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Chapter 70 - Readjusting Your State of Mind

Chapter 70: Readjusting Your State of Mind

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“Sir, allow me to interfere,” Fang Qi said in a low voice, “You need to tell right from wrong before scolding your daughter. Playing games here can help improve her skills and combat experiences; it’s not a regular form of entertainment.”

“I’ll get to you later!” Ye Songtao looked back as he said in an angry tone.

Fang Qi’s lips twitched a little as he shrugged.

Thanks to his reminder, Ye Xiaoye suddenly thought of something. “The owner’s right! Playing Diablo can help me become stronger and increase cultivation strength! There are also various spiritual spells that I can learn! Moreover, it can increase my combat experiences and techniques! What can I do after training at our faction? Nothing! When something really happens, I won’t be able to use my full power!”

“Yes, I’ve been playing this game, but my cultivation strength increased!” Ye Xiaoye added righteously, “You may think that I’m just playing a game, but I’m actually learning! I’m currently learning a spell called Frozen Armor; it’s a really powerful defense spell! Dad, if you don’t trust me, try me! My combat experiences have improved, and my cultivation strength grew!”

“She’s right!” The others’ expression lit up upon hearing Ye Xiaoye’s rant.

What was going on? Ye Songtao’s face twitched after hearing this. Playing games can improve one’s skills and combat experiences? It looks like a game, but she is actually learning? Am I an idiot?

Ye Songtao immediately grasped his daughter’s wrist and exerted his spiritual powers. He quickly noticed that Ye Xiaoye’s cultivation strength improved significantly since the last time he saw her.

How is this possible? What game is this? Can it really improve one’s skills?

“Little girl,” Nalan Hongwu said, “Seeing is believing. If he doesn’t believe you, let him try out the game.”

Ye Songtao was shocked after hearing Nalan Hongwu speak.

This man’s aura is as vast as the ocean! I only sensed the same level of power from my dad, the Grand Elder of the Cloud Ocean Faction!

Did my daughter become stronger… because someone like him helped her? Ye Songtao thought in bewilderment.

“Don’t think too much about it,” Nalan Hongwu said as he gently stroked his beard, “I’m just a customer of this small shop.”

Upon hearing what Nalan Hongwu said, Ye Xiaoye grabbed her father’s hands and said in excitement, “Daddy, if you don’t believe me, try the game for yourself!”

“Did I say that you can speak?” Ye Songtao glared at his daughter angrily, but the truth was that he was in complete shock as if a tornado had torn across his brain!

What in the world is going on? If my daughter is speaking the truth… I know my daughter well, and she isn’t someone who would lie like this. Moreover, that powerful elder has absolutely no reason to deceive me! But how can a shop like this exist?

Still in disbelief, he gazed at Yun Lian while his face remained stern and unchanged.

Yun Lian immediately replied, “Faction Master, I found this place and was going to do more research before reporting to you!”

“Did you finish your investigation?” Ye Songtao asked grimly.

“Not yet…” Yun Lian answered.

After seeing Ye Songtao’s darkening expression, he quickly added, “But I swear that Junior Sister is telling the truth!”

“Do you know what consequences you will face if you lie?” Ye Songtao replied icily.

“Everything I said is true; I’m not taking anyone’s side!”

“Okay then; I’ll give this game a try!”

“Sir, activate one more Diablo for us!” Ye Xiaoye shouted in excitement while her father sat in front of a computer with a murderous expression on his face.

What kind of game improves one’s skills, techniques and combat experience? It can even teach a person spiritual spells? How can something this good exist?

Quickly, the other customers taught him how to play the game.

“Dad, go there to accept your quest!”

“You need to go to Den of Evil!”

“Kill the mage first and burn that body!”

“Friend, your movement is impressive!” An Huwei and the others glanced at Ye Songtao’s character and said.

“Dad, choose Cold Spells, the damage is higher, and it can slow down the enemies!”

