Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 72 - Make the Owner Come Back so We Can Watch Him Play!

Chapter 72: Make the Owner Come Back so We Can Watch Him Play!

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“So, you are Brother Fang!” The yellow-robed young man gestured at Fang Qi inside the Golden Rain Tower. “My name is Huang Xuan. There are a lot of good spiritual artifacts in here, what would you like? All the artifacts over there are for warriors!”

“There are artifacts made especially for warriors?” Fang Qi asked in surprise.

“No.” Huang Xuan explained. “Some specially-made artifacts can only be activated through warrior qi but can also be used by cultivators. However, they’re more expensive.”

“I didn’t know about that,” Fang Qi said with interest, “Are there spatial storage artifacts for warriors? What about communication jades?

“Of course!” Huang Xuan brought Fang Qi up to the second floor. “Storage artifacts are high-end artifacts; do you need one?”

Fang Qi said, “Let me take a look first.”

To Fang Qi, cultivator items were indeed novel. After all, he came from another world, and these things were just legends to him. Therefore, he felt a sense of fulfillment upon seeing the rows and rows of spiritual artifacts with his own eyes.

Fang Qi tried a storage artifact. As soon as he injected some of his qi into it, the giant rocket launcher was immediately placed into the artifact. He asked as he fiddled with it, “Oh, right. Do you know what is the rent of a shop in this area?”

“Rent?” Huang Xuan said in surprise, “I apologize for being blunt, but renting a shop in the middle of Jiuhua isn’t cheap. The leases usually last for ten or more years and will cost at least a couple thousand crystals. Do you have plans to open a shop here?”

Fang Qi nodded, not surprised by the price at all. In his old world, the prices of a downtown apartment cost significantly more than an apartment in the suburbs, and this world was no different.

It would take a while before he would have enough money to pay rent of that amount. Therefore, he decided to take it one step at a time.

Fang Qi was interested in opening another shop in one of two areas:the city center, or near his own shop. He would only be open to other options if he couldn’t find any places he liked.

Upon seeing that Fang Qi had no more follow-up questions, Huang Xuan took out a couple of brocade boxes. “These are all high-quality communication jades; take a look. I know you’re a new customer, but I promise to give you a discounted price. The communication jades’ radiuses range from 500 kilometers to 2,500 kilometers.”

“Huh? Don’t you have any that use satellite communication and have global coverage?”

Feeling awkward, Huang Xuan laughed, “You’re funny; we don’t sell cellphones here.”

Fang Qi froze for a second. How can a man in this world understand what I am talking about? How does he know what a cellphone is?

However, he quickly realized that ever since Resident Evil became famous in Jiuhua City, everyone who watched the movie knew what cellphones were.

Moreover, Huang Xuan was obviously a fan of Resident Evil.

“Get me one that has a range of 2,500 kilometers.” Fang Qi waved his hand in the air generously. “Also, get me a high-quality storage artifact.”

“Will do!”

While Fang Qi shopped around, back at Origins Internet Club…

“AHH! My six hours are up!” An Cheng sat before his computer dejectedly, dying of boredom.

He asked every few minutes, “Is the owner back yet?”

“Nope!” It was already 1 PM in the afternoon, and Jiang Xiaoyue answered as she enjoyed her lunch.

“Where’s the owner? Is he back yet?” Lin Shao, Xu Luo, and Song Qingfeng ran into the internet café as soon as classes were over.

They glanced around the shop and asked, “Is the owner going to fight Duriel again today?”

“He’s not even here; how is he supposed to fight Duriel?” A while ago, An Huwei went back to his mansion to tend to some official matters and ran back as soon as he was done.

However, Fang Qi wasn’t back yet, and he had no choice but to keep waiting.

“AH!” Ouyang Cheng cried out loud, “Where did the owner go? How are we supposed to spend the rest of our day?”

“Why isn’t the owner back yet?” Ye Xiaoye asked anxiously, “My six hours are up as well; what should I do now? I want to watch the owner fight Duriel again!”

“Why can’t you watch me play?” Ye Songtao asked grimly, “Why do you keep watching him?”

“Dad, your level is lower than mine, and you have to ask me for items!” Ye Xiaoye complained, “What’s fun about watching you play?”

Ye Songtao’s face twitched. How can my own daughter attack her father like this?

“Just stop, I haven’t even got to play yet; you should be glad that your time is up!” An Huwei smacked the table angrily. “He has been gone for so long; what’s he doing?”

