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Chapter 71 - The Owner Isn’t Here, So You’re All Refusing to Play?

Chapter 71: The Owner Isn’t Here, So You’re All Refusing to Play?

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Fang Qi’s knowledge of this world was limited to the memories of the original owner of this body and the discussions amongst the customers at his internet café.

The truth was, after coming to this world a few years ago, he rarely left this street except for when he was attending the examinations at Lingyun Academy or practicing martial arts in the dojo.

Before he opened his internet café, he didn’t leave this street often because he felt threatened and believed that a man with no powers or talent couldn’t survive.

Now, it was simply because he didn’t have time to go wandering around.

Last time, he got to leave the shop, but his trip ended with a hurried breakfast. Therefore, he came back feeling annoyed. Therefore, Fang Qi was in a pretty good mood when he carried the rocket launcher on his back and left right away.

As he walked towards the center of Jiuhua City, he noticed that the streets became busier. The street he was currently on was called Tianfu Street, a renowned business and trade center within the city.

Like him, a lot of people carried weapons on their backs. After all, this was a world of warriors and cultivators.

There are so many people… Fang Qi could see elegantly-dress noblemen and sage-like cultivators everywhere. He came to this world years ago but had never witnessed such a spectacular scene. Countless two-floor shops stood on either side of the street, decorated with glass roof tiles and colorful paint.

– Golden Rain Tower –

What a weird name. Fang Qi glanced up at this ancient-looking pavilion before walking in. You’re it!

This was a shop that sold spiritual artifacts.

As soon as Fang Qi went in, he saw all sorts of artifacts placed in the cabinets against the wall, each with a small description and price listed.

“Hey, look!” When Fang Qi was mesmerized by all the spiritual artifacts, a few of the other customers at the shop pointed at the rocket launcher he was carrying and whispered, “Isn’t this weapon from Resident Evil?”

“I think so…” A young man in yellow replied, “I don’t know what model it is, but I think this weapon only exists in Resident Evil…”

“Very mechanical-looking. Does he play Resident Evil as well?”

“Let’s go ask him!”

“…” Fang Qi had good hearing. Although they were whispering, he still heard their entire conversation, and his face twitched a little.

I can’t believe they recognized my weapon so quickly…

“Hi, Friend!” That yellow-robed young man walked up to Fang Qi, cupping his hands in front of his chest to greet the latter. “Do you play Resident Evil as well?”

Fang Qi was at a loss for words. How can someone who plays Resident Evil not even recognize me, the owner of the shop?

Again, he shouldn’t be so shocked since nowadays, Jiang Xiaoyue was the one tending to customers at the front desk while he played Diablo in a little corner.

This young man was obviously an extrovert. He patted Fang Qi’s shoulder and asked, “Where are you at in the game right now? Do you want me to help you? I promise you’ll pass the game in no time!”

Fang Qi’s face twitched again. “It’s okay… I want to take a look at the spiritual artifacts here…”

“You’re here to buy artifacts?” The young man patted his own chest. “That’s simple! My uncle owns this shop; tell me what you want, and I’ll ask him to give you a discount!”

Should I just tell him that I’m playing Diablo right now? Fang Qi thought in his head.

– Origins Internet Club –

“Hm? Where’s the owner?” A group of people peeked into the shop but didn’t see Fang Qi, so they gathered in front of the counter and asked, “Little girl, where’s the owner?”

“Aren’t you here to play games? Why are you asking for the owner?” Confused, Jiang Xiaoyue looked at Ye Songtao and the group of handsome young men standing behind him.

“I’m here to talk to him about something.” Ye Songtao pointed at the dozen-or-so disciples. “See? These are talented disciples of my faction; I need to talk to the owner!”

Then, he knocked on the surface of the counter and demanded, “Where’s the owner? Tell him to come out and see me!”

“What’s there to talk about? You can just pay and play games,” Jiang Xiaoyue said with disdain, “Just give me the crystals and teach them how to play yourself.”

Jiang Songtao: “…”

“Why did he suddenly decide to go out?” An Huwei looked dejected. “Last night, I thought about two ways to allocate skill points and wanted to ask him which one is more advantageous. How can he not be here?”

Jiang Xiaoyue was dumbfounded. He wants Fang Qi’s advice?

“Where’s that little brat?” Nalan Hongwu demanded. “I wanted to watch him play; why isn’t he here!”

“Exactly! We’re here to watch the owner play!” The other players who chose the class of paladin, such as Lin Shao and Xu Luo, were amazed by Fang Qi’s techniques yesterday, such as the usage of the TP Staff, so they wanted to watch him play some more today.

They took the time to come before the start of their classes, but Fang Qi wasn’t in?

They complained, “We came all the way here this morning to watch him play Diablo; why isn’t he here? Classes are starting soon!”

To them, watching Fang Qi play Diablo was something they had to do every day, and it was no less fun than playing the game themselves. Therefore, how could he not be here!

Did that mean they had to go back to playing for only six hours a day and spending the rest of the time in boredom?

Jiang Xiaoyue was at a loss for words. It’s just a game; why are you all making such a big deal?

“Where did he go?” An Huwei demanded. “Tell him to come back!”

In the past, Fang Qi was always at the shop, so An Huwei could direct any questions he had at him and never appreciated Fang Qi’s presence. However, now that he wasn’t here, An Huwei felt an internal struggle he never had before!

How could he play if his skill points weren’t used perfectly?

“It is a big deal!” Ye Songtao pulled over a chair and sat in front of the counter. “Tell him that there’s a big business waiting for him at his shop. If he doesn’t come back, then he can forget it! We’ll never come back!”

“He’s right!” An Huwei complained, “If I don’t figure this out, it’ll take me too long to kill the monsters. What a waste of my time! If he doesn’t come back, I’m not playing!”

Ye Songtao added, “Just tell him that if he doesn’t come back, we’re all going on strike. He’s going to lose customers!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiaoyue became unhappy and placed her hands on her waist. “Before he left, the owner told me to tell you all to do whatever you want. If you don’t want to play, leave!”

“What?” The people who threatened to go on strike just now were flabbergasted as they glanced at each other.

How can the owner be so arrogant!

However, it seemed like Fang Qi was the only person capable of saying something like this. Therefore, as soon as Jiang Xiaoyue said that, everyone felt awkward.

“I…” An Huwei was going to say that he was going to leave right now. But before the words even came out of his mouth, he changed it up and said, “I’m not going to quibble with you! I’ll wait for him for a few hours!”

“Dad, I’m going to go play Diablo; you guys talk!” Ye Xiaoye laughed as she ran inside.

“Xiaoye!” Ye Songtao’s face darkened. He just said that everyone in his faction was going on strike; what a slap to his face!

Ye Songtao said grimly, “Contact the owner and tell him to come back; I need to talk to him about this face to face!”

“The owner doesn’t have a communication jade; I can’t reach him!” Jiang Xiaoyue’s hands were still on her waist. “If you want him to come back, go find him yourself!”

“…” Upon hearing this, all the customers felt like cursing!

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