist practice both spiritual spells and martial arts? Moreover, he is extremely skilled in both!”

After he demonstrated the first set of sword techniques, the Daoist left on his sword. On the screen was a poem he left behind.

[The imperial sword arrives with the wind, eliminating evil from heaven and earth. I will be thrilled if I have liquor, but I’m still insane when I don’t.

I will drink the lakes and rivers and then swallow the sun and moon. I am the Liquor Sword Immortal, the only person who is left standing after a thousand drinks!]

The crowd fell silent.

The sword immortal exists? The sword control technique from Li Xiaoyao’s dream exist as well?

“I am the Liquor Sword Immortal, the only person who is left standing after a thousand drinks? Liquor Sword Immortal?” The crowd thought back at how they were just looking down at this Daoist, but he was really the Liquor Sword Immortal?

Moreover, he really knew the sword control technique?

Nalan Hongwu bellowed, “Does anyone have a sword? Get me a sword!”

Warriors were indeed powerful enough to cut through rivers and mountains, but no one thought that flying on a sword was possible!

If it were…

Even Nalan Mingxue, who was usually calm and collected, couldn’t hide the excitement from her expression! Knowing the sword control technique would change their lives!

Even though they were relatively weak, they also dreamed of flying in the sky and enjoying the gloriousness of the heavens and earth!

Nalan Hongwu’s attention was on the Sword Immortal’s sword technique; it was so subtle and exquisite!

Upon hearing Nalan Hongwu’s request, Nalan Mingxue immediately handed him a sword.

He placed the sword in his hand and slowly tried to mimic the Sword Immortal’s techniques.

Then, Nalan Hongwu’s sword suddenly jumped, and so did the crowd’s eyelids!

“Let me watch it again; I need to see the sword control technique again!”

“Didn’t you say you weren’t interested in this game, and that poor Daoist wouldn’t be able to teach you anything good?” Fang Qi’s expression remained unchanging as he asked the crowd while practicing the sword control technique through Li Xiaoyao.

No one in the crowd made a noise; they were so embarrassed that they felt like crawling into the ground and never climbing out!

Why does he have to mention that?

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