“Should we… go look for him?” Ye Songtao felt dejected as well. He was the Faction Master of a powerful faction, but he was forced to wait for the owner of a tiny shop for an entire morning!

Who would believe him if he said that!

Of course, although he was technically waiting for Fang Qi, the truth was that he and his disciples have been playing all morning!

Buying stuff is quite relaxing; is this what the system meant by relaxing and chilling?Fang Qi shopped for the entire morning, visited countless shops and bought a bunch of stuff. He felt calm and content. No wonder there are so many shopaholics in my old world. Should I become one as well?

“Blue Treasure Clothing Pavilion?” Fang Qi wanted to buy himself some new clothes, so he walked right in.

I’ll head back to my shop after I buy some clothes…

“Sir, what would you like?”

“I’m just looking around?” Right next to him was a long, blue shirt. He touched it, and it felt soft and slightly cool to the skin.

“This shirt is made from ice silk that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There’s also a dust-cleaning array…” The clerk patient explained in detail.

Clothes in this world sure are convenient… Dust-cleaning array? Does that mean I don’t have to wash them? Fang Qi looked at the shirt carefully and said, “Let me pick out a few more; I’ll give you a good review!”

“Uh… review?” The clerk looked confused.

“Look at the time! Why isn’t the owner back yet!” An Cheng sat on his chair impatiently.

“Is he back yet?” An Huwei ran into the shop. He went back to his office again and came back after a few more hours.

“No, we’ve been here all day!” Ouyang Cheng howled. Origins Internet Club made them all picky when it came to entertainment, so the methods they used to kill time in the past didn’t work anymore. Since their playtime limits were all up, every minute felt like an hour!

As for An Huwei, a man of his status should be drinking and resting at this hour.

Bur now, he wanted to spend every free second playing games! Drinking was such a waste of time!

Ye Songtao, who came all the way from Cloud Ocean Faction at Yanhai City, had been sitting at the internet café for the entire day.

It was fine when he could play Diablo, but now that his time was up, he quickly lost patience. Unwilling to wait any longer, he asked, “Should we go look for him?”

“Look for him?” An Huwei slapped his leg. “Where are we supposed to look for him? Jiuhua City’s so big!”

“You’re the Castellan!” Ouyang Zhen laughed, “Can’t you send the city guards to go look for him?”

“Caste…?” Ye Songtao almost fell out of his chair. This middle-aged man who comes here everyday is the Castellan of Jiuhua? What about the others…?

He knew that they were all of high status, but he didn’t think the Castellan of Jiuhua would be here as well!

“Let’s go!” An Huwei said, “I completely forgot about this, but… is it okay for me to move soldiers like this?”

“Forget it; I’ll send some city guards who are on patrol right now! I’ll go to the high-class locations myself!” He was the Castellan, so An Huwei decided to use his last resort. “I need to find out how to add skill points! I’ve waited so long already!”

The suggestion of go looking for Fang Qi was immediately supported by the other customers.

Nalan Hongwu’s six hours were up as well. As the most powerful person in the Nalan Family, barely anything spiked his interest. Therefore, how could the owner not be here when he was needed!

“You’re going to go look for him? I’ll go with you! Why did he leave in the first place? He should’ve just stayed here and played games!”

“I’ll go too,” Ye Songtao stood up from his seat. “Let’s go find the owner!”

“We’ll go with you!” An Cheng and the others were bored beyond words since their times were up.

“Me too!” Ye Xiaoye raised her hand.

“Let’s all go together!” Bai Lang, Song Qingfeng, and the others chimed in as well. Quickly, a group of people gathered in front of Fang Qi’s shop.

Most of them had reached their daily limits and had been waiting to watch Fang Qi play! Him not coming back was making them more anxious than ever!

Inside the internet café, Lan Yan stood next to Nalan Mingxue in shock. “Are they going to capture the owner and force him to come back to play games?”

Jiang Xiaoyue was at a loss for words as well. I can’t believe they’re actually going to force him into coming back, just so they can watch him play Diablo!

Nalan Mingxue smiled. “Should we go look for him as well?”

At that time, Fang Qi’s new storage artifact was completely full, and he even carried a couple bags of purchases as he walked away from Tianfu Street. He stretched and murmured, “Time to go back to the shop…”

However, he had no idea that his internet café was in chaos…

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