With Ye Xiaoye’s help, Ye Songtao’s progress advanced smoothly and quickly.

“Wow!” Ye Songtao took in a breath of air before exclaiming, “This game… isn’t bad!”

His eyes lit up even more when he realized that he could learn new skills and obtain powerful items.

“This game can really improve skills and combat experience! Plus, it’s interesting… Xiaoye, where do I get that scroll?” Ye Songtao asked, “Why is it so hard to obtain items? Aren’t you playing the game as well? Can you lend me some?” He quickly became addicted to Diablo.

However, Fang Qi suddenly said, “My shop… is closing.”

“What? It’s closing?” Ye Songtao became frustrated. Is the owner targeting me on purpose?

He was just beginning to enjoy the game, but the owner decided that it was time to close!

Fang Qi shrugged. “The shop closes at midnight every day.”

“…” Ye Songtao suddenly realized the importance of computers. Therefore, he immediately asked, “Do you sell these spiritual artifacts?”

“Many people asked the same question before you,” Fang Qi said casually, “The shop doesn’t provide any other services except for the ones written on the blackboard. Come back tomorrow if you want to play!”

Then, Ye Songtao’s game was autosaved before the computer turned off on its own!

Ye Songtao’s face twitched as he fought the urge to beat Fang Qi up!

– That evening –

“Did the Faction Master disappear as well?”

It was late into the evening, but the hall of inside Cloud Ocean Faction’s base at Yanhai City was dead silent.

Elder Li’s face was terrifying! Not only did the disciples disappear after leaving, so did the Faction Master? What on earth is going on!

As he thought of the possibilities, he finally saw familiar figures walking into the hall.

“Elder Li! Gather our faction’s most talented disciples tomorrow morning; I’m going to take them to play… ahem!” Ye Songtao coughed awkwardly when he realized that he almost gave himself away. “I’m going to take them out to train and study!”

Fang Qi glanced at the task his system gave him.

[Task: Sell Diablo II, Act I to 80 customers

Completion: 50/80

Task reward: Diablo II: Virtual Reality Remake, Act III]

[Task: Diablo II Totally Playtime reach 1000 hours

Completion: 789/1000

Task Reward: The Legend of the Sword and Fairy I: Virtual Reality Remake]

As more and more customers began to play Diablo, his task progresses were being filled faster. Fang Qi did a quick calculation and realized that he would be able to complete them by tomorrow evening.

Just then, the System sent him another notification.

[New task one: Shop Expansion

Task explanation: The internet café is at 90% capacity daily; the host should look for an new place.

Task reward: 50-100 new sets of computers and equipment]

[New task two: Readjusting the state of mind

Task explanation: Accelerated improvement and long-term killing is beginning to affect your state of mind, please readjust.

Task reward: Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice-cream (summer only)]

My state of mind is affected? Why didn’t I notice this? Confused, Fang Qi looked at his task. How am I supposed to adjust my state of mind?

The System quickly provided an answer to his question. [In the beginning, you should do things that make you relaxed and happy.]

Relaxed and happy? Fang Qi thought about it. He needed to go look for a new shop tomorrow; when would he have time to do fun and relaxing things?


He took out the rocket launcher from the cabinet and carefully cleaned its shiny exterior.

He never figured out who were the assassins from last time, but with his current strength, he should bring this along to ensure his own safety.


This giant thing was too eye-catching; how was he supposed to bring this outside?

Should I buy an spatial storage spiritual artifact? Oh, I also need a communication jade; it’s equivalent to a cellphone from my old world, but doesn’t have as many functions…

After making money, Fang Qi realized that he needed to spend money on a lot of things. Therefore, he said, “Xiaoyue, tend the shop tomorrow; I have errands to run.”

“Where are you going?” Jiang Xiaoyue replied anxiously, “What if we get new customers?”

“Tell them to do what they want; if they don’t want to play, leave!”

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