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Chapter 73 - The Birth of Haagen Dazs and the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!

Chapter 73: The Birth of Haagen Dazs and the Legend of the Sword and Fairy!

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The truth was that Fang Qi wanted to expand his current shop by buying shops beside his and finding another location in the city center was the second choice.

However, most of the buildings next to his shop were residential homes. Unless he forcibly bought them out, no one would be willing to sell.

Therefore, he had no choice but to check out the shops across the street from his current internet café. Flying wasn’t allowed inside Jiuhua City. Even noblemen had to use horse-pulled carriages.

By the time Fang Qi got off the cart, the east side of Jiuhua City had already entered dusk.

Fang Qi’s back was facing the shops across from his own. As the outermost establishment of the entire district, the building was originally built to be used for commercial purposes.

This street was obviously wider than the one in front of Fang Qi’s shop.

This may be a civilian area, but people here weren’t poor.

Although these streets were secluded, owning a property in a big city like Jiuhua was already impressive.

The shops in the front mostly consisted of warrior-related shops. Small ones like Fang Qi’s previous shop sold all kinds of items, and big ones sold more specific items, and some examples were restaurants that sold the meat of monsters and beasts, weapon shops, and pawnshops.

Fang Qi glanced across the street. There was quite a lot of traffic, but he didn’t care about that. He only cared if these owners were willing to sell their shops to him.

After Fang Qi did all that, he went back into the shop and glanced around curiously. “Xiaoyue, why is the shop so empty?”

“Why are you here by yourself?” Jiang Xiaoyue stared at him. Didn’t all the customers go looking for him? In the end, they didn’t find him, and he came back on his own?

“What do you mean?” Fang Qi was confused. “Am I supposed to bring a girlfriend back with me after walking around?”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiaoyue wasn’t familiar with Fang Qi’s modern concept. Then, she looked behind Fang Qi and suddenly frozen. “You brought a bunch of people back?”

“A bunch of people?” Fang Qi was more confused than ever, and he said in all serious, “Do I look like someone who would bring a bunch of girls back with me?”

As he was finishing his sentence, loud footsteps sounded behind him.

Fang Qi turned around and saw a giant group of people walking up to him.

“The owner’s here!” Nalan Hongwu shouted; he was the first one to run into Fang Qi’s shop.

Then, An Huwei, Song Qingfeng, An Cheng, Bai Lang, and the others all ran inside!

“… What are you all doing?” Fang Qi was dumbfounded while Jiang Xiaoyue burst into laughter upon seeing all the people standing behind him.

Fang Qi reached out and squeezed Jiang Xiaoyue’s cheeks. “Hey, stop laughing!”

Jiang Xiaoyue’s pink face immediately went from beautiful to funny, and she cursed Fang Qi in her head…

Fang Qi placed his shopping bags onto the ground and said, “I bought you some specialty dessert from Tianfu Street. If you keep laughing at me, I’m going to eat everything by myself!”

“… Thank you, Sir!” Although she was still mad that Fang Qi squeezed her cheeks, food was more important to Jiang Xiaoyue.

“Kid, where did you run off to today? The city guards couldn’t even find you,” An Huwei said anxiously, “Come here and look at my skill points distribution plan!”

“Let the owner play the game first!” Someone immediately shouted.

“Wait… I just came back; can’t I rest for a while first?” Fang Qi’s face fell. “Are these your plans? How can you ask me to choose for you? They all suck!”

“He’s right, Dad; don’t waste our time. Due to a lack of time, Faction Master Ye even went back. The owner should start the game first,” An Cheng chimed in.

Ye Songtao had to tend to some matters at his faction, so he and his disciples left. Of course, before he left, he threatened to come back tomorrow and teach Fang Qi a lesson.

“What game?”

“Diablo! Aren’t you going to play?” Nalan Hongwu glared at him.

Then, Lin Shao added, “Are you going to fight Duriel again today? Ping and I are waiting!”

Fang Qi, on the other hand, glanced at his system interface:

[Task: Diablo II Totally Playtime 1000/1000 hours (Completed)

Task Reward: The Legend of the Sword and Fairy One: Virtual Reality Remake]

[Task Two: Readjusting the state of mind (Completed)

Task explanation: Accelerated improvement and long-term killing is beginning to affect your state of mind, please readjust.

Task reward: Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice-cream (summer only)]

[Would you like to claim your rewards?]

I almost forget that I completed two tasks! Claim! Fang Qi glanced at the prices of The Legend of the Sword and Fairy and Haagen-Dazs

[The Legend of the Sword and Fairy One: Virtual Reality Remake

Activation Fee: 20 crystals]

[Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice-cream

Price: 5 crystals]

“I knew Haagen-Dazs wouldn’t be cheap, but… aren’t you going a little overboard?” Flabbergasted, Fang Qi asked his system.

He was okay with [The Legend of the Sword and Fairy One] costing 20 crystals to activate. After all, the first two acts of Diablo II alone cost 18 crystals. However, five crystals for a snack was way too expensive!

Just then, Fang Qi saw a few paragraphs appear below the picture of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream.

[This ice-cream is created based on the original Haagen Dazs ice-cream recipe, but the raw materials are more diligently chosen. Fresh milk is obtained from a unique crossbreed of Holstein Friesian cattle, meticulously chosen to provide the best-tasting milk. Unlike some commercial farms that milk their cows dry, only a certain amount of milk is obtained every day so that this line of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream can guarantee a natural and healthy milking process… The vanilla flavor is made with Xiangling Grass, an extremely rare spiritual grass that is only found in the depth of spiritual mountains. The taste is even richer than vanilla beans from Madagascar. This ice-cream…]

After reading the long description underneath the ice-cream, Fang Qi froze.This ice-cream doesn’t help with cultivation, and it can’t even calm the nerves like Sprite does!

The system replied, An outstanding taste is more than enough to awe the masses; it doesn’t need other features.

At a loss for words, Fang Qi gave his system a thumbs up. Good for you, asking me to sell something that has no unique features!

Please comment after trying, the System said before falling silent.

While everyone stared at Fang Qi anxiously, he walked up to the fridge instead of his computer.

“What are you doing? Do you have Sprite again?” The group was confused.

“If there is, get us each a bottle of Sprite!” Nalan Hongwu shouted, “Then, come play Diablo!”

To their surprise, Fang Qi took out a small, round, and delicately-packaged container from the fridge.

“What’s this?” They looked at each other, confused.

“A new product I just got today,” Fang Qi answered slowly, “Haagen-Dazs!”

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