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Chapter 74 - Not Playing Diablo but the legend of the Sword and Fairy!

Chapter 74: Not Playing Diablo but the legend of the Sword and Fairy!

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“Ha… Ha what Dazs?”

“Haagen-Dazs? Does it taste better than Sprite?” Nalan Hongwu, An Huwei, and the others looked unhappily when they saw the little container in Fang Qi’s hand. “We’re not interested in anything else but Sprite!”

“You’re really not going to have any?” Fang Qi opened the container, exposing the beige-colored ice-cream.

The System was very considerate and prepared a little wooden spoon with the little container, and Fang Qi scooped a spoonful.

“It’s frozen?” The group was curious to see a faint fog rise from the ice-cream.

In the summer, wine and drinks were usually iced, but the owner’s drink… was frozen solid!

“Wait, is this… crisp mountain?” Nalan Hongwu had never seen ice-cream before, but he was a man who had travelled throughout the continent, so he had seen similar things in his hundreds of years of life.

Crisp mountain was a dairy product that Nalan Hongwu had once tasted when he was battling near the northwest of Dajin.

“Crisp mountain?” A lot of people never even heard of this. “What’s that?”

“Crisp mountain?” Ouyang Zhen had heard of it before, so he explained, “It’s a delicacy that originated from a clan in the northwest of Dajin. When the crisp is melted, it becomes extremely soft. Then, it is drizzled on to shattered ice and placed into an ice cellar. I’ve heard friends from Jingshi mention it before. Apparently, it’s incredibly delicious!”

“So, it is a high-class delicacy in Jingshi!” Upon hearing what Ouyang Zhen said, everyone froze for a second. The people in the Jiangnan Region had never heard of it before!

“Crisp mountain?” Fang Qi suddenly remembered that there was a similar dish that existed millennia ago in his old world.

He corrected them and said, “The dish you’re talking about is so old-fashioned; this is called ice-cream!”

“Old-fashioned? Ice… cream?”

Fang Qi took a deep breath and thought in his head, I really can’t communicate with these people.

Too lazy to explain, he tasted the Haagen-Dazs for himself.

The ice-cream melted in his mouth as soon as he took a bite, and Fang Qi felt the rich vanilla flavor covering his entire tongue. Even though it was cold, it tasted so warm and gentle that he felt like he was being hugged by clouds that were as soft as cotton candy!

The ice-cream melted in his mouth and was sweet but not too strong.

Most importantly, after his first bite, Fang Qi felt like he had traveled to a vast grassland where he was surrounded by the sweet scent of fresh grass and wildflowers. He felt like he could see the cows and sheep running past him. Everything was as beautiful as a painting!

Yes, he felt a blast of warmth and sweetness from the ice-cream!

With one bite, people would feel like all their worries were gone. Since Fang Qi was in a good mood to begin with, he was happier than ever!

Nalan Hongwu, An Huwei, and the others watched as Fang Qi took one scoop after another. They wondered, Is it really that good?


Fang Qi heard the sound of his wooden spoon hitting the bottom of the container.

“I finished it all?” He glanced down at the container in his hand and wondered while shaking his head, It’s such a small serving! But… the aftertaste is amazing!

Then, he noticed that his customers were all staring at him. “What are you all staring at me for?”

He sat down in front of his usual spot and thought, Forget it, I’ve had enough fun today, so I might as well play for a while.

“G… give me a container!” Nalan Hongwu’s interest was piqued upon seeing how much Fang Qi enjoyed the ice-cream. He continued, “I haven’t had crisp mountain in such a long time; I want to find out what yours tastes like.”

“I told you, this is called vanilla ice-cream. Crisp mountain is such an old-fashioned dish.” Fang Qi rolled his eyes as he handed Nalan Hongwu a container of ice-cream.

“Crisp mountain isn’t old fashioned at all!” Ouyang Zhen snickered, “It’s one of the most exquisite dishes in Jingshi. Those with lower status can’t even get to try it! Give me a container as well; I’m going to give it a try. How dare you say that crisp mountain is old-fashioned!”

Fang Qi gave Ouyang Zhen a container as well. Nalan Hongwu and Ouyang Zhen took a bite at the same time.

As soon as the ice-cream entered their mouths, the thick and aromatic scent of milk immediately spread. This feeling was different from the shock of drinking Sprite for the first time. Instead, it was a warm feeling. Milk and vanilla blended perfectly along with a delicious fragrance of eggs. These flavors combined in a unique way, making them feel sweet and fuzzy.

They felt like everything good in life was happening to them!

“How is it?” The others asked upon seeing their serious expressions.

“Hahaha!” Nalan Hongwu, who rarely smiled, burst out laughing and gave Fang Qi a thumb up. “It’s delicious! I’ve never had anything as good as this!”

“Although I don’t know if it is as good as crisp mountain, this thing called ice-cream is truly delicious!” Ouyang Zhen gasped.

“B*llshit! Crisp mountain is nothing compared to ice-cream!” Nalan Hongwu shouted, “Nothing!”

Then, he looked down at the tiny container of ice-cream in his hand and thought, What is this made of? 

Never in his life did a snack make him as happy as he was right now!

At this thought, he quickly took another bite!

“Is it really that good?” The others were all bewildered.

“The old man laughed after taking a bite?” Lan Yan looked surprised. As the family leader of the Nalan Family, Nalan Hongwu rarely smiled or laughed!

It would make sense if it were the games, but how can a snack make him so happy?Lan Yan thought.

“Should we… try it as well?” she carefully asked Nalan Mingxue.

“I want one!”

“Me too!”

“I want one too!”

Everyone raised their hands and requested ice-cream.

After a while, Fang Qi sat down after everyone behind him got their ice-creams.

“Woah! This ice cream is delicious!” Lan Yan said as she sucked on her wooden spoon.

Nalan Mingxue bought one container as well.

After scooping out some ice cream with her small spoon, she took a bite and was immediately surprised. Her beautiful eyes lit up as she said, “It really is good!”

“I’ve never had anything like this; is this ice?” An Cheng was shocked, “Ice can be used this way?”

They all held a delicate little container in their hands, taking small bites of ice-cream. All their impatience was melted by the rich and sweet taste.

The System was right; an outstanding taste was more than enough to awe the masses. Ice-cream gave them happiness that could not be replaced by anything else.

“Why am I the only one who can’t have any!” Jiang Xiaoyue felt like crying as she looked at everyone with jealousy. She was a foodie, but she could only watch others eat right now.

At this moment, Fang Qi clicked on the new blue and white icon that just appeared on his screen.

[The Legend of the Sword and Fairy One: Virtual Reality Remake]!

“Sir, what is this?” Bu Che glanced at Fang Qi’s screen and saw that the latter had clicked on an icon that he had never seen before!

“What is that?” The others who were obsessing over the ice-cream glanced over and realized that Fang Qi wasn’t playing Diablo II!

Under the dim lights of the internet café, a sword in a wooden scabbard, a light-brown wine calabash, and a roll of old bamboo slips appeared on Fang Qi’s screen, adding a sense of history to the game.

Then, the words [The Legend of the Sword and Fairy] written in ancient characters, appeared.

Then, the animations slowly changed.

The title disappeared, and two options popped up:

[New Story]

[Old Memories]

“Sir, what is this?”

“Aren’t you going to play Diablo?”

“I’ve never seen this game!”

“What’s the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?”

Once again, the audience went crazy.

Fang Qi replied calmly, “I’m not playing Diablo today; I’m going to play The Legend of the Sword and Fairy!”

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