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Chapter 75 - With a Celestial Sword, I Can Go to the Heavens and Enter the Netherworld

Chapter 75: With a Celestial Sword, I Can Go to the Heavens and Enter the Netherworld

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“What’s the Legend of the Sword and Fairy? It sounds similar to the novel, Celestial Warrior,” An Cheng objected loudly, “What’s so fun about that? You should play Diablo!”

“I’m not interested in mediocre fantasy games!” Nalan Hongwu placed his hands behind his back and sneered, “It’s so vulgar! The main characters train their entire lives, but I can kill them with a slap of my palm! I know more skills and techniques than the books will ever describe! What’s the fun in that?”

“Sir, why are your games going backwards?” Song Qingfeng said, “Shouldn’t you be creating sequels for Resident Evil and Diablo? Why did you come out with something similar to Celestial Warrior? What’s so good about The Legend of the Sword and Fairy?”

“Why are you all gathered here? What about Celestial Warrior?” Xu Zixin and Shen Qingqing suddenly heard others talk about a new game, so they couldn’t help but glanced their way.

“The owner is playing a new game,” Lin Shao replied without interest, “It’s called the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, and it sounds similar to Celestial Warrior. How good can it be?”

“This game is…” Bai Lang shook his head in disappointment.

Fang Qi rolled his eyes at the others and said, “Who said it’s the same as Celestial Warrior?”

“Even so, the styles are probably the same,” Song Qingfeng chimed in, “No matter how good the game is, we’re probably already sick of this narrative!”

“He’s right,” Shen Qingqing said earnestly, “We’re so used to reading stories that use our world as background, so the game may seem a little old-fashioned. The martial arts and techniques in the game probably won’t surprise us as much as Diablo did.”

Then, she looked at the animations on the screen.

Celestial mountains stood atop clouds while a young cultivator ascended to the top of the mountain.

Shaking her head, Shen Qingqing added, “This game seems boring compared to the other ones here.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Qi replied, “Do you know what are forever classics?”

On the screen, clouds hovered over the sky as a young cultivator jumped through them like they were waves in the ocean.

“The main character of the game is called Li Xiaoyao.” Fang Qi put on his virtual reality headset and suddenly became one with the main character!

“Li Xiaoyao?” Just as the others wondered what Fang Qi meant by that, they saw Li Xiaoyao throw a sword down the cliff; the sword was the size of a palm at most.

However, the small sword suddenly transformed into a giant sword, and Fang Qi jumped down from the cliff and landed on it!

Then, he shot gracefully into the blue sky!

“My god!”

The wind blew like tornadoes, and the color of the sky changed rapidly. Streaks of lightning lit up the sky as the young cultivator on the screen flew on his sword!

“How is that possible!”

The others were dumbstruck by what they saw and stood there petrified! They couldn’t comprehend what they just saw!

He can fly on a sword? If flying is that easy, why do we need large spiritual boats? Moreover… his flying speed is incredible!

All the people behind Fang Qi wanted to tell him that without protection or the body of a warrior, the tornado-like winds would blow his bones apart!

Plus, the sky was grim, and streaks of lightning appeared again at again. If he were struck, he would probably die!

In their world, warriors who could fly were extremely powerful individuals who were at least 100 to 200 years old. There was no way a young man like the one on the screen could soar in the sky!

It was as if everyone was sitting on a plane and suddenly saw some flying in the with a skateboard, and that skateboard flew just as fast as the plane!

The next scene left them even more flabbergasted! Not only was this young man riding on a sword, he was also chasing an ugly old monster in front of him!

On the screen, Fang Qi chanted a spell and pointed his finger!

Then, an extremely sharp bolt of sword energy flew through the wind, making its way through the clouds and striking the monster, forcing the latter to retreat and dodge!

“That’s warrior qi!” An Huwei, Nalan Hongwu, and the others were dumbfounded!

“Isn’t the main character a cultivator? How could he possess warrior qi?”

“He’s not a cultivator,” Fang Qi replied, “Haven’t you ever heard of sword cultivators? I’m using sword control technique.”

Fang Qi didn’t understand these customers; they were just saying how the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was similar to Celestial Warrior, but they had never even seen sword control techniques?

“Sword control technique?” The others glanced at each other and replied, “Cultivators can steer spiritual boats, and high-level warriors can fly in the sky. What can sword control techniques do?”

Moreover, what in the world are sword cultivators! they thought.

“[With a celestial sword, I can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld. I’m in control of my destiny and not fate.] Haven’t you heard of this before?” Fang Qi glanced back at them with disdain. This was already common knowledge to him in his previous time, so how could these supposedly super-powerful cultivators and warriors not know about this?

“Woah…” The others gasped behind Fang Qi upon hearing this.

“With a celestial sword, I can go to the heavens and enter the netherworld.”

“I’m in control of my destiny and not fate.”

The people behind Fang Qi repeated the phrases, trying to decipher what this arrogant sentence meant. However, looking at the screen, they realized their meaning!

The young man didn’t need any dharma treasure but a sword to achieve greatness! They didn’t even know that cultivators like him existed!

In fact, they wondered if such a character only belonged in stories!

This sword cultivator was way more powerful than the cultivators in this world.

On the screen, Fang Qi had chased the ugly old monster into its nest. As he flew forward, the other monsters immediately retreated in fear!

The System’s virtual reality remake was a pleasure to the senses. Moreover, Li Xiaoyao was at his peak state, so he could use his most powerful sword techniques as much as he wanted to.

Fang Qi was extremely fulfilled by this game!

Without thinking, Fang Qi followed the ugly old monster deep into its nest!

“This sword cultivator is so powerful!” Lu Yan ate her Haagen-Dazs as she stared at Fang Qi’s screen intently. The others standing behind her couldn’t take their eyes off the screen either!

Watching this incredible battle while eating Haagen-Dazs was too much of a pleasure! They had never felt this way before!

No one ever thought that watching others play could be so amazing!

“The owner said that the main character’s name is Li Xiaoyao?”

“Is he a cultivator or a warrior? He’s so strong!”

Those who previously said this game was similar to Celestial Warrior and boring kept their mouths shut! The sword control technique alone made this game a masterpiece!

Just then, the animations slowly changed as Li Xiaoyao fought the ugly monster.

Bam! The character fell down onto his bed!

“What?” Lu Yan, Nalan Mingxue and the others froze. “It was just a dream?”